Friday saw the Stoke Sentinel break the news that Newcastle United had made a bid for 27 year old striker Joselu.

The local Potteries newspaper revealed though that the Stoke City hierarchy had dismissed it out of hand as ‘derisory’.

Their report was then followed up by widespread reporting elsewhere, which appeared to confirm that an offer had indeed been made and rejected.

However, amongst those follow-up reports was one from Newcastle United’s official media partner, The Mirror, who claimed that the derisory offer had been £12m and Rafa Benitez was unhappy it hadn’t been increased.

That all (The Mirror’s claim) sounded a little unlikely, for a player who cost around £6m when Stoker bought him two years ago – and who in the meantime has scored four goals in 2015/16 for Stoker, then five goals for Deportivo on loan last season.

The Stoke Sentinel have now followed up Friday’s exclusive with some clarification on Monday afternoon, regarding claims of what had or hadn’t been offered by Newcastle for the Spanish forward.

They say that (unsurprisingly) Newcastle’s offer for Stoke striker Joselu wasn’t anywhere near the claimed £12m and that indeed the ‘derisory’ offer was only a fraction of that supposed £12m figure.

They state that the exact figure was £5.75m that Stoke paid Hannover two years ago for the striker and that the club are hoping to claw back most of that money, or ideally all of it, if they sell Joselu…but are not expecting to double their money on the low scoring striker!

Stoke City are now said to be waiting to see if Newcastle do return with an improved/realistic bid for the striker who has struck form in late pre-season, scoring twice against Bolton and then the same against St Pauli.

If Stoke are looking for only £5m/£6m which is probably realistic in this inflated transfer market, then needless to say that if they thought Newcastle’s offer was derisory, it was significantly lower than £5.75m…

Which wouldn’t be any surprise with the way Newcastle have been doing their, very slow, business this summer.

With injury/fitness worries over Dwight Gayle and Rafa not the biggest fan of the only other striker, Aleksandar Mitrovic, the need for another forward option is critical.

  • NUFCDan

    I’d rather still have big Daryl as third choice than this obvious knacker

    • Tony denslow

      Have to agree this guy is an after thought surely he plays like a baby giraffe!!!!

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    i wouldn`t pay 5 quid for him. 9 goals in 2 years, Get real

  • Leazes Ender

    Market value is less than £3m on account of his lack of ability to score goals…… Mitrovic can do that.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      yes, he does it very well

      • Leazes Ender

        There’s no one better at not scoring goals…… except maybe Joselu.

        • csh

          I’d say Riviere is better than any of those mentioned…

          • MichaelMaximusMoose

            you just won the jackpot

        • TheFatController

          Shouldn’t you be getting rid of Ashley and Charnley for us all, rather than joking about on here ?

          Get on with it, write to them. Quote transfermarkt to them. Get them out.

          You’re wasting time commenting on here – they don’t read this site.

        • nevfur


  • Rich Lawson

    Did the original post on here not say the offer was £2m,which stills seems like to much ?

  • Steve Pearce

    Aaah Hah!

    The FatController is a man of true wisdom!

    Put Ashley and Charnely on the transfer market:

    For sale – dodgy fireplace-polluting club owner and his lickspittle lackey. If your club has been spending too much money on quality players who can actually play football, buy these two and you will be able to buy bargain basement players who actually have trouble pronouncing the word “Football”. £650 million and they’re all yours and included in the deal is the taxi fare to where ever they are needed……

  • Brian Standen

    Who would ever want to sign for us ? Not because of charnley etc, but because of the lovely complimentary comments on here. None of us know a jot about this guy!
    Too many on here think they are Jurgen Klopp because they spend too much time playing football manager on their kids

  • Lord

    Well Rafa has publicly said yesterday that he likes Lucas Perez very much. Get him in and we can all forget about this one.

    • TheNutJob

      he doesn`t seem to be in control of the transfers, he submitted a list to Penfold & he openly admits not one of those players were signed.

      • Clarko

        He is in control of who comes in and who leaves, that doesn’t mean he negotiates transfer deals and contracts, Benitez is in control of transfers.

        • TheNutJob

          so EXPLAIN how he didnt get any of the players he asked for

          • Clarko

            He did, he asked for Murphy, Merino, Manquillo, Lejeune and Atsu, he got them.

            You’re looking at the situation like a child would, “Benitez wants, so Benitez gets”, that’s not the way business (or anything for that matter) works, let alone multimillion pound deals. I am not going to go into detail of every one of the potential hindrances Newcastle/Benitez could have hit but the potential list is as follows: budget, wage, player demands, market inflation, competing interest, player ambition, player mentality, selling club mentality, squad size and so on.

          • Paul Patterson

            As an aside to this, I’m not convinced that Charnley has the skills to negotiate with an agent/player anyway. Imagine if a player/agent speaks to Rafa, the deal would be almost done. Then when Rafa leaves the room and leaves the financial discussions to Charnley I could imagine there being no room for negotiation, just a take it or leave it from our MD.

          • Clarko

            I’m sorry Paul but that comment is absolutley ludicrous, you are massively underestimating the process and the money involved in a player transfer, I can’t have a discussion with you if you think a pep talk from Benitez is all it takes to make a transfer happen.

          • Paul Patterson

            You’ve misunderstood me. I can imagine a player is ok to sign, is happy with the ‘sell’ from Rafa on the direction he takes the club, but once Rafa leaves the situation, it gets handed over to the ‘money man’ and the whole thing starts to break down on wages, contract etc.

          • Clarko

            I didn’t misunderstand you, you stated “Imagine if a player/agent speaks to Rafa, the deal would be almost done”. Right now you’re just describing the general process of a transfer, fee agreed, player reassurances, contract then signature.

          • Paul Patterson

            Ok sorry, I haven’t worded it right. My meaning was that the problem probably isn’t with the manager in the negotiating process with some transfers and that I don’t get some peoples focus on doom and gloom. As you’ve stated above, players have been signed and some are going to fail on certain aspects of the deal.

          • Wor Lass

            Paul, don`t try to go back and explain yourself and certainly don`t imply that the Mighty Clarko may have piossibly misunderstood … anything! Just tell him to do one and then speak to someone human.

          • Paul Patterson

            No, no. Reading my comments, I can see where I worded my words wrong. If I’m wrong I’ll admit it, if I make an error I’ll admit it.

          • Clarko

            I commend you for it, in my 500+ comments you’re the first to do so.

          • Wor Lass

            You`re too generous!

          • Desree

            Paul you were absolutely clear. You were just on a comment thread with mike ashleys lawyer AKA Clarko.
            If Raffa walks we go down.

          • Leazes Ender

            Are you related top the fleckman family of trolls?

          • Clarko

            A silly response from a silly person.

        • Leazes Ender

          Obviously he isn’t……

          • Clarko

            See below.

  • anyobrien

    This player is kenk I would not pay out for him.

  • Down Under Mag

    How much of the transfer gossip is believable is up for debate, however this does sound a great deal like our tactics over the past years under Ashley – make a stupidly low offer hoping the player will make waves to force a move and get their man cheaper than they should OR just miss out altogether and go for an altogether cheaper option who fails to provide any real quality at all.

  • StevieB

    Soul destroying that were up in arms over a player of this Calibre.