Huddersfield fans have been taking about Sunday’s match against Newcastle.

After an impressive win at Crystal Palace, no surprise that they are quite happy…

There is also talk of revenge in the air, after Newcastle won 3-1 down there on the way to the title.

Whilst some are exercising caution, many other Huddersfield fans see Newcastle already falling behind the club that came up through the play-offs.

Huddersfield fans comment on Newcastle match via their top Down At The Mac message board:

‘Things will change when facing the top teams but there is absolutely no fear going into this game.

If man city etc play really well against us it will be down to hard work to stay in games, if Newcastle play well, we can still play better than them.’

‘Shelvey definitely is an animal.’

‘They’ll park the bus. Benitez doesn’t know any other way.’

‘I hope we muller Newcastle, but let’s face it anything could happen.’

‘The danger is the wounded animal syndrome of course, us thinking we are top of the world, and them coming out fighting with everything they got type situation

But if mr wagner can keep the players heads on straight, we could be hopeful of getting something from this match.’

‘Assuming they don’t sign anyone new in time, reckon big Rafa will follow the same game plan as last season, banking on Ritchie, Gayle and Atsu to break quickly on the counter

As long as we stay patient and keep our structure i fancy a different outcome this time around.’

‘Remember that their ‘game plan’ last time was massively helped by the terrible penalty decision and the mess up for their second. Without that then they would have arguably had to come out more and we’d have had more space.

Regardless, with Ince, Mounié, Palmer back etc.. we’ve got a lot more going forwards this time round. If they rock up with the same game plan excepting the same result then I think they might be in for a surprise.

I can’t wait!’

‘Although Newcastle did park the bus last season, the Referee & Officials had a shocking game.

Allowing Murphy to foul Danny Ward, Shelvey should have been red carded, as should Jack Colback.

Fancy our chances, as long as long as the Ref & Officials, ref fairly, not like last year.’

‘Benitez will come under a lot of pressure if they are not out of the bottom 3 after 10 games. It could easily happen, especially after we stuff them.’

‘Getting too excited over a team losing players through injury or suspension falls flat when their replacements take the opportunity to impress.

Hopefully Newcastle don’t have the depth to replace Shelvey or the two defenders with better players.’

‘Newcastle will be another hard game. It will be a different challenge as they will probably sit deep, play narrow and ask us to play through them.

We will need to be patient, particularly if we don’t get an early goal.

I expect Newcastle to set up not to lose so it’ll be up to us to break them down. Luckily this season we have more variety to our attack. We have a threat in the air which we didn’t have last season, so Newcastle won’t be able to just force us backwards and sideways. We also look much potent from set pieces, and these will be vital in what is bound to be a tough, tight game.

We need to be every bit as patient as the team will have to be. Newcastle may be struggling, but they will be no pushover, and their manager is a wiley old fox. Let’s enjoy the positive result at Palace and then prepare properly for the next game. I can’t wait.’

‘In the absense of Shelvy they might struggle to get any decent long ball out. Shelvy controlled their game against us from deep last season.’

‘Lets not forget Newcastle did a job on us last season at our place. Their tactics were spot and we struggle to create any chances at all.

I expect a similar game where we have all the ball bit little in the way of chances. We need to move it quickly stretch them as much as possible.’

‘The more I’ve seen Newcastle lately, the more they seem reliant on hatchet men nobbling the opposition’s attacking threat rather than playing football for themselves.

The job they did on Brown last season was poor. The job they tried to do on Alli was downright thuggery. I’m fine with a hard but fair challenge to remind the opponent that you’re there, but they were just kicking him up in the air when the ball was gone. The Ritchie tackle was premeditated revenge for being trodden on by the idiot in the midfield.’

‘If they sit back we will break them down, we’ve improved since last season and even without injuries and the sending off I’m not sure Newcastle have.’

