It had to happen one day, having to agree with something John Carver has had to say.

It doesn’t sit easy but I have to admit that in his latest (mainly ridiculous – as usual) interview, Pardew’s former assistant did get something accidentally right.

Talking about this transfer window and Newcastle United, John Carver said ‘The bulk of the money should have gone on an attacking midfielder and a striker’.

The thing is, just because it is Carver saying it, we shouldn’t simply react by impulsively disagreeing.

The thing is, I bet Rafa Benitez totally agrees and if he could have done, this is exactly how he would have moved in this window.

The big problem though is how you convince players of a certain level to move to Newcastle, then even more importantly, how Rafa could have convinced Mike Ashley to allow the necessary level of wages to be paid.

The club even blocked Rafa’s moves for free agent Willy Caballero and loan signing Tammy Abraham, due to the wages involved, so if say Newcastle had brought in a striker and attacking midfielder for £15m+ each, can you believe that Ashley would have allowed those deals to happen and wages to be paid?

Joselu has arrived for £5m and his wages no doubt will be at a certain level consistent with that transfer fee, if Newcastle had signed an experienced striker/attacking midfielder for three times as much or more, then no doubt the wages would have reflected that.

With Dwight Gayle the only goalscorer at the club and Rafa having only Perez, Diame and de Jong for the number 10 position, you can be sure that on his wish list a striker of Gayle’s ability or better and a decent number 10 were at the very top.

You can decide for yourself whether Rafa Benitez deserved to have more backing from Mike Ashley but one thing is for sure, the Newcastle manager is having to go into battle in the Premier League with a severe lack of quality/strength in key positions.

Rafa has already stated that a manager can do little without the right tools, let’s hope he is wrong on this one and he can form what he has got into a team far better than the individuals within it.

John Carver speaking to Radio 5 Live:

“I think everybody has expected Newcastle to be in a better position with regards to players coming in.

“I looked at it before the season started and I thought, how are they going to approach this season?

“Talking about a goalkeeper…we don’t need a goalkeeper, we have enough in reserve with goalkeepers.

“I thought they would have went out and bought a striker, that would have been the first priority. Strikers are the players who keep you in the league.

“It’s so important, the bulk of your money should have gone on a striker, then you can top it up with loan players.

“With his experience at the likes of Chelsea, Real Madrid and Liverpool, he could surely have dipped in and got three or four loan players.

“The bulk of the money should have gone on an attacking midfielder and a striker.”

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  • Paul Patterson

    I notice he stop short at suggesting names.
    If you find a striker that can score 15+ goals a season then you’re charged £40m, add that to a creative midfielder then you’re pushing best part of £80m.

    I’d rather see us cover positions than put all our eggs in one or two very expensive baskets. Especially when we needed other positions improving like centre back and right back. We won’t be spending £150m and that’s what that kind of business would take . .

  • Cuh


  • 1957

    He’s right about Benitez obsession with a goalkeeper as well.

    Tammy Abraham, has gone on record as saying he chose to go to Swansea because of the time Clement spent with him and his family discussing his future and that staff at Chelsea gave Clement a glowing recommendation. Maybe we have to accept in some cases it might not be a case of the club blocking the move, but the player preferring to work with someone other than Benitez.

    • TheFatController

      Obsession? I just thought he wanted Krul out because on too much money and couldn’t afford Darlow to cost him six points this season like he did last with the Norwich QPR Bristol mistakes ?

      Do you not agree with Benitez as manager I take it ? You must love MA then? You must be MA?? Haha

      • 1957

        I don’t like Ashley but I’m not someone who slavishly thinks everything Benitez does or says is necessarily right, he’s not infallible.

        If he just wanted Krul out because of his wages, what was he planning to pay Reina or Cabellero, I suspect they are both earning more than Krul. Add to that signing on fees and agent’s fees and the financial argument makes no sense. Darlow made mistakes that lost points but what goalkeeper doesn’t.

    • Oooh bobbi fleckman

      Tammy Abraham would not have improved us. This story came a they say, from a source close to Rafa via another nufc site. Abraham demanded £50k per week and other appearance and goal bonuses, he also wanted a £1m down-payment for a new house for ha parents (whom he lives with). Apparently Swansea HAVE paid this £1m for the house as well as a huge payment to his agent, whilst Abraham secured the £50k per week he demanded by signing a contract with Chelsea before he went out on loan to Swansea. It was said that Rafa was disillusioned by the young player’s demands, from someone who had done nothing so great as to deserve this – yet? And so, Rafa & NUFC pulled the plug on the deal and decided to look elsewhere for someone “wanting to play for NUFC” rather than merely ‘chasing the money before ambition

  • TheFatController

    Probably better not to comment on the transfer window in past tense when it’s still open JC….

  • Gallowgate Dave

    I listened to this radio interview live and what filled me full of rage was John Carver, Jermaine Jenas and the clueless presenter praising Mike Ashley for being “honest”. I had to pull over to calm doon so I didn’t crash the car with the bairn in the back. With a few notable exceptions the quality of footy punditry, reporting and presenting is utterly abysmal and “Geordie” John “I knew Bobby Robson me” Carver is an utter embarrassment to all of us NUFC fans, a Grade A fool.

  • Kneebotherm8

    I think defensively,we look half decent,OK get rid of Krul but Darlows a good back up and it’s time we got Woodman involved as a top 3 squad goalkeeper or else we’ll be losing him,just like we did Fraser Forster. Our efforts should be doubled on getting goalscorer/s signed.