Luis Garcia has been speaking about his old boss, Rafa Benitez.

As well as playing for his country, the Spanish winger played under Rafa at both Liverpool and Tenerife, as well as turning out in his club career for clubs such as Barcelona and Atletico Madrid.

Summing up his old manager’s dedication and one-track mind, Luis Garcia states ‘You cannot talk to Rafa Benitez about anything except football. Football is everything’.

The former player explains that what people love about the Newcastle boss is that ‘He is always totally committed’ and ‘has always given everything’, which would underline why Benitez why must be especially frustrated by those at St James Park who don’t share his commitment to make the club as good as it possibly can be.

Luis Garcia points to his old manager’s ambitions and says ‘I know he will not be planning just to fight to stay in the Premier League’ and that instead he ‘will be wanting to aim high’.

Garcia thinks the aim/hope for Rafa Benitez will be to ‘to try to get into those 10 positions at the top…and maybe fight for the Europa League places’.

Having to look at the bargain basement end of the transfer market (signing Joselu for £5m whilst Championship club Middlesbrough pay £15m for a striker), it would indeed be a miracle if Rafa did get Newcastle to mid-table, never mind a European place.

Luis Garcia talking to Sky Sports:

“Wherever Rafa has gone, he has always given everything. He has always supported his clubs, the charities, everything.

“He is always totally committed and that’s what people love about him. He is protective of his players and his club.

“He always gives his best and Newcastle are seeing that now

“I sent him a message to congratulate him on promotion – he has done a great job.

“It’s difficult to be relegated and come back after only one year, especially when important players leave.

“Now he’s trying to build a strong team because he knows it’s going to be another tough year.

“He’s the same manager he ever was, you cannot talk to Rafa about anything except football. Football is everything.

“Talking, learning and improving. He attends to every detail. Everything has to be under control. He loves that.

“He wants you to have the right preparations, the right rest, the right food, the right everything. New players have to adapt fast to the needs of the team.

I know Rafa and I know he will not be planning just to fight to stay in the Premier League.

“I think he will be wanting to aim high, to try to get into those 10 positions at the top of the table and maybe fight for the Europa League places.”

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    If Rafael is aiming high he`s at the wrong club

    • Leazes Ender

      Yup they’ve done a Keegan on him….. what happens next…. tune in next week….. for the next thrilling episode of Soap.

      • anyobrien


        • Haitchdee

          I’m going to second that.

  • Steve Pearce

    This is a well-placed comment. As a few of us our now suspecting, The Fat Fireplace Polluter may now be preparing to sell up and any positive press coverage like this can only make us more attractive to a potential buyer. Also it is a refreshing change to see you have actually published something positive and long may it continue!

    • Wor Lass

      Come on, Steve, you don`t really like too much of the positive stuff – you can`t call the author a Chris Brunt or tell them they`re talking a load of Sunderland! lol

      • Steve Pearce

        Well – those comments are deserved in my opinion. By positive I mean positive for our club and its players and not desperate attempts to come out with copy every day that may lead in desperation to reams of negative journalism…

      • Leazes Ender

        ‘Positives and Negatives’ should be left in the physics lab…. they have no place in a football debate or journalism. Cricket fans don’t go looking for positives, this phenomenon seems to engulf football for some reason.

        • Steve Pearce

          The Physics lab at school was a place of tortuous boredom – and so is a cricket ground!

        • Wor Lass

          I bet South African cricket fans are scratching around looking for a few positives at the mo!

    • Alex

      The Mag publishes whatever fans take their time to write about and submit.

      If 95% is negative, then it’s a fair assumption that only 5% of fans are happy with the situation.

      Yes, this is a very good article, but it still only highlights the opportunity that NUFC have, and Fatty is chucking it away. There will never be a chance like there is now.

      • Leazes Ender

        If anyone says they are happy with this situation, In my book they are ….
        A. A wind-up merchant who play dumb.
        B. A dumb person who is on a wind-up.
        C. Mackem cheering on the Ashley regime.

        • Steve Pearce

          So its lucky I don’t fit into any of those categories and I am definitely NOT happy with this situation!

        • anyobrien

          No one’s happy but to constantly bleat on about it is faking boring to say the least… We all know what Ashley’s is and what he’s doing ffs

          • Leazes Ender

            D. All three.

          • anyobrien


        • Albert Stubbins

          I don’t think anyone is happy. But unless anyone out there is prepared to put a bullet through the fat man then it is a situation beyond our control. I believe in trying to change what I can influence- how do you influence the fat man? If EVERYONE stayed away it would work but there is no precedent for this in football.

