With less than four hours to go, this deadline day is looking very familiar for Newcastle United fans.

A lot of smoke and mirrors but no signings.

Newcastle United do not have a single fit left-back (that Rafa has any faith in) and even Paul Dummett is out injured until November.

Surely even Newcastle United wouldn’t prevent their manager from bringing in a left-back in such circumstances…

Linked with any number of players previously, deadline day morning saw Newcastle reported to be in talks with Southampton’s third choice, Matt Targett, on loan.

Hopes built up over the day that the Saints’ England Under 21 international was going to sign.

With news just after 6pm that he was on his way…

Graeme Bailey has found fame due to always sticking up for Mike Ashley’s shocking transfer strategy, especially when Graham Carr was at St James Park.

This is how he delivered what appear to be the last rites on Newcastle United’s transfer window.

Graeme Bailey via Twitter:

31 August 6.02pm:

“Now understand that Southampton’s Matt Targett is on his way to the North East for a medical ahead of his move to Newcastle.”

31 August 6.23pm:

“But to confirm on Target, whilst he is travelling and ready to sign – the two clubs have not yet agreed the deal…”

31 August 6.43pm:

“Newcastle say they have pulled out of Matt Targett deal due to length of deal – Southampton end saying issue over loan fee. Player was keen.”

31 August 6.44pm:

“Targett was booked on flight to Newcastle at 7pm…”

  • Mrkgw

    What a mess. Rafa should quit in disgust.

    • MarkG

      What is going on up there? Second/third choice defenders and strikers going out on loan deals here there and everywhere. Not one mention of any of these players even interested in joining Newcastle. Not even for the experience of working with Benitez for a year. What are they playing at?! Are they all too busy creating untenable situations for themselves?

      • Mrkgw

        The worst regime in Premiership history have failed us yet again. I wouldn’t wish Ashley on any club – he is one shocker of an owner. Austerity never leaves Newcastle United. Ten long and dismal years of it.

        • MarkG

          I’m lost for words. I’ve always given Ashley the benefit of doubt having steered the club to near debt free existence. After the last relegation, I thought he had learned from previous mistakes and that investing in players was going to be a priority. The January window came and went without any meaningful activity and it looks like this window will be the same. I just don’t understand his willingness to gamble with the stability of the club all the time. Something is going on that we just don’t know about.

          • Mrkgw

            There quite possibly is something going on Mark but one thing is certain, and that is the fact that he is really pushing his luck with the supporters. They are ready to crack I reckon and the backlash will be irreversible and his position as owner untenable. I hope!

          • MarkG

            You’re right. It’s an absolute disgrace. Fans and supporters have been conned. I’m sure embezzlement on this scale in any other business would result in prosecution. Maybe HMRC were on to something. There must be some sort of explanation due from the club.

  • Guest 2

    And they’ll lead us to believe signings in January are on the cards – after forgetting telling us that it’s bad business to sign anyone in January (like when they didn’t last season)!
    Same old same old from the Ashley/Charnley (now including Barnes) pony show.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Don’t think we will have Rafa for much longer

    • 1957

      No but Big Sham is apparently almost ready for a return to management

      • hetonmag

        Who in their right mind would even attempt to follow Rafa.

        • Soldier


          • Leicester Mag

            See below..

        • Leicester Mag

          Sadly there’s enough self minded legends whose arrogance/ hubris and total lack of shame mean they’ll be queuing up.

          • hetonmag

            Sad but probably true.

        • Jezza

          A certain silver haired puppet for one.

        • 1957

          A man who believes if he hadn’t been English he would have managed Real Madrid, Barca or ManU

  • Jimblag23

    Newcastle say term of loan.
    Soton say price.

    Soton told the truth.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      Nufc never tell the truth

  • Brian Standen

    Just how much wallpaper did Ashley buy for Carroll, Winaldum , Sissoko, janmaat, cabaye etc ….. Need I go on!

  • jack

    There will be no new players , it’s always the same deadline day , what Ashley has spent is a disgrace, and his non spending is designed to force Rafa out

    • Jezza

      Last deadline day signing was Stephen Ireland on loan in January 2011. I agree Fatso is trying to force Rafa out.

      • MichaelMaximusMoose

        He`s been trying since we were promoted

        • Jezza

          To be truthfull I think Fatso has been trying to get rid of Rafa ever since 22nd December last year, the day his old puppet became available again.

  • goggsy

    Surprise surprise. Well done Swansea for getting Renato Sanches,if only we could compete with the mighty swans.

    • Essex_Toon

      We can’t financially compete with countries… or the biggest club in Wales.

      • goggsy

        Evidently not. If we sign a player I’m gonna offer to wallpaper Ashley’s stately home for nowt.

  • Mayor Vaughn

    Same old same old. “Worked hard to get deals done but just couldn’t get them over the line”, ” Very difficult market” etc etc.

  • Leicester Mag

    Kick kick kick the relentless sound of feet against tyres. Used to be at BMW now we doing it at Budget rentals.

