Joey Barton isn’t shy of making his opinion heard about former club Newcastle United and no surprise to see him wading into the clash between Mike Ashley and Rafa Benitez.

Ashley promised Benitez ‘every penny’ and the freedom to do with the money as he wanted, the reality however has been a net spend of only £17m and the owner not even allowing the manager to bring in Tammy Abraham on loan at the start of the transfer window, after Rafa had set the deal up.

Joey Barton says it is obvious that Newcastle needed better players to deal with the step up and that with this not happening he can ‘understand Benitez’ frustrations’.

The currently banned midfielder says that this is ‘clearly two egos and a power struggle behind the scenes about what’s going on’.

As the former Newcastle player points out; ‘It usually ends up with the manager going’.

Like every other Newcastle fan, Joey Barton knows what the net result would be if Rafa was forced out, saying ‘it would be catastrophic for Newcastle’.

You won’t hear many arguments against that point of view on Tyneside.

Joey Barton speaking to Talksport:

“I think Newcastle are very vulnerable.

“I think they were vulnerable last year – they are very expansive.

“In certain parts of the field you can’t be vulnerable coming into the Premier League and no doubt Rafa Benitez will be aware of that – that’s probably why he wanted the money to spend.

“The team that wins the Championship…you need a totally different set of players almost to adapt to the Premier League.

“You go from being expected to win every week against lesser opposition, to trying to stay in games and trying to nick points against superior opposition.

“I can understand Benitez’s frustrations.

“There are clearly two egos and a power struggle behind the scenes about what’s going on.

“Benitez is loved by the fans, Ashley isn’t, and I think that will play out.

“It usually ends up with the manager going.

“I think if that was to happen now it would be catastrophic for Newcastle, especially on the eve of what is going to be an incredibly tough season for them.

“If everything was going swimmingly and they got all their transfer targets, it was still always going to be a tough year coming back up.

“I just hope for the fans that it resolves itself pretty soon because I think what people can never take away, is the passion of the Geordie fans.”

  • Kneebotherm8

    Barton’s right,there’ll,unfortunately, be only one winner here.

    • Mxpx

      In theory yes but it will be a pyrrhic victory if he gets rid of Rafa

      • X,WHY,Y MAN.

        Knowing Ashley he probably realises he has another “Keegangate” scandal on the horizon and is trying to get Rafa to walk.

        • Fleckman hoop licker

          Wonder how Newcastle fans will respond ? I’ll never forget how some of them disgracefully sided with Ashley over “quitter” Keegan.

  • Hughie_Gallacher

    Definitely a power struggle going on. Ashley’s interview, a very rare event, was in direct response to the publicly stated dissatisfaction of Benitez. At least Rafa got a reaction from him. No-one else seems able to.

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    The more you here the buzz words : “Passion Of The Newcastle Fans”, The more it takes on a truly Biblical tale of self sacrifice and flagellation !
    They may have to wait for their reward in heaven because it seems increasingly likely they will not receive it in this life lol

    • Steve Pearce

      Sacrifice and flagellation?

      Mike Ashley hung on a scaffold in the middle of SJP and skinned alive and sacrificed to The God Of The Toon at half time, Then his remains are burnt on a fire that uses bobbifleckman as a firelighter…

  • Steve Pearce

    What’s next – are you going to re-animate the corpses of former Newcastle greats to tell us things we know already? When we thought that the barrel’s bottom could be scraped no more you haul up this banned gobshyte who should keep his mouth firmly shut…

    • X,WHY,Y MAN.

      Steve, Cheer up !, If you get sick of having the obvious stated at you then you can always tovey across to “The Chronic’s” website for more of Lee Ryder’s “Five Things We’ve Learned”, Save us !!!

      • X,WHY,Y MAN.

        Or another of my personal favourites : “Burning Question.”

    • Fleckman hoop licker

      Hey Steve, close your eyes and imagine Bobby Concur is telling you everything is wonderful instead.

  • Taz

    Who gives fk what that scouse [email protected] has to say about anything.

    • Viru leckworth

      How erudite.

  • Andy Mac

    There are those who wont see JB as a player worth his salt ? I remember that Arsenal game and that fkwit Pardwho looking forlorn as he headed off at half time.

    JB didnt win that game on his own but he sure helped ressurrect the result. Like him or loathe him it was fun !