Graeme Souness has been making his mouth go about Jonjo Shelvey.

The former Newcastle boss says that after being sent off against Tottenham ‘That should be his (Jonjo Shelvey’s) last chance because you can’t do that’

So basically, Graeme Souness says that there are no second chances for somebody who does something stupid/ridiculous that costs his team, lashes out because of frustration/petulance?

Well if that’s the case, Souness himself wouldn’t have much of a playing career would he?

He was a very good player (like Shelvey can be) but at the same time Graame Souness was a regular when it came to losing his teamer, doing ridiculous things (usually nasty, vicious, assaults on opponents like the one in the footage below).

Back in the seventies/eighties I doubt very much Shelvey would have been sent off for what he did against Spurs, not that I excuse him.

However, Souness would have never got away with half the things he did back in his playing days.

Considering he didn’t join Rangers until he was 33, maybe he can explain how he managed to get sent off three times in the space of a year?

Even as a 43 year old manager, Graeme Souness almost sparked a riot when provocatively planting a Galatasaray flag in the centre circle when away to fierce rivals Fenerbahce.

As a 51 year old he came to St James Park and as well as destroying Sir Bobby Robson’s team overall and replacing it with very costly rubbish, he made it his business to purposefully force out Craig Bellamy by playing him out of position on the wing. Yes that was really doing his bit for the team.

Jonjo Shelvey has a temper and at times showed his petulance last season when things didn’t go his way in the Championship BUT for Graeme Souness to suggest there are no second (or is it third?) chances for what he did…this coming from somebody who got 32nd chances never mind second ones.

This is now Shelvey’s tenth season in club football and has played almost 300 matches for club(s) and country, yet before the Spurs game yesterday he had been sent off once*** (for Liverpool v Manchester United – the Newcastle one v Forest was rescinded).

A lot of players, including Souness, have done far far worse and more stupid things than Shelvey did yesterday, but come back and play for their team.

The Newcastle midfielder deserves to be punished of course, though this will be three missed games and a fine (I would hope), not kicked out of Newcastle because of one red card.

Graeme Souness speaking on Sky Sports:

Jonjo Shelvey has gone from captain to clown in 10 seconds.

“He is annoyed because Alli has kept the ball. How stupid is that?

“I like Shelvey and he has something about him but you can’t have anybody doing that at a football club. Nobody.

“That should be his last chance because you can’t do that.

“They might get relegated by one or two points.

“It might not matter in the bigger picture but his team-mates have the right to be very angry.”

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Graeme Souness at his ‘best’…

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    I don`t like Souness but he was a player & Jonjo couldn`t lace his boots

    • Leazes Ender

      Souness invented the predator boot he certainly couldn’t lace all of them.

      • Lofty

        I believe it was Craig Johnston who invented it. Same haircut back in the day!

        • Leazes Ender

          Oh aye.

        • Jezza

          Yes 100% it was Craig Johnstone.

  • Hughie_Gallacher

    You’re right. Souness has a real nerve. Shelvey isn’t even half as dirty as Souness used to be.
    I was at an Old Firm match once and he was playing for Rangers towards the end of his career. He was sent off for one of the worst tackles I’ve ever seen. The Celtic player jumped out of the way, otherwise he would surely have had his leg broken.
    Mind, he walked straight off, which is just as well as the Celtic fans were going to lynch him!

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      even back in the day when men were men Souness was a crackpot but he was one hell of a player

      • X,WHY,Y MAN.

        I would like to see the contact brought back because it is supposed to be sport.
        That ridiculous farce that Shelvey was involved in would have been laughed at in the 70’s and 80’s.

    • Leazes Ender

      Shearer has done it himself, wasn’t it Neil Lennon’s heed that he stood on?

    • Albert Stubbins

      Souness played in a totally different era that’s all. Do you think he would be running around kicking people up in the air if he played now- would the likes of Keane and our very own David Batty not be able to play the game now or what? Good players adapt- poor players get sent off for gross stupidity- what category do you think Shelvey falls under?

      • Jezza

        Souness may have played in a different era but he was still of one the most dirty barstewards in that era. There are no excuses for the thuggery he dished out on the football pitch.

  • Steve Pearce

    Yes – and what about Harry “Killer”Kane’s tackle on Jejeune?

    We all know that Sourpuss was a dirty player, so is he knocking Shelvey for not inflicting more damage with his tackle? So my advice to him is to dream of the young Portuguese players he used to manage bathing and haad his stinking gob!

  • Mark G Walker

    I think souness has a point – Shelvey is now going to be targeted more than ever in every game!

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    The biggest hypocrite of all time because if he was playing this day and age he would have been bounced out of the game.
    He used to knock people six feet up in the air and to hear him now give him namby-pamby opinions is laughable at best.

    • Albert Stubbins

      good players adapt- to suggest he wasn’t is laughable. Poor manager but great player. Look at his trophy list for further proof. He has won more as an individual than we have as a club for gods sake.

      • Guest 2

        Different time and doesn’t equate to the modern game at all. Like saying Norman “bite’ yer legs’ Hunter would be capable of the same.
        Souness kicked 7 bells out of opposing players.

        • Albert Stubbins

          Hypothetical. People having been debating this for years.

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          • Guest 2

            What isn’t hypothetical is the 7 bells he used to kick out of opponents.

      • X,WHY,Y MAN.

        Where have I said Souness was a bad footballer ?
        He was a great footballer but that does not excuse the fact he was also a thuggish enforcer whilst on the pitch.

    • Jezza

      Souness would have been lucky to be available for 10 games a season if he played now.


    They say ‘it takes one to know one’.

    Shelvey will be targeted.

  • Scottpaige

    Someone has a short memory.

  • Rich Lawson

    Kane’s tackle was bad,but the ball wasn’t even in play when Shelvey did this,stupid doesn’t cover it.He cost us the match and should be fined the maximum 2 weeks wages by the club

  • Albert Stubbins

    Poor manager but very good pundit. Souness was right about Shelvey. Shelvey is now a marked man? is he good enough to justify the massive reported wages he is on? is he good enough to just stroll about the park as if he is on holiday? gets away with it in the championship but small fish in big pond now- almost prima donna like against Spuds. Same body language as he displayed for most of the time he was last in prem with Newcastle- Get Rid? The jury is most definitely out on him imo.

  • GeordieZebra

    Souness would have adapted to today’s game. Won 20 odd trophies and was tremendous player. We couldn’t dream of attracting that talent currently.

    • Guest 2

      He wouldn’t last 60 mins in today’s game. He’d also have more red cards than a Chinese birthday boy.

      • Oooh bobbi fleckman

        If we were going for a quick drink after work but only had time for a small beer, we’d say we’re just staying for a Graeme, the implication being one half and you’re off.

  • Jezza

    Talk about letting your team mates down, I remember Souness’s debut as player manager for Glasgow Rangers in 1986. Sent off after half an hour for inserting his studs into an opponent’s thigh off the ball. Shelvey may be an idiot, a tool, a knacka but Souness was far worse, he was a calculating vicious thug and a bully who used violence on the field of play to make up for his lack of footballing ability.

  • Taz

    Souness is a pi©k always has been.