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Jamie Carragher embarrasses himself with comments on Rafa Benitez & Newcastle

3 years ago

Jamie Carragher has come up with a very muddled and clueless set of opinions on the current state of Newcastle United.

The former Liverpool defender says he feels sorry for Rafa Benitez because he is being starved of funds by Mike Ashley and having to try and make do with bargain basement signings such as Joselu and Manquillo.

On the other hand, Jamie Carragher then says that Rafa is letting everybody down by making clear that he is being starved of funds by the club’s owner which has meant that he can’t add the two or three better quality signings that would/could make the difference.

We have seen it all before, Kevin Keegan wouldn’t put up with promises being broken by both John Hall and Mike Ashley when it came to the transfer market and Rafa Benitez is the same, he knows when both he, his team and the supporters are being cheated and isn’t going to take it lying down.

Jamie Carragher contrasts the Newcastle mood with that of Huddersfield ‘and almost every team that comes into the Premier League’.

Well the difference is that those other promoted clubs are willing to give it everything to try and succeed/survive, the owners of these other clubs trying everything they can do to help their managers. It might be enough to do well or it might BUT at least they have a go.

Both Huddersfield and Brighton have a net spend this summer which is almost twice as much as Newcastle United. Bear in mind that last season Rafa produced a £40m transfer profit for Newcastle, whilst in the Championship Newcastle have just received almost £50m more than both of the other promoted clubs thanks to the parachute payments and prize money for winning the league.

It is so ridiculous at Newcastle United, you actually have an owner who actively works against his manager, simply because Rafa Benitez hasn’t taken the broken promises lying down.

Mike Ashley having launched a major PR offensive with a ridiculous ‘interview’ on Sky Sports where he was allowed to get away with a scripted delivery, full of misleading claims and half truths. The sole aim of this interview, that was timed to coincide with Rafa Benitez preparing his team for the Tottenham opening  match, being to undermine his manager and portray his (Rafa) as being the ridiculous and unreasonable one.

Jamie Carragher says derisively that ‘Benitez is a god to Newcastle fans now…’.

No wonder Newcastle fans have gone a bit over the top about it, having a top quality manager who sees the true potential of the club (unlike the owner) and treats everything about the club and everybody connected to it with respect.

This after all these years where Ashley did the dirty on any decent person – Keegan, Shearer, Hughton and now Benitez, as opposed to those who he was happy to have because they did exactly as they were told and didn’t expect any say, even willing to do his dirty work in interviews, often coming out with the most embarrassing justification for how Ashley was running the club – Pardew, Carver, JFK and McClaren the guilty ones.

If there is negativity and then failure at Newcastle United, it will be all down to only one man…and it isn’t Rafa Benitez.

Jamie Carragher:

“There’s a buzz about Huddersfield and almost every team that comes into the Premier League. You can see that from what they have produced in the first two games, getting six points.

“It is in complete contrast to Newcastle, you wouldn’t think they’ve just come up because there’s no buzz or energy about them.

“What’s happening off the pitch looked as if it transferred itself onto the pitch on Sunday.

“Looking at Newcastle, I said in commentary they still look like a Championship team, and they do.

“However, you could say that about Huddersfield, you could say that about Brighton, you could say it about Burnley, Bournemouth and those kinds of teams who have come up and done well.

“We treat those clubs differently to what we treat Newcastle. They are happy to be in the Premier League and there’s a buzz.

“With Newcastle, you expect more. You see them as a Premier League club really, who have just gone down, so it is different.

“I feel for Rafa with some of the signings that have been made and maybe the lack of funds.

“However, they are not the worst in the league. There are plenty of other managers who can have the same gripe but he’s not shy at making it public.

You look at Manquillo, he went down with Sunderland and he was well off the pace against Huddersfield. Joselu comes on and he couldn’t get a game for Stoke, but he’s actually better than what Newcastle had.

“He built a Championship team to get out of the Championship and he hasn’t really got Premier League players at the moment.

“Benitez is a god to Newcastle fans now…

“They are writing books about him now, the way he brought them up and the way he’s integrated himself into the city, but his negativity is rubbing off on the whole club.

“All the supporters were chanting for yesterday was Rafael Benitez, not the players. You can see how they feel about him but there’s got to be more of an upbeat mood.

“Continually talking about needing players to come into the club basically means the ones he’s got now are not good enough. But 80 to 90% of the squad are the ones he’s going to need to keep them up.

“You somehow have to lift them and lift the whole club.

“It’s far too negative and it has to change because even if they do bring players in, it’s only going to be two or three. There has to be a different tone coming out of Newcastle because there’s certainly no buzz on the pitch or off it.”


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