‘Alli deserves all he gets. Wouldn’t have a problem with us roughing him up a bit to get a reaction which might just get him sent off. He’s arrogant and hasn’t the intelligence to realise that he might just be able to do something good for club and country if he could just keep his ego under control.’

‘They did a really good job keeping spurs at bay until the red card.

It’s going to be a hard frustrating game but if we get an early goal….’

‘Yeah, great club, great owner, great manager, great Shelvey.’

‘I understand why Rafa played not to get beat against Spurs, but at some point this season he’ll have to allow his team to open up and attack the opposition.

Sitting deep, defending in numbers and relying on long balls up the pitch will not be good enough to keep them up on its own. You have to play some football at some point.’

‘What’s Newcastle fans’ genuine thoughts on Rafa? I ask because all I ever see from the outside looking in from Newcastle fans is massive praise and adoration, which to me seems wholly based on the calibre of clubs he’s managed and winning the CL 12 years ago, rather than what actually happens on the pitch with Newcastle.

I speak as a football ‘purist’ (I’d much rather we went down playing football and attacking than turning into Burnley/WBA) but every time I watch Newcastle I’m left disappointed by the style.

Yes I realise he’s hamstrung by Ashley, and yes they were playing Spurs with 10 men so discount that, but even last season it always seems very % based, attritional and imo dull – just as Benitez has everywhere else for about 10 years.

Always thought Newcastle fans liked a maverick, so does the end really justify the means?’

‘Pochettino was very complimentary about how difficult Newcastle were to play and how sitting deep ended up making them play a lot slower than he would have liked. My fear is that we’ll end up doing the same and it will be a game in to same ilk to last season where we had all the ball but Newcastle countered well and created all the chances.

The difference this year could be that we have strikers with presence who will occupy your defence. Last season Nahki worked his balls off for us but against teams that sat deep he didn’t cause problems and ended up dropping into midfield giving defenders a free ride. I can’t see that happening with Mounie and Depoitre.

Rafa will make it into a game of chess. As long as we keep it tight at the back and don’t make silly mistakes I would hope we’ll have enough going forward to break Newcastle down more often than we did last season.’

‘On Sunday’s performance against us i cant see anything but a comfortable Huddersfield win.’

‘No one will be parking the bus against us this year, Newcastle will be desperate for the win. We’re a three pointer for every team.’

‘This will be far from a push over! They’re a good side (as proved last season when the won the championship!) and we’ll need to be at our best to beat them. We need those 3 points though, on paper right now they look for more attainable than they do in the majority of our fixtures.’

‘Benitez is one of the few managers who will have an idea of what we’re about from last season, and just like last season they’ll show us some respect and park the bus away from home.’

‘With or without Shelvey I think we have enough to beat them, an early goal & their heads will drop.. The atmosphere will be electric on Sunday.’

‘There is no way in hell Benitez will set up to attack us. He’s just not that type of manager. He hardly ever did it at liverpool so doubt he will do it with a rubbish Newcastle team.

He will do exactly what he did last year, set up to frustrate us, allow us possession, soak it up and hit us on the counter or set piece. Let’s hope we just have a little bit more luck than last year against them and get the win!’

‘This game is a target for 3 points though, they will be one of our lower table/relegation rivals so 3 points. I’m looking forward to it already.’

‘One thing for sure, Newcastle will be more aggressive than those wimps at Palace were…Might be our turn to face a bit of rough stuff…again.’

‘Shelvey isn’t in the same class as Mooy as a player or as a man. After billings coming of age performance and Williams adroit cameo all of a sudden we look strong in midfield. Zanka looks a hell of a centre half and mounie well it just sticks when it goes near him…long long time since that happened.

We are the clear favourites to stay up out of the promotion winning teams. Better squad, better owners, better manager, momentum, unity and belief.’

‘What’s different now to Newcastle’s last stay in the prem though?

A workmanlike squad that doesn’t score enough goals, have enough possesion or create enough chances. Ashley won’t invest nor sell the club on.

