Joey Barton thinks there are major problems at Newcastle and they do need far more investment in the team BUT he also believes that Rafa Benitez should stop ‘moaning’.

The former United midfielder claims that the manager going public with how unhappy he is with the lack of backing to make quality signings, is having a negative impact on those who are currently in the team/squad.

Joey Barton stating ‘It doesn’t inspire confidence because he’s saying they are not good enough’.

On the other hand, he does back Rafa in terms of what he still needs to make Newcastle competitive.

The United boss had made clear he wanted a new first choice experienced goalkeeper and a quality striker.

Despite Joselu arriving, it looks clear that this is a desperate measure just to ensure Rafa didn’t have to play Mitrovic as his first change striker.

Dwight Gayle didn’t look great at Huddersfield and whether that is lack of service, poor form, or struggling with injury/confidence, he never looked like scoring. Barton believes Newcastle need a better first choice striker than the former Palace man and certainly goals are looking a real problem unless Rafa can bring in help.

Barton also wants to see a better player to come in alongside Shelvey but up front it is the main focus.

The Mirror famously stated Charlie Austin had signed in an exclusive to launch themselves as NUFC’s official media partner but Barton thinks he can be the answer.

Austin has had two brief appearances from the bench in Southampton’s opening two games and scored the winner from the penalty spot on Saturday in the 93rd minute against West Ham, having come on in the 80th.

Joey Barton picks out Matt Ritchie for praise and against Huddersfield he was the only player in the opposition half to show anything at all yesterday.

Joey Barton speaking to Talksport:

“They do need some investment. When you come up, you do need investment, but there is also a case that Rafa Benitez needs to get on with it.

“You’ve got what you’ve got. OK, you maybe need to keep it private in terms of (pushing for) can we get bodies in, but he’s getting paid an awful lot of money, so coach what you’ve got in front of you.

“It doesn’t help when the manager is out there moaning, saying he’s not happy with the situation. That definitely festers out on the pitch.

“If you’re a player and you hear the manager moaning about investment it doesn’t inspire confidence because he’s saying they’re not good enough.

“Yes they do need investment and I don’t think Gayle is a confident enough striker at this level. He’s not a striker who will get you goals consistently at this level.

“Without Shelvey in the side, and I know it was a stupid sending off last week, they lack that creative spark.

“To keep them up, if they get someone in alongside Shelvey to look after him and give him a bit of licence to create…

“Is Mitrovic the answer? I don’t think so.

They are also crying out for a goalkeeper. You’d like to see the spine strengthened.

“They definitely need a striker, who’s going to get you 15 or 20 goals. Charlie Austin, maybe? They’ve been linked with him before.  If you go onto the pitch and you think to yourself, ‘he’s in the team, he’s going to get us a goal’ .

“Benitez has historically set up his teams to be defensively very structured, he doesn’t play the most attacking brand of football.

“Matt Ritchie will create stuff because he’s a competent performer, but they need a bit more quality in those positions because you’re going to have to score goals to stay in this league, you can’t draw everyone to death.”

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Austin, Big Andy, Danny Ings, all class players all on around £100,000 a week, all injury prone
    the bottom line is the Fat Lads already made his mind up, Get on with what you`ve got you`re getting nowt off me

    • FatParosite

      Exactly Moose…. A suicide note if ever I’ve seen one….

  • anyobrien

    We need investment yes but I agree with Barton get on with it….. Playing one up front is a load of bollo% we ain’t good enough for it… Far to negative. 2poor teams who will be involved in relegation.

    • Bowlsey

      Exactly! We aren’t good enough to play with a lone striker so we should always play with two upfront. Christ, even Pardew’s system of 4-3-3 was more positive and attacking than the system we currently use.

  • Steve Pearce

    You know this compulsion of yours to drag in ex-Newcastle players to state the bloody obvious is starting to really get me down. But fortunately I am suffering from no compulsion to either keep on reading these pages of indeed bother to watch any more Newcastle games of even read about them whilst Mike Ashley is the owner because – hey – there’s more to life than bleating about a fat Cockney [email protected]….

    • FatParosite

      Ashley is not the problem. The fans are. Going to see what he serves up & paying for the privilege is drinking poison. They can blame Ashley all they want but to keep backing him at the same time is ignorance of staggering proportions.

      • Steve Pearce

        Exactly! that is why I made this comment. The fans are like junkies who can’t kick the habit even when they don’t get the hit anymore. So I for one have detoxed myself of my Newcastle habit and am enjoying life again!

  • Geordiegiants

    Troy Deeney wouldn’t be a bad buy, it looks like he is wanting out at Watford.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      they want squillions for him

      • Geordiegiants

        That’s that f’cked.

  • magpiefifer

    I’m worried about the motivation/confidence of the players with this Ashley vs Rafa saga going on.
    There is probably an element of Rafa having to get on with what he’s got – but he didn’t choose to have Colback.Mitro etc etc on the books,and a paltry transfer kitty to work with!
    As ever,Ashley is responsible for another mess.

    • Martin Rooney

      Mitros goal to game time ratio in the premier league as a first year 20 year old is first rate he has a good striker he just isn’t using. He’s spent 34m tell me do you think he’s bought well?

  • Jimblag23

    I kind of agree that this has all played out way too publicly and all the negativity surrounding the club is self inflicted.
    But at the same time I’d find it annoying if Rafa was an Ashley apologist like Pardspew, so 🤷‍♂️

  • Cuh

    100% right. Benitez has made some statements that would really upset me if I were on his team. Shelvey had even come out once to say those who got promoted deserve a chance. If he wants to complain, he should put it in a way to not demean the players because we may well end up with no additions!!!

    And all this sending players to train with reserves, players like Krul and Colback who may not be good but are at the core of the team in terms of how long they have been here, while Diame who is no better keeps getting games, Lazaar who if you had noticed was a lovely presence in the locker room last season is still somewhere in US castaway, Elliot starts ahead of Darlow just off whatever credentials he shows in training but lacks on matchday…

    He may be losing this team

  • Martin Rooney

    If Rafa is upset he needs to look in the mirror. He has bought players who are not first teamers, with Rolando Arrons, backing up atsu, he could have had sammi as third choice on £10k per week. Freeing the 12m spent of sub Murphy, then 5m on maquillo when he could have kept vurnon as third choice right back behind chancel.
    Adding that to the Joselu money would give him £22m to spend on a striker, but apparently that was not his priority.
    Further having colback de Jong diame as the back up for central midfield is not desperate and would compete with each other. His transfer strategy just seems all over the place. Not thought through