  • goggsy

    Maybe we could ‘paper over the cracks’ till January. Then when January comes unfortunately it’s a notoriously hard window. Oh no I never saw this coming,oh yes that’s right all the sane folk predicted this a long time ago.

  • Soldier

    even after today`s shambles & even if Rafa leaves they`ll still fill St James Park
    just what does it take for Newcastle fans to get some bottle & protest against Ashley

    • Tony denslow

      The only thing that will get people to protest will either be Rafa walking or a long string of losses unfortunately either way it’s us fans that get punished yet again . ASHLEY OUT!!!!

  • Kev-82

    Why didn’t we go for Gibbs, in fact I already know the answer, we wouldn’t have afforded his wages

    • HarryHype59

      We could but fatty didn’t want to pay them!

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    everything that Penfold does turns to schitt
    wonder what the bookies odds will be tomorrow on Rafa staying

  • Leicester Mag

    Sadly deep down the reality is the club is owned and run by a bunch of cnuts

  • goggsy

    Where’s the happy clappers at anyway they assured us only a month ago that the prices would drop as the window came to a close? I’m sure that’s what they said? They did say that? Didn’t they? Maybe they were just mistaken,not to worry.

    • Jimblag23

      They’re rocking back and forth muttering “there’s still 2 hours 24 minutes to go”

      • Danimal

        They’re back now, predicting that the money saved from the last 200 transfer windows will be spent in January, “if” (haha) we are struggling.

  • Geordie Pete Moore

    Howay lads n lasses give Mike Ashley a break, he has a five year plan, ok he has a rotating 5 year plan a never ending 5 year plan, To be honest I dont blame him for being careful signing money grabbing footballers who couldnt give a shxt aboot playing for the Toon, Most players these days just see £££ signs, Colback is a Geordie but still played for the mackems, a true Geordie would never play for the mackems so if he is taking the pxss out of Rafa lets sell him for some more profit, If we go on like this we will be the richest club in the World with parachute payments and big profits making average players look good. I watch with a chuckle and try not to take the game seriously anymore. MotoGP is where I have spent my hard earned following it around Europe for a few golden era years. We now have a dog so cannot do that anymore, So I will watch this season with a pinch of salt and hope Rafa can do a Ranieri. Good luck to the Toon Army. Life is more than football.

  • Buck Blacket

    I’m a massive Rafa fan and we are lucky to have him but it worries me that he seems to have no faith in players like Adam Armstrong or Freddie Woodman nor a desire to develop them with first team opportunities. Armstrong has gone backwards and it looks like Woodman is not even trusted as our backup keeper. Donnarumma is only 18 but AC Milan’s first choice keeper and he is two years younger than Woodman. I fear we will lose him if he is not given a chance and someone will get a world-class keeper on the cheap!

    • ross richardson

      Reminds you of Fraser Forster

      • Buck Blacket

        Not really, I don’t remember him winning the golden gloves award as part of a World Cup winning side.

  • ComedyGold

    I’m sure Rafa right now is hoping for offers to extract him from the Saint James Bog. Until fans vote with their pounds (dollars for me), it will the same old soiled underwear, day in day out. Last year, I couldn’t get the games and this year,…it’s going to be painful. Not going to buy a jersey this year, that’s for sure.

  • Mal

    This must be Charnley’s finest achievement. Failing to bring in a PL clubs 3rd choice LB and leaving us without a recognised player for that position pending Dummett recovering from injury. Rafa must be going mental at our club’s inability to bring in even 1 decent signing today, which is how it is now looking.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Pardew will be down at Bet Freds in the morning putting 20 large on him being Nufc`s next manager 10 of the 20 will be Fat Mikes

  • Bruce

    Fatty has stabed Rafa right in the back this summer

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Davide Zappacosta a wing back is having a medical at Chelsea but i think the Kenedy deal won`t be rekindled

  • Monksaton Magpies

    We have signed some good players and after the West Ham victory should beat most teams at home the negativity on this site is legendry

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      Yip a pure shtye Hammers team who have conceded most goals in the Prem

      Get real you Idiot

    • goggsy

      Aye Rafa looks like he’s doing kartwheels,what a poor deluded soul he must be just like the majority of the fanbase. What’s wrong with some people eh? Never happy.

    • ToonNL

      despite the signings the squad aint looking much better. I cant see three worse teams now…

    • Jezza

      Yes far too much negativity after our hugely successful transfer window culminating in today’s excellent recruitment business. I mean it’s not as if all we had done was scrape around the bargain basement for a rag tag bunch of untried youngsters, outcasts, crocks and Sunderland rejects then done nothing in the final week of the window to reinforce glaring weaknesses in the team.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Clarko must be on his super computer working out what went wrong
    i`m sure he`ll be along shortly to inform us

  • Kev-82

    Just how much of a loan fee would Southampton be asking for a 21 year old 3rd choice left back? Surely pennies in the scheme of things and if we can’t afford that then we don’t need to be waiting up till 11 to see what might happen tonight.

