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Joey Barton sparks excellent glory hunter debate

3 years ago

Whatever you think of Joey Barton, he is certainly more interesting than your average pundit.

Never afraid to share his opinions, the former Newcastle player has now had a go at glory hunters.

Joey Barton saying that fans should support their local teams, though he can understand why people abroad might pick a Premier League club to follow as well/instead of their local club.

Predictably there has been a big reaction, with no surprise – glory hunters having a go at Joey Barton whilst those supporting their local clubs agreeing with him.

As for Newcastle United, even if somebody say started supporting NUFC back in the Keegan days despite being from Torquay/Slough/Colchester or wherever, if they are still supporting Newcastle now after all the nonsense since then, including 10 years under Mike Ashley – then they are a very strange kind of ‘glory hunter’!!!

Joey Barton via Twitter:

‘Can’t take people serious who choose to support a team in higher division over their local club. Understand outside of UK but not in the UK.

‘Just my opinion. Not a universal fact, before all those who fall foul of that opinion get their ‘knickers in a twist’.

A glory hunter replies to Barton:

‘So fans have to stick to their local team, but players can go where ever the hell they want? Or have I misunderstood your point?’

Joey Barton:

‘No you haven’t. You get one club to support. Players are being paid to have a career. Actually very simple to understood really.’

Another glory hunter:

‘Lots of people chose their team when they are very young. I’m a LFC fan from Doncaster who saw LFC on tv long before I knew DRFC existed.’

Joey Barton:

‘Unlucky. Can’t take you seriously as a football fan. Got to draw the line somewhere. Get yourself down to the Keepmoat lad…’

A Man Utd glory hunter:

‘You didn’t seem to mind whilst it was making you a millionaire.’

Joey Barton:

‘City, Newcastle, QPR and Burnley… Guaranteed 90% of the fans of those clubs are all local so your point is invalid.’

More reactions from glory hunters and other fans to Joey Barton:

‘Ridiculous statement. People support clubs for all kinds of reasons. Location is unimportant.’

‘Would be a fair call if local team were ran by local people, players were all local. You choose who to play for let us choose who we support.’

‘Does it matter who u support..grow up barton..if everyone supported their local team do u think EPL would have such a global appeal.’

‘Totally agree with Joey, where I grew up Fulham was the nearest team so Fulham it is for ever.’

‘It would be far more interesting and a more level playing field in my opinion.’

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