He said last week Rafa can have whatever revenue the club has- well that’s £170M just in Prem bonus cash never mind shirt sales of 50k crazy loyal Geordies. We got the same and spent £40M+ Straight away.

No need for slug to sell any of his slave labour shares is there? Spend the £170 and give a quality manager (which he doesn’t deserve) a fighting chance of staying up.

I don’t see Newcastle developing as a club until that hideous fat slug of a man has sold it,  Newcastle will be filling one of those 3 dreaded promotion spots so I’m ok with it for now. I hope they get a change next year though.’

‘I wonder if it is just me but I feel like we have some unfinished business with Newcastle after the game at home last season. We started the better side and feel the game changed when they got given a very soft penalty.

Credit to Rafa he set Newcastle up to defend deep and hit us on the counter. However I think we could have over come this and scored, forcing them to play more expansively. As it was the penalty meant they could continue to sit back, absorb our attacks and hit us as we became more exposed at the back as the game went on.

I’d like to see us take revenge for that game.’

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Rafa always sets up a team not to lose that`s the whole point of 4-2-3-1.
    they have improved since last season, i`m not certain we have.
    it`ll be a hard game after their win at Palace

    • Leazes Ender

      Its not pretty or effective against Premiership clubs as yet.

      • MichaelMaximusMoose


      • Clarko

        Benitez has a 54.3% win percentage in the Premier League after 265 games. Benitez is experienced enough and successful enough to continue to be “effective” for Newcastle.

        • Soldier

          Benitez was managing top players matey, that is until he came here. those stats are irrelevant

          • Clarko

            No, the statistics are relevant, Benitez, Premier League, win percentage, success.

        • Wor Lass

          His win percentage in the Prem with nufc is less than 30%. I agree that his past record suggests he could be “effective” for us but it`s going to be a struggle.

          • Clarko

            He has managed Newcastle in 11 Premier League games, that is not a representative sample, and that’s without mentioning he inherited and managed a relegation candidate in 10 of those games.

          • Wor Lass

            Whatever you say, Clarko. I know you`re always right – even when you`re wrong.

          • Clarko

            You tell me I’m wrong, I tell you why you’re wrong.

          • Wor Lass

            So what would be a representative sample, in your opinion?

          • Clarko

            265 games.

          • Wor Lass

            Ha ha – i can`t debate with you!

          • Clarko

            That’s the point, you’re not debating, “you’re wrong because I think you’re wrong”, that’s your attitude and that’s not how you debate.

          • Wor Lass

            My problem is there are too many other people around – I`m not used to debating with masses of others involved. You, on the other hand, are a practised mass debater.

          • Desree

            We will be lucky if we get an other 37 games with Rafa as boss. Past perfomance is not a predictor of future performance.

          • Wor Lass

            No, you tell me why you THINK I`m wrong. By the way, what WAS wrong with my statement of fact that Rafa`s win % with us in the EPL is less than 30%. Did I use it as part of an argument against you or was I presenting it as an extra bit of data. Seems to me you`re jumping to conclusions based on your biased preconceptions of my motives.

          • Clarko

            “His win percentage in the Prem with nufc is less than 30%” and “for us but it`s going to be a struggle”.

            He has managed Newcastle in 11 Premier League games, that is not a representative sample size to come to the conclusion that Newcastle are going to “struggle”. It’s not valid reasoning.

            It’s also worth highlighting your earlier comment “Whatever you say, Clarko. I know you`re always right – even when you`re wrong”.

          • Wor Lass

            I see you`ve missed out the bit where I agreed with you that he could be “effective”. That doesn`t go well with you complete rejection of whatever I say. I think it`s going to be a struggle because of the quality and depth of squad we have not because of Rafa`s win % in the past. What was WRONG about my statement of fact (and why, if you like)?

          • Clarko

            “Benitez has a 54.3% win percentage in the Premier League after 265 games. Benitez is experienced enough and successful enough to continue to be “effective” for Newcastle.