    • Jezza

      At a guess something like 200 grand.

      • Soldier

        that`s about 4 times more than Charnley would pay

        • Geordie-7676

          I am sure i saw somewhere they were after £3m plus wages.

  • Soldier

    I think the Spanish window closes tomorrow so that may be the last chance saloon for Newcastle, if they can be bothered

    • Kev-82

      You can sell to Spain tomorrow but can’t buy

      • Soldier

        that`s that sorted then, unless Real come in for Diame

  • East Durham Mag

    How much more can Rafa and the majority of the fans take of this lying shy$ter.

  • wheyayeman

    Total disgrace. Treating a Champions League winner, a bloke with dignity and decency in his work like he’s Alan friggin Pardew. Looks like Rafa is going to walk and to be honest a big part of me wants him to. I want that useless fat shi*e to have the whole fanbase turn nasty and force him out.

  • David2211

    I’ve been sick with worry that Rafa would leave since we lost to Norwich in the relegation season, but it’s at the point where you know the guy deserves so much better. For his sake, he should go. Sadly, he is our only hope, so it’ll hurt big time, but…

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      He came here to build the club & bring us some respectability back.
      he’s put his heart & soul into the job only to be undermined by the people who should be helping him
      Ashley & his acolytes are quite odious human beings

      • lukegte

        And yet, peogle will still go to games in support of his regime

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Emergency board meeting at the Toon,
    Lee & Bob having a cuppa listening to Bing Crosbys CD
    Busy doing Nothing

    • Rich Lawson

      ”but working the whole day through” !

  • Martin

    There must be a pretty good chance that Rafa will be off to West Ham. He had all but joined them before he went to Real Madrid. West Ham could have scuppered that move for him but did not because they recognised what the move meant to him as a Spaniard and as a Real fan and former B team player. Rafa apparently feels he owes them. They also match his ambition. I think it would be a real wrench for him to leave as he knows he is unlikely ever to have the same relationship with a set of fans again. However, if West Ham move for him, today may just be the final straw.

  • Andy Mac

    The salient points of this article were obscured by some ads.

    Surely even the cash hungry Mag has the brains to realise that if it takes a good half hour to navigate the ads before we can read an article, people will eventually not bother to respond at all ?

    Maybe thats the goal ? Just as Fatman has a vehicle to make money the Mag has one too but at whose expense ?

  • Disgruntled

    Maybe Ashley could go out on one of his well recordex drinking sessions, have one to many and keel over.
    Would have the greatest of pleasure in leading the black and white faithful to dance on his grave .

  • Andy Mac

    £3m loan fee balked at by the same club who want £20m for a crocked Championship striker ?

    Origi was never coming to SJP as he went to Wolfsburg for a £6m loan fee plus wages. This isnt a world where NUFC can even dream about !

    • Jimblag23

      £6m is pretty steep for a loan fee, but it’s still no excuse.
      They’ve had months to sort out someone else.

      However, I guess if his goals had of kept us up it’s a drop in the ocean.

  • Kneebotherm8

    Yet another one we couldn’t get over the line.

  • Cuh

    Not quite sure if my glass is half-full or half-empty…

    I said over and over that this summer will only have 6 incomings. I was too certain. I was hoping some of Rafa’s buys last year were players he hoped to move with into the premier league, because I just couldn’t see another 12 in, 14 out situation.

    The way it has played out though, it’s still very disappointing. Saw it coming but I’m surprised, because you’d think over time perhaps someone on the “board” would convince the owner to add in a few more pence considering the manager’s quality and ambition.

  • Cuh

    They did say Rafa would get every penny generated from player sales, a statement I welcomed with much suspicion. At the time, I couldn’t see Rafa selling too many players, could only see him adding to the team.

    Ashley reiterated it on sky sports, that ‘we told him he’d have all NUFC generates, but it’s NUFC, it wouldn’t really generate much’, something along those lines. If he had known this though, why did they make Rafa feel a change was coming? Perhaps we need to look at our “board members” as they may be the ones doing some real cunning and playing Rafa.

  • Andrew

    Tony Pulis needs to be the next jNewcastle manager as he seems to be the only one I can see that can work with next to no financial help from the club owner. Basically get a tune out of the players you’ve already got no matter how sh%$ it sounds

    • Danimal

      Stoke and West Brom have been more financially supportive than our vile spiv.

    • Leazes Ender

      Barry Fry is still alive.

      • Rich Lawson

        Surely not ! love to see him as a pundit on motd ?

  • Hughie

    As before is it astonishing ineptitude in the HR department , or a rigid outdated policy? The squad is paper thin, with 3 unprofessional undisciplined players remaining part of it. S.T. holders have been conned yet again and we have another season of struggle to look forward to. Expect Rafa to go, rather than Charnley and co. who have demonstrated yet again that they are not upto the job, or have a hidden agenda?

  • Jamesnufc

    Fat charnley and the other fatty need to go end of pethetic summer for nufc #rafaloution

  • Desree

    The last time Ashley did this he was trying to sell the club.