Back in the Premier League and so it is an upgrade from David Prutton to the likes of Mark Lawrenson, Paul Merson, and Michael Owen…

Looking ahead to Sunday and the season as a whole, Owen wishes his old club well and says ‘I hope (Newcastle) will have a good season back up where they belong’.

As for Sunday, Michael Owen thinks Newcastle fans would be happy with a 1-0 win rather than demanding/expecting to repeat the 5-1 hammering of May 2016.

I think pretty safe to say most Newcastle fans would definitely settle for a point to get the season started against last season’s runners-up.

With wins home and away against Spurs in that relegation season, it does show that anything is possible, even though the transfer window hasn’t lived up to expectations so far for Rafa and the fans.

Tottenham may have a lot of quality players but they have also struggled to recruit in this window, albeit aiming for more difficult higher level signings, plus they have a good handful of injuries that could impact on Pochettino’s options on Sunday.

Michael Owen predicts a close game and Newcastle to score…but Tottenham to ‘edge out a Magpies side’.

Newcastle fans will be looking at the performance as much as they will be the result, with hopes that this team/squad will exceed many people’s expectations despite the relatively low amount of money spent (£17m net).

Michael Owen speaking to BetVictor:

“Newcastle won their last PL game 5-1 against Spurs on the final day of the 2015/16 season when the north London Club had given vain chase to champions Leicester for much of the season.

“My old club would take a 1-0 win on Sunday.

“But Spurs will be well aware of the need to make a quick start to the campaign and they might just edge out a Magpies side who I hope will have a good season back where they belong – in the Premier League.”

Michael Owen recommendation for a bet:

“Spurs to win and both teams to score at 9/4.”

  • Leazes Ender

    We have been missed by so many people…. particularly MOTD whose viewing figures slumped by 14%…. its not a coincidence.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      sign up for BT unlimited broadband & they will waiver the fee for sports
      they are down on viewers along with sky who will give you a 60% discount to sign for another year
      Moose is happy

      • Steve Smith

        But then you have to listen to this absolute mong.

        If he was one of his horses the vet would have paid our physio room a visit years ago.

      • Leazes Ender

        I know I tried to cancel my package and they dropped the fee so I stayed.

        • MichaelMaximusMoose


  • Steve Pearce


    Oh aye – that little sawn-off Scouser who feigned injury after injury so he could spend all his time at the bookies. Did you not read my comment yesterday about your seeming obsession with winching in serial Toon knockers to spew doom and gloom on us before we’ve even kicked a PL ball in anger?

    So how do you like it – “Mag Reader Gives His Opinion On The Mag’s Campaign Of Disrespect”

    Steve Pearce said that he was shocked by the barrage of negative comments from brain damaged southerners, shyte ex-managers and small people who pretended to play for us. “The worst thing about the Mag is that you can’t even find a use for it in the toilet as it is not printed on paper”

    So wnat do I see – another 3 articles like this!

    Just shut up and go and support your real team at The Stadium Of Shyte..

  • MadMag83

    I cant even see us scoring

  • William Venus

    Wright,Merson. They have all given their “expert” opinion on our club, and all share a collective “fear” for us in 2017/18. Why? Apart from being paid to say this, what do they know or care about Newcastle United? Alan Shearer is worth listening to because 1) He is Alan Shearer 2) He is a supporter, cares about the club and shares the same hopes and fears we all do for NUFC. As for the aforementioned “experts”, please, just be quiet.

    • GToon

      To be fair to them William what would you expect them to say? Underfunded yet again, under pressure yet again. World class manager, championship squad, billionaire owner, fourth tier transfer budget. Somewhere in amongst that somebody thinks they are doing the right thing. You don’t need to have played for them to be able to see the potential for trouble this season. In fact it’s sometimes better to get the opinion of an outsider. As long as they aren’t drunk.

    • Leazes Ender

      Shearer agrees with them and me.

  • Tony Mann

    Nothing this odious little leech says interests me – he bled the club dry and then had the temerity to slag us off when he ‘left’. Top of my list of ex toon [email protected]