Well worth a read to see what West Ham fans were saying before yesterday’s match at St James Park AND afterwards.

The two clubs went into the game without a point between them, so something had to give…

Lots of pre-match confidence that their season could be launched on Tyneside, before the reality after the final whistle.

Lots of interesting points made.

On the actual match, whilst the West Ham fans generally give credit to Newcastle for their commitment and teamwork, they more blame their own team for lack of quality/commitment.

As for the manager, Slaven Bilic looks in big trouble and interesting to see how much credit they give Rafa Benitez in terms of managing his scarce resources yesterday compared to his opposite number. Especially in light  of Sky Sports claiming West Ham may move Bilic out and try to get Rafa.

West Ham fans comment after (and before the) 3-0 defeat to Newcastle, comments courtesy of top West Ham message board KneesUpMotherBrown:


‘Some want out of the energy drink cup Rafa to manage us. Would love it just love it for us to get something up there to end the prospect.’

‘Mate just texted me that Benitez has walked. No idea if correct but has contacts at Newcastle and Ashley wants Shearer.’

‘So they haven’t scored a premier league goal yet and could possibly have a new manager on Saturday? Sounds like a perfect time for West Ham to roll into town. History tells me that we tend to do well in situations like this.’

‘This has got defeat written all over it, the last two games we’ve played up there they’ve been absolutely desperate for a win and both times we gave it to them.’

‘A goal in the first half without conceding will really settle us down I feel. Two would be great.’

‘People thinking we’ll get a clean sheet must not of watched our first two games.’

‘If they score first their confidence will rise and they will be at us.

Nice and steady and then pick them off as they over commit. need to do a professional no frills job on this lot.’

‘3 points are massive for us and wil give a feel good factor as we head into the international break and last few days of window.’

‘If we give this to Newcastle I’ll not be shocked but I really do think Antonio and Chicharito can bury them if we can just defend for one match.’

‘They’re comfortably the weakest team in the division as things stand with a week to go in the transfer window, so anything less than a victory should be considered a warning sign.’

‘We simply must beat these. serious questions should be asked if we somehow fail to do so. 3 points is a must.

I’m confident we will give them a hiding.’


‘Not at our best today, in truth they could have scored 5 or 6 .

Three though did the damage , and we now can be sure of no European football via a league place qualifying process for next season .

Newcastle worked harder than us and wanted it more: they had a plan and stuck to it .’

‘This was a poorly managed side. Biggest indictment I can give is that it reminded me of when we had Allardyce and played any Swansea side. Benitez just outmanaged Slav with ease.’

‘Today has nothing to do with the Stadium, or the owners or any other issue. Bilic started a poor team, with a poor strategy, with a poor mentality. A result like today is the manager’s responsibility. Newcastle did very well with what they have, but they are an ordinary team, and they beat us 3-0.’

‘Just home after a long day. An insipid performance that has set various alarm bells ringing.

Probably the worst away fan seats anywhere outside of Stratford. What a pony place to watch a game.’

‘Don’t forget Newcastle are managed by the man who lots of our fans want to bring in to replace Bilic, so it’s not surprising that he masterminded a great win.’

‘Ritchie was easily better than any of our players today with the exception of a 15 minute Antonio spell.

If and when Benitez comes do you reckon he’ll say ‘that lot is good enough for me’ or ‘I need to buy lots more players’?

I’ve been to Newcastle about 10 times I think and recall a win when we sent them down and got relegated ourselves and a Stan Lazaridis spectacular.

Other than that it has always been as grim as their birds. We had some better squads back then than now for sure.’

‘They pressed us high, our midfielders seemed reluctant to take the ball from the back four, and when they did passed it straight back until we were forced to go long.’

‘I always look for the positives from a game. Sorry, but I can’t find anything positive to say about that performance, one of the worst in recent years. Not sure what the answer is, we have some decent players but they didn’t show up today.

It’s only three games, but we are looking like Sunderland of last season.’

‘Currently on the M1 on the return home (about an hour to go), what can I say other than it was a truly terrible performance from us against a poor Newcastle side.

No clear formation, questionable selections and subs. Never really looked like scoring and got carved open again and again. Possibly Bilic’s worst game as our manager.’