      • Desree

        I agree. Although in my experience 80% of fans don’t care either way. So the 20% that do care enough to voice an opinion are in the minority.

  • anyobrien

    Leicester city…. Epl champions

    • Leazes Ender

      Exception to the rule…. not the rule!

      It will never happen again in your lifetime unless football changes.

      United will end up 15th to 20th unless this squad is upgraded.

      The desire to live in slum poverty by some who call themselves fans is puzzling to me.

      • TheFatController

        when did the fans vote Ashley in, sorry – I missed that?

        A desire as you call it would mean some fans advocate Ashley’s ownership – none I know do.

        So what is it about hoping for the best that puzzles you? It’s just a mindset to choose in any given situation, not a mental disability to be shamed for as puzzling.

        Your negativity achieves nothing except for leaving you feeling vindicated if we are rubbish – yes, optimistic fans will be disappointed if we are poor, but who are you to tell them that’s not a choice that is theirs to make?

        And what do you do if we did finish 10th? Become a positive person instantly and apologise to the optimistic fans who got it right ?

        If you knew a 5 year old who said we’d finish 3rd, would you run up to them at the end of the season mocking them and extolling the virtues of negativity ? Let people have positivity, that’s their choice and they’ll cope with any reality that ensues – it’s not as though Ashley said ‘if all the fans were negative on social media I’d sell it for peanuts ‘ so why try to get people to be negative as though it’d get Ashley out quicker ?

        • disqus_GFJ5SSXQ7o

          Well said, unfortunately some prefer the club to fail so they can dwell in pity and ‘win’ on The Mag comment boards, you know who they are; the ones who spend their life on here. Nobody wants Ashley, but most want NUFC to do well, some still go the game (fair enough), some like me don’t (fair enough) but constantly whining on here about everything achieves nothing yet they deem themselves superior as if nobody else has realised the ongoings etc

        • anyobrien

          Brilliantly put

        • Toon fan

          I don’t know why you wasted your time matey

          • TheFatController

            I actually think it falls on us all that want to be fair and not intensely negative to point out more often that ‘being positive’ isn’t a crime to be punished with being called ‘weird, inferior, moronic’ etc

            On here, an attitude of ‘until we’re relegated I’ll not stop hoping we get results this season’ is met with derision by some sort of ‘fan supremacist’ arrogance

      • anyobrien

        Yeah your right because in the 35 years I’ve been a season ticket holder in the east stand and the many years before standing, I’ve seen us win a total of nothing…. So I don’t really live in poverty just a bit of a realist….. It’s not that puzzling.

      • Gary wilson

        Mate you do not know a thing about football, 10th to 15th more like and if kennedy comes in maybe 8th to 12th, we were in total control against spuds until ref decides to ruin the game, we could have won that game but again the odds stack against us. There is no way on earth that we will get relegated with the squad we have and rafa knows its good enough. The only way we will go down is if fat man sacks him or rafa walks and another mclaren comes in. Lets get behind the lads and im curious to see mitro and joselu upfront together….i would leave out perez and gayle and rotate them for cup games.

        • Albert Stubbins

          we were under total control? and your saying L.ender knows nowt about football!! lol lol. we were playing for a 0-0 draw and were tight at the back- that isn’t a definition of having the game under total control. You’re right about leaving Perez out though so carry on.

      • Paul Patterson

        Unless you’ve got £300m+ and are willing to to buy it, we’re going to have to live with it for the time being..

    • Geordiegiants

      Not a chance it will happen again.

      • anyobrien

        Aye and they said it would never happen ever but it did…. It will happen again maybe not in our life time but it will.

    • Marveauxless

      The biggest upset in the history of professional sport cannot be used as a benchmark for performance or expectation

      • anyobrien

        Was not intended to was just saying.
        Ashley’s a cancer but until he’s gone we are goosed but rafa is a fantastic manager and tactician so I believe he will get the best out of what he’s got….. Mid table safety will be achieved… Ffs it’s one week into season and most have kenked themselves already.

  • Jimblag23

    Rafa has the perfect job if he wants to attempt to succeed in the face of adversity.
    It truly is the biggest test he could face in football, working under fat sh!t.
    Mourinho, Pep etc would never take a job that doesn’t offer blank cheques every window.

    • Paul Patterson

      It’s like being an ‘honest manager’ and by that I mean he has to manage the old fashioned way, without stupidly high budgets. Sadly, in this day and age, it’s unlikely to prove successful..

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    The one thing you can say about Rafa is he buys into the club he is working for at a given time fully.
    Then again Bob Stokoe was a Newcastle United fan who took the Sunderland job and told them on the first day of training he didn’t like them but still won the F.A Cup for them lol

    It’s a funny old World !