After yet another hopeless attempt at spin doctoring from Mike Ashley, the key response from all fans should be…

Shut up!

Who cares?

Do your job and support Rafa!

I watched bits and bobs of the interview and the key thing to me, seemed that it was all about the past. What about now and the future??!!

As many have said, nobody expects (or wants) us to be competing with Man City or Chelsea.

Ashley’s right, in the fact that they’re basically backed by actual countries as opposed to individuals! It is ridiculous.

However, to continually plead poverty doesn’t wash.

We were skint under Pardew, despite five years in the Premier League and all the tv rights money sloshing about.

We were skint because of relegation.

And now we are skint again. Despite being back in the Premier League and all the money sloshing about! So when will we ever have any money?

Equally, stop apologising for sacking all the managers in the past 10 years and for all the mistakes made. We don’t care that you’re sorry now!

We care that you didn’t listen at the time to all the people who said you were making huge mistakes and still did it anyway. This is the biggest worry because it means it will happen again.

The Mike Ashley modus operandi is to go ahead and do what he wants to do and ignore the advice/consequences.

If that happens again, Rafa will walk and many, many people will go with him.

So Mr. Ashley, stop doing pointless interviews. Start learning from the mistakes you witter on about in them. Starting now!

In fact, starting yesterday.

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  • Steve Pearce

    What’s the point of this slavver?

    By now you should know he doesn’t care about our club, its fans and our city. You should be leading a campaign as an independent news outlet to find us new owners but you are tasting his breakfast before he does and you’re just Lee Ryder in disguise.

    There’s only one thing the Fat Fireplace Polluter can spin on – can you guess what it is boys and girls?

    • Leazes Ender

      Is it Lee Ryders lap?

    • paul mclaughlan

      How can The Mag be supposed to find buyers for The Toon? Doubt it has many contacts in the world of business.

      • Steve Pearce

        Well – it is the vehicle of Toon Fans and I suspect it is read far and wide as it is internet based. So if it starts an appeal for anyone who either has pots of money, has good business contacts or connections with movers and shakers in rich countries it can spread the word. But they won’t be reading this and probabaly don’t care as then they’d have nothing to moan about!

        • mentalman

          reading The Mag will probably put people off buying the club

        • Oooh bobbi fleckman

          it’s a vehicle for some Toon fans.

          The Mag started as backing the Magpie group and moreover, supporting the notion that shares could be issued where every fan had the chance to buy shares in the club so we could have our say. It was promoting the ideal of fans standing up for the club and putting a few quid in. Of course, when Hall took over and he stated “I don’t want to own a football club” he put the ball in motion to have a share issue, up until the magpie group taking control, the crowd sand ‘sack the board’ and ‘Johnny Hall’ as well as ‘where’s wor roof’ as another promise would be the Gallowgate would get a cow-shed. As soon as the share issue was announced, many of the loudest folk went quiet and although share applications started as low as £250 (IIRC), the local media (perhaps the Mag) had letters complaining of cost, the Halls taking a quick profit etc etc. The result was the fans didn’t come up with anywhere near enough money for the club.

          • Steve Pearce

            Thanks for that bobbi – I honestly didn’t know that. That puts a whole new perspective on things and I live in hope that those hopes and ideals may one day be resurrected!

          • Oooh bobbi fleckman

            It’s why I get a little miffed when people demand money being loaned (at this moment in time, that’s what is required) by the owner when our own track record as collective ‘fans’ is not very good at all.

            I’m all for a campaign to take over NUFC by fans but we can’t just expect the owner to give it away. He may be a terrible bloke, he may be wonderful but either way, he’s not going to just walk because we say so.

            This may be pie in the sky. I don’t think ‘fans’ can raise enough money to buy him out. I happen to think that very few people or groups can afford to buy a club the size of NUFC with the current levels of money being generated. On that basis I can see MA owning 50% of the club an another party (ideally a fan’s consortium). The best outcome would be for new 50% owner to buy 1/2 the shares and match MA’s loan. If the club is valued at £500m without debt then 1/2 MA’s shares are worth £185m (being £500m – £129m loan = £371m divide the £371 by 2 = £185.5m). The new owner would need £314.5m because they are bringing an additional new £129m to the table for investment. If a supporter’s consortium could raise £314.5m that would be great!!.

  • Leazes Ender

    Back your Trophy Manager or ship out Ashley!

    • Peter Cosgrave

      Mike Ashley you are sacked

  • Fleckman hoop licker

    When the author says “nobody expects (or wants) us to compete with Chelsea or man city”…why would anyone not want that ?

    • Oooh bobbi fleckman

      It all rather depends, Chelsea had someone before abramovich who was prepared to bankroll the club, when Harding died in the helicopter accident, had abramovich not stepped in, there were very few people wealthy enough or in need of foreign assets enough to keep the club afloat. Should abramovich be unable to carry on, it’s at a stage where Chelsea will not exist.

      It will be a great party whilst it lasts to be a Chelsea but at some point, it’s likely to come to a sticky end.

  • HarryHype59

    That picture at the top of this article says it all for me!

    • Peter Cosgrave

      Newcastle united are good give Rafa benitz don’t leave give him money

  • Andy Mac

    I am hopeful but not supremely confident that this was Fatman trying his best to get back in the good books by “communicating” with the fans. What I hope it wasnt was an exercise in flushing out excuses/reasons for letting Rafa sail away into the sunset in the not too distant future ?

    At some point the Fat Oaf has to realise that if Rafa goes we ALL go (that includes you Scotty 😉) and that’s his “investment” up the swanny.

    What value would you put on a club with no fans ?

    • Guest 2

      Get back in the good books? Considering he may have been in them for all of 5 mins to begin with, he’s not going to win mates here by telling us he’s providing no money and as a poor multi billionaire he can’t compete.
      The only people who seem to like him are the pseudo accountants who keep posting in here.

    • Leazes Ender

      Would you hire Albert Roux and ask him to make you egg and chips?

      • 1957

        Definitely not it would cost more than SloMo is worth. I had the misfortune to eat in Le Gavroche a couple of years ago and my credit card groaned at the size of the bill.

      • Andy Mac

        Depends if his Brother was whisking up a Creme Brulee for pud ? But No !