Mark Lawrenson says it is good to see Newcastle back in the Premier League but…

The former Liverpool defender thinks Tottenham’s biggest challenge will be to get used to playing at Wembley but that they will comfortably beat Newcastle on Sunday.

Lawrenson says he expects ‘a very different outcome’ to Newcastle’s 5-1 win in May and thinks Spurs will win 2-0.

On BBC Sport (Newcastle fan ) Brendan Foster and (Sunderland fan) Steve Cram have also given their predictions for Sunday.

Cram goes for a diplomatic 1-1 draw whilst Brendan Foster goes for a more realistic 5-0 win for….Newcastle!

Mark Lawrenson:

“Tottenham’s great problem this year will be Wembley because it will be like playing away from home every week.

“Spurs were beaten 5-1 at St James Park on the last day of the 2015-16 season after they had missed out on the title and Newcastle had been relegated.

“It is good to see a club like Newcastle back in the top flight but I am expecting a very different outcome this time.”

Mark Lawrenson prediction: Newcastle 0 Tottenham 2

Steve Cram prediction: Newcastle 1 Tottenham 1

Brendan Foster prediction: Newcastle 5 Tottenham 0

Brendan Foster:

“It’s great to have my team Newcastle back in the Premier League.

“Particularly – and he is standing next to me laughing as I say this – because Steve’s team are not in the Premier League any more. So that is good news.”

Steve Cram:

I have got friends who are a bit worried that we are going to go straight down again.

“It is not going to be easy and I would be amazed if we won promotion this season.

“I am always hopeful and always look on the positive side… but I don’t sound confident, do I?”

  • Jimblag23

    Why is it every pundit or “expert” can foresee trouble for us, but Ashley doesn’t. It’s not like he wouldn’t panic and waste money on overpriced players in January if we’re struggling.
    Spend some money now dummy!

    • Andy Mac

      Knowing that Watford, Bournemouth and the Boro have spent more than us makes you wonder if Fatman is even on this planet right now ? Perhaps, knowing all about his recent legal case, he’s so hammered every day he cant tell Penfold from his own Mum ?

      Penfold: Shall we get Mangala ?

      Fatman: Nah I’ll get some chinkies on the way home

    • Biggs Darklighter

      The only way we can move forward is to get rid of Mike Ashley.

    • Leazes Ender

      …. the bookies foresee it too….. if we lose either Gayle or Shelvey we are well and truly sunk.

  • Steve Pearce

    Nice one Brendan!

    “I woud be amazed if we won promotion this season”

    Duuuh – we were promoted at the end of last season Steve Cram. By the way I know the secret of his success as an athlete. Does he remember playing snooker on his neighbour MH’s ornate table that always seemed to have strange white lines on the sides of it?

    • cmrowley

      You know he’s talking about Sunderland? He’s a Sunderland fan.

      • Steve Pearce

        well – that’s where the abuse of “performance-enhancing”drugs gets you,,,,

        • Wor Lass

          Is that a confession?

  • Mrkgw

    Naturally, I want us to hammer Spurs but in reality, it’s hard to see anything other than defeat. We just don’t have the players.