‘Newcastle could’ve been the only other team literally worse than us and they were missing their 2 best players. Gutted.’

‘International break. Now is the time. Today. Go get Rafa.’

‘It was clear from the get go how much they were pressing our back line, it was inevitably going to cause problems. Despite this being glaringly obvious, if Bilic is totally insistent on trying to play out from the back then at the very least put another body back there to take the pressure off, 3 at the back.

Shocking today, Newcastle without Shelvey and Gayle completely dominating the game and showing a desire and work rate we could only dream of. Gutted.’

‘Enough is enough.

Benitez, Fulham Manager or even Pardew. Anyone that can put players in their right position, organise us into a competent unit + improve our fitness.’

  • Wor Lass

    Classic nufc – even when we have a change of fortune and the team does well it`s a potential disaster.

    • Rich Lawson

      ”We’re doomed Mr Mannering,doomed”

      • teddybard

        Cheer up lads,West ham may have the unsavoury bros,
        But we laugh that you still have Ashley, who is even worse.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      Nufc are a disaster, Rafa`s the 999 man
      Fatso`s the 666 man

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Pardspew is the man for the Hammers

  • Peaky Magpie

    “Ashley wants Shearer” ??? I think broon ale in the sunshine hasn’t suited you there sunshine.

    • MadMag83

      Ashley sacked him! 😂

  • Leazes Ender

    Nobody there looking for ‘positives’…… must just be some of our boneheaded knuckle-draggers who try to keep a flame burning.

    • Ram Kishore

      I thought you never knew the meaning of the word ‘positives’.
      I guess I was wrong

  • Steve Pearce

    You all deserve setting alight you poor little Hammers!

    • Albert Stubbins

      What again?.lol

  • Paul Busby

    I can’t see any reason for Rafa to leave the toon for West Ham only for them to whinge about how his football isn’t the “West ham way” and move him on after he faces a similar transfer situation there as he does here.

    Rafa ain’t going anywhere.

  • Guest 2

    Jeez, someone even calling for Pardew – someone who puts players in their correct position!. Now that’s delusional.

    • Toonrobbybobson

      Haha you beat me to it

  • MadMag83

    Makes no sense for Rafa to make such a move now, he’d still be in a position with an average squad and no time to improve it before the window closes. Could happen in Jan but won’t happen now. With any luck they’ll hire Pardew instead, them we just need two more teams worse than us and Ashley can celebrate a 17th place finish with ten pints and vomit in the pub fireplace.

  • Bowlsey

    Always nice to get a result over Wet Spam and it was a great performance from the lads. However I can’t quite believe that A) West Ham think they have a chance of Rafa coming to them and B) That some of them want Pardew to replace Bilic! I mean how bad are things in East London?!

    • teddybard

      Nobody actually wants Pardew.

  • TubbyMunky

    Alan Pardew and John Carver..West Ham’s management dream team!

  • Albert Stubbins

    Rafa to west spam. Lol. Newcastle has more history,more fans,better stadium and the owners are on a par so why would he even consider it? Delusional Essex boys.

  • teddybard

    Mitrovic’s Assault on Lanzini went unpunished, should have been a certain Red
    it was every bit as bad as Arnautovic last week.
    Ok you deserved to win(Just) but worry not we don’t want RAFA or Ashley
    and so far we haven’t had a home game.

    • Toonrobbybobson

      Hernandez should have been off for 2 yellows… pick out Mitro probably should have been off hes a nutter (who I dont rate) but the game was still long gone by then.

      Fact is you were awful. That was no team. No one playing for each other. West hams problem is they sign a bunch of has beens always after a final pay day.

      That bunch of players are taking you to relegation. No cohesion. Transfer business just seems a mess.

      Oh and Rafa wont go as he wont have chance to sign players. He will have to work with a bunch that arent his and clearly going nowhere. Be like jumping out the frying pan into the fire.

    • anyobrien

      And sleep

  • Hughie_Gallacher

    “As grim as their birds.” That’s a bit out of order, isn’t it?

  • Toonrobbybobson

    I laughed at Pardew in a sentence with playing players in their natural position….