John Carver has popped up again, this time telling Rafa Benitez where he is going wrong in the transfer market.

Yes, honestly.

Pardew’s former assistant says that Rafa has got his priorities wrong when it came to recruitment this summer.

John Carver says that rather than looking for a goalkeeper and wasting his time on £4m and £5m signings, the United boss should have spent ‘The bulk of the money should have gone on an attacking midfielder and a striker’.

Carver adding that surely with Rafa’s contacts he could have then topped his squad up with ‘three of four loan players’ from his previous clubs, such as Real Madrid, Liverpool and Chelsea.

John Carver saying his biggest surprise has been Rafa Benitez ‘finding it difficult to get these players over the line’.

It makes you wonder exactly where John Carver has been the past couple of months…

With a net spend of just over £20m this summer, Rafa Benitez has clearly had no choice but to go for the more bargain end of the market, taking risks on cheaper players.

Whilst we all hope Joselu can produce, clearly Rafa Benitez had hoped he wouldn’t be relying on a £5m striker who has never scored double figures in any previous league season in the top tier of any country.

Even with free agents (Willy Caballero) and loan deals (Tammy Abraham), Rafa has been blocked from bringing in these signings, presumably because of the overall cost of the deals, particularly wages.

It isn’t Rafa struggling to get them ‘over the line’, it as been a case of the manager setting up the deals and then Mike Ashley and his minions preventing them happening.

Whilst Mike Ashley has never previously allowed a manager to build a squad, Rafa did that last season in the Championship and the strength in depth proved crucial in getting promotion.

Manquillo played against Spurs due to Yedlin’s injury, whilst Lejeune has strengthened the centre-back position and started ahead of Jamaal Lascelles. All four centre-backs ended up being needed due to the injuries to Dummett and Lejeune and that strength in depth allowed the defence to still look decent, until Shelvey wrecked things with his red card.

John Carver speaking to Radio 5 Live:


‘One person who is angry is Rafa and it has surprised me the lack of support for him in the transfer market. John, you have been in there, did you expect Newcastle to go into the season more stocked than they are, that Mike Ashley would have backed Rafa more?’

John Carver:

“I think everybody has expected Newcastle to be in a better position with regards to players coming in.

“The biggest thing I got from Rafa was the fact he is finding it difficult to get these players over the line.

“I looked at it before the season started and I thought, how are they going to approach this season?

“Talking about a goalkeeper…we don’t need a goalkeeper, we have enough in reserve with goalkeepers.

“I thought they would have went out and bought a striker, that would have been the first priority. Strikers are the players who keep you in the league.

“It’s so important, the bulk of your money should have gone on a striker, then you can top it up with loan players.

“With his experience at the likes of Chelsea, Real Madrid and Liverpool, he could surely have dipped in and got three or four loan players.

“The bulk of the money should have gone on an attacking midfielder and a striker.

“What worries me is we are spending £4m here, £5m there, it is as though we are filling places for the sake of filling places, as in doubling up on every position.”

  • Paul Patterson

    Hey, when the best manager in the Premier league hands out advice, you’d be foolish not to listen to it..

  • Steve Pearce

    “You wonder where John Carver has been the last couple of months”

    A secure unit in a mental hospital wearing a thick white jacket and gibbering that he is the best manager in the Premiership. Cutbacks in their budget meant that he has been released and has gone back to his stinking den in the bushes of Leazes Park next to our ground.

    • Rich Lawson

      Has he not been in a Cypriot jail for inciting a riot ?

    • Rich Lawson

      I have worked on a secure ward and know a nutter when I see one.

  • Yeaaap

    Carver the worse newcastle manger ever I’ll trust Rafa, has ash payed him to say that r is it sour grapes

  • Steve Smith

    He knew Sir Bobby don’t you know?

  • Stephen

    Please, Please we need a goalie
    Krul’s loss of form a mystery, Darlow I thought looked ok but not Elliot.
    People really have short memories.
    I can never forget him deputising for an injured Krul and picking the ball out of the net( I lost count) against Liverpool and Sunderland.

  • superalansuddick

    Ah, John William Carver the guy who oversaw NUFC worst ever run in the prem of 8 straight defeats, and finishing the season with a win ratio of 15% telling Rafa how to manage.Unbelievable. PML

  • TheFatController

    Doubling up on every position ? Given we had two injuries Sunday, a sending off, yedlin injured, and Gayle not feeling 100% confident, and you need a 25 man squad over 9 months to put pressure on players to perform if nothing else, why eould you nkt double up John?

    And why is he talking as if all business has been done? The window is not shut yet, John, stop talking in past tense

  • Albert Stubbins

    Bulk of what money?

    • Toonbadger

      I get more on the dole

  • Oooh bobbi fleckman

    Do the authors of these articles not realise that it’s quite likely that we listened to the same radio programme and can tell when a story in being spun?

    I’m pretty sure most dans who listened would have agreed with him. the problem being is Rafa just plays one up and not a clever no.10

  • Desree

    “Anyone who isn’t up for it leave. Stoney held the door open and no ine left. So I know the players are up for a relegation fight.” Next result a 3-0 loss to Leicester

    Is that the john carver we are talking about?

  • TheNutJob

    Good old Geordie John,
    1st thing you do if promoted to the prem is buy a striker that you can rely on, forget keepers, full backs, wingers just go & buy a striker
    we just bought Joselu £5m we have a kid on the bench £12m, we could have bought the real deal for around £17m to £20m. we already had 3 wingers when we bought Murph, we don`t have a reliable striker

    • HarryHype59

      Too true!

  • 1957

    Maybe time to lay to rest Jackie’s claim that the reason Abraham went Swansea was because Benitez move was blocked. Acording to the boy himself it was because Clement spent a lot of time at his home discussing the move and staff at Chelsea gave Clement a glowing reputation.

    As an aside I’ve watched him today and he looks as likely to score as Mitrovic

    • Jimblag23

      And he had the face on, throwing his arms up in the air if he didn’t get a pass.
      I was thinking “bullet dodged!”

  • Al Devon

    Dont know how you can claim Ashley is blocking the deals when there is no evidence of that at all. Rafa is struggling in the market because of squad size more than anything else. Hanley, Lazaar, Colback, Krul, Saivet and Haidara need to be sold asap to free up shirts and wages

  • Gary

    Carver is spot on what he says

  • Gary

    Rafa likes a boat load of players he bought 3 who havent kick a ball for the club its his job to get rid…. clearly not good enough. Lazzar hanley gamez. A keeper really???? We have 4 who for me are all able!!!

  • HarryHype59

    Carver is correct. The striker signing should have been a priority. Rafa likes to sign shirt fillers who aren’t good enough! Gamez, Hanley, Sels, Diame and Lazarr were no better than we already had.