            “His win percentage in the Prem with nufc is less than 30%. I agree that his past record suggests he could be “effective” for us but it`s going to be a struggle.”

            “He has managed Newcastle in 11 Premier League games, that is not a representative sample, and that’s without mentioning he inherited and managed a relegation candidate in 10 of those games.”

            “Whatever you say, Clarko. I know you`re always right – even when you`re wrong.”

            I have informed you that in this conversation, your reasoning is not valid. His win percentage with Newcastle is not a valid reason to suggest “struggle”.

          • Wor Lass

            You see, you`re always right. If in doubt, string a few quotes together and finish off with an accusation of lack of validity. The link between his past win percentage and a “struggle” this season is in your head not my argument. You`re trying to equalise before the other side scores. Anyway, the missus has just laid a few cubic metres of concrete and i`m going to watch it dry. Keep on mass debating!

          • Danimal

            Are you Donald Trump?

          • Wor Lass

            That “earlier comment” came AFTER your attack on me.

          • Wor Lass

            I`m still waiting for an explanation to my question, below.

          • Leazes Ender

            You’re wrong, you’re good at being wrong Kevin.

          • Leazes Ender

            Yes it is, the only thing that changes with low sample population is the degree of confidence, ie probability testing….. you can still do the calculation.

          • Clarko

            Yes you can. That calculation would be followed by the response:

            “He has managed Newcastle in 11 Premier League games, that is not a representative sample”.

          • Leazes Ender

            I’m 100% sure you are a moron.

          • Clarko

            “I have nothing to say so I’ll just resort to calling him a moron again, that will show him”

        • Leazes Ender

          With Liverpool and Chelsea….. what is the percentage with United?

          • Clarko

            That is his entire Premier League record, just looking at his Newcastle recored (11 games) or Chelsea record (26 games) in the Premier League would not be a representative sample size.

          • Leazes Ender

            Why Not?

          • Clarko

            It’s all there.

          • Leazes Ender

            Whats all where?

          • Wor Lass

            Somebody`s not all there!

          • Desree

            Okay huddersfield and brighton have one game each to assess. Makes your metrics pointless

          • Clarko

            I have no idea what you’re getting at? This debate is focused on Benitez and his record in the Premier League.

          • Leazes Ender

            What is his percentage with United?

          • Desree

            Exactly – you have no idea. Benitez record means nothing. What counts is the team he has now against the teams in the premier league now. How does his record with Liverpool and Chelsea indicate how Newcastle will perform?
            And if we are talking stats Benitez just lost at home against spurs for the first time.

          • Clarko

            1 game vs 265 games, you have no concept of statistical significance.

          • Leazes Ender

            I do….. you don’t.

          • Desree

            What are the odds of winning a coin toss? 50%

            What are the odds of winning the next coin toss? 50%

            What are the odds of winning the next coin toss? 50%

            You are confusing possibility with probability.


          • Clarko

            When your IQ hits 28, sell.

          • Wor Lass

            Less than 30% but the sample`s not big enough for Clarko!

  • TheFatController

    Palace were often woeful under Allardyce , who knows what he’s doing in the PL, for all his faults

    Why people were then surprised that a manager new to the PL with a new system to Allardyce’s meant they were all over the place denied the reality of their situation.

    They may come good under De Boer but that will take an evolution not revolution

    Certainly Sunday’s Spurs side would not have lost 3-0 to Huddersfield at home, although I think Huddersfield will be strong at home much like Burnley last season

  • Steve Smith

    5-0 United.

    • TC Toon Army

      Too right. Keys smash um.

  • 1957

    Some pretty pointless comments, mainly based on a misguided sense of injustice over the game at Huddersfield last year.

