Just have a glance at the League Cup attendances  for the 25 second round ties this midweek.

It hardly needs words to be added but I will at the bottom…

27,709 Newcastle 2 Forest 3

18,108 Aston Villa 4 Wigan 1

17,931 Southampton 0 Wolves 2

17,098 Leeds 5 Newport 1

16,313 Blackburnn 0 Burnley 2

12,679 Middlesbrough 3 Scunthorpe 0

12,521 Norwich 4 Charlton 1

11,414 Brighton 1 Barnet 0

11,280 Sheffield United 1 Leicester 4

9,930 Stoke 4 Rochdale 0

9,837 Crystal Palace 2 Ipswich 1

9,719 QPR 1 Brentford 4

9,003 Watford 2 Bristol City 3

8,290 Huddersfield 2 Rotherham 1

8.245 Birmingham 1 Bournemouth 2

8,187 Carlisle 1 Sunderland 2

7,148 Reading 3 Millwall 1

7,139 Doncaster 2 Hull 0

6,385 Bolton 3 Sheff Wed 2

6,259 Cheltenham 0 West Ham 2

6,243 Fulham 0 Bristol Rovers 1

5,820 Cardiff 1 Burton 2

5,162 MK Dons 1 Swansea 4

3,033 Grimsby 0 Derby 1

2,699 Accrington 1 West Brom 3

(The 25 winners then had the 7 European competing clubs added to make up the 32 for the 4am third round draw in China…)

Yes, Newcastle fans are officially mental.

After a summer of Mike Ashley starving the manager of proper funds to compete this season, then Rafa making clear the League Cup was not a priority and he was going to make a ‘lot of changes’ to his team (10!)…

We still turn up like tens of thousands of moths to the flame.

Just look at our Premier League rivals who Newcastle ‘can’t compete with’ in the transfer market.

9,003 at Watford, 9,837 at Crystal Palace, 9,930 at Stoke.

The 17,931 at Southampton is a little more respectable but not in the same league as Newcastle’s crowd.

As for our fellow promoted clubs, Huddersfield celebrate beating Newcastle and being  top of the league with 8,290 piling in, whilst Brighton are little better with 11,414.

Yes, we all know how important Premier League cash is these days but that DOESN’T mean the fanbases, especially paying customers, are not important/vital.

If that was the case, why would Man Utd, Man City, Arsenal, Spurs, Everton, West Ham, Liverpool, Chelsea etc, all have expanded their capacities in recent times, or are currently doing it, or are planning on doing so?

The bottom line is that all of these things go hand in hand, having bigger and better crowds all feeds into having more revenue and growing your ‘brand’, growing and keeping your support. More supporters (should!) drive more commercial income – including much more cash from merchandise (shirt sales etc ) and bigger and better sponsorship/commercial partnerships.

Nobody can tell me that a new owner with a long-term commitment to making Newcastle United a massive success, on and off the pitch, couldn’t make it happen (and also make a fortune by selling the club on in the future to somebody else).

The 51,000 average crowds in the Championship proved once and for all the potential at this club, yet the owner is doing a personal development at the back of the Gallowgate end (using a lease on land which was owned by Newcastle United when he bought the club), building shops, offices and student accommodation that will make it impossible to realistically expand St James Park any time in the future.

Please somebody, rescue all of us from Mike Ashley.

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  • Paul Patterson

    Last night was the best chance to send any sort of message. A missed opportunity..

    • Paul Busby

      I think the message was pretty clear, just not the one we wanted.

    • Martin Rooney

      Rafa sent a message ok, that if things don’t go his way he’ll chuck it in like a child how colback wasn’t in that side ahead of barlasser is shocking, he put a left winger on the right to satisfy his subs bench stellar signing Murphy, (a championship player at best) had a dumb kid at right back and a right back at left back and a bloke he has told to Foff at CB, off course that’s forgetting the other bloke he told to Foff in the pitches most important position central midfield. FCS it was suicide, a win would have added near a mil to the transfer funds, plonker

      • Paul Patterson

        Alright, enough with the insults.

        • Martin Rooney

          ya kidding, right?

          • Paul Patterson

            Who’s dumb and who’s a plonker?

      • hetonmag

        Those comments are a disgrace, calling someone dumb is offensive and should not be allowed to have been posted on this forum.

        • Albert Stubbins

          I’m dumb- is that allowed?

          • hetonmag

            It’s disrespectful to the poor people who have that affliction, if you are affected then I feel sorry for you.

          • Albert Stubbins

            You’d have loved the terraces in the 80 ‘ s. I’m old scool  mate.  I couldn’t give a flying f***.

            Sent from my Samsung device

            ——– Original message ——–

          • hetonmag

            I go back to the early seventies supporting the mags and met an awful lot of ignorant people just like yourself.

          • Albert Stubbins

            Lol. Stick to voting liberal and demanding nasty men like Donald trump resign. Your spoiling the game for everyone else. Your a makem as well so get yourself away with your keeeyze  and cheeeyzee chips.  Is that ignorant enough for you?

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          • hetonmag

            A Makem because I was born and bred in Hetton and supported NUFC all my life, and been a Labour man all my life, and been on strike three times and never broke a picket line in my life, yes worked down the pit with fellow Mackem’s who were proper men and not scum like you, so go and boil your head.

          • Albert Stubbins

            Ha ha ha. So your not bovvered then? Silly awld t w a t.

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            ——– Original message ——–

      • wesley Burden

        You cant have a go at the kids who played they done ok colback should of stayed in the championship hes gone backwards since his first season

  • Rich Lawson

    Hope the Forest fan who said we had ”rubbish support” earlier in the week is reading this,especially as they didn’t sell out their meagure allocation ?

    • Martin Rooney

      Yep but from before the kick off they made a whole lot more noise than us, and they were lonesome up in level 7 too.

      • Rich Lawson

        Sad but true !

  • FatParosite

    Not mad, just thick.

  • Martin Rooney

    Attendance to population opportunity ratio then we’re probably behind Villa Carlisle sheffield on that list

  • Steve Pearce

    Well I’ve been officially mad since February 1970 after ingesting certain powerful substances in Edinburgh that caused me to see 300 foot high samurai warriors fighting it out in the sky – but I was there last night with over 27,000 other nutters was I? I think you should had yer gob or I’ll spike your drink with something that will make that experience seem like a pleasant five minutes spent enjoying a fine sunset…

    • Albert Stubbins

      Far out man.