    How they performed against Palace is irrelevant, just as our efforts against Spurs are, no one knows what Sunday will bring. Sometimes games you confidently expect to win end up in a big disappointment…

    • Soldier

      how they perform is relevant, getting an away win in their 1st premiership game only adds to their confidence

      • anyobrien

        Might aswell not turn up then they will be like real Madrid after thumping the mighty palace

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    The comments are pretty much what you would expect from Huddersfield given their result against Palace and the way the game went at their place last season.
    The thing that I love most about these clubs who get promoted to The Prem is the way they jump straight onto the deluded Newcastle fan thing.
    As though their clubs have been playing Champions League Football year on year instead of languishing in the lower leagues since Nelson lost his eye !

    I think it is great for Huddersfield’s fans to taste the so called trappings That the premier League affords but should not get carried away.
    Yes we have just been promoted ourselves but we have a lot of history in the competition and have only been relegated in recent times due to Jabba The Hutt’s interference.
    The leagues are full of clubs who were disrespectful towards Newcastle United in the past like Portsmouth, Wigan Athletic etc, And where are they now ?
    It can be classic cases of “Built up Then Knocked Down” so they shouldn’t get ahead of themselves.
    I remember Portsmouth’s fans coming onto another board I was on slating the club and having a laugh when we went down the first time.
    What I don’t like is this Bertie Big B****x attitude when you’ve only been in the league for all of five seconds although I do wish them well after Sunday.

    • Steve Smith

      Give it a few weeks and they’ll be booing at 0-0 half time like Palace and the Smoggies before them.

      • X,WHY,Y MAN.

        Too true !

  • DC1964

    Nobody really likes us much, do they? I hope we stuff Uddersfield on Sunday (hope being the operative word!)

  • Desree

    How great it must be to support Huddersfield. After years of nothing, here they are giving it a real go. Contrast that to supporting NUFC. Fair due to these boys, it makes me sick that we can’t feel this level of optimism after 13 years of utter dross.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Clarko to ground control. Houston we have a problem !

  • Leicester Mag

    Brighton just offered long term contracts to Dunk and several others- made me think who do we need to tie down to stop them being poached. I came to a conclusion none, doesn’t this say something?

    • Leazes Ender


      • Leicester Mag

        Eye and news full of rumours on him. FFS at least with Beardsley/Waddle and Gazza we’d seen the play before they left.

      • 1957

        We’ve already lost Lewis Gibson and to my mind Benitez obsession with an ‘experienced’ goalkeeper will mean losing Woodman too.

  • Jimblag23

    My my they seem very bitter about that loss last season.
    It was one game guys and we were the champions.
    Good luck to them, but that attitude isn’t particularly endearing.

  • Stephen Paylor

    They have spent around 10 million net more than us so far and spent quite well too. Same with Brighton who have also spent 10 million more than us net. We have a similar net spend to Bournemouth which tells me that we have one more deal to come and they are finished with their business. We have slightly better commercial revenue than both of those but also a higher wage bill. Between the 3 of us newly promoted clubs it will be interesting to see who does the best and i think much will come down to the manager at each club and their ability. Hers hoping in Rafa we have the edge and can stay up and start to stabilize. It stands out to me that we haven’t signed anyone that would be considered a star. One eye on having a strong line up if we did go back down i think. Sad but true and is probably wise. All that remains is to maybe sell 3 or 4 of the players that Rafa seems to have no faith in when judged by their wage cost. Colback, Riviere, Krul (more to do with his wages i think), Lazaar, Haidara (last year of contract).

  • Steve Pearce

    Howay man – are you a Toon supporter or do you have a secret desire to ‘ave yer udders feeled? Who cares what their fans say? Let them go back to fighting each other to death with rancid black puddings and living in paper bag at t’bottom of cesspit – bloody luxury that….

  • Mrkgw

    Hardly endearing comments. Lets hope that we thrash them. Would very much like to see them relegated this season.

    • Leazes Ender

      I’d rather Tottenham were relegated along with Brighton, any Southern club really.