After a summer long battle to shift them, Rafa Benitez is set to move out at least three of his unwanted Newcastle players in the next 48 hours.

Over in Holland, Telesport report that Siem de Jong is deep in negotiations to return to Ajax.

Signed from the Dutch club for £6m back in 2014, the move has been nothing short of disastrous, as injuries and poor form have seen him start only four league games for NUFC.

This summer he was given every chance in the pre-season friendlies but has done nothing to show he can offer anything in the Premier League. Back in July (see below), de Jong’s agent revealed that whilst the midfielder would give everything to try and impress Rafa Benitez, they were still preparing alternatives if that didn’t happen.

Not even making the matchday 18 in the opening two Premier League matches has told Siem de Jong and his agent that an alternative club is definitely needed.

Telesport say that Reading had actually offered £2m for de Jong and the player was interested in joining up with his countryman Jaap Stam.

However, a phone call from Ajax manager Marcel Keizer is said to have persuaded the 28 year old to head back to his old club instead, even though it means he has to accept far lower wages than at Newcastle, even less than what Reading had offered. The Ajax boss reportedly convinced de Jong by saying he wants him to be a central figure at the club, one who can help inspire the younger players with his leadership.

Louis Laros (agent to Siem de Jong) – 16 July 2017:

“We do not know (what Rafa Benitez has planned for Siem de Jong), the preparation has just started and Siem has never made a secret of it his intention to still succeed at Newcastle,

“Newcastle have not bought a lot of new players (this summer), so I expect that there still will be some signings in the near future.

“Wait and see if there is the opportunity for Siem. He has never really worked under Benitez, so he must now try to take his chance.

“We obviously take account of that scenario (Siem de Jong needing to find a new club) and therefore continuously collect options.

“Those options (of moving elsewhere) are there now and Siem is regularly kept informed.

“But any transfer is not easy. You have to deal with his salary, the asking price and the prospect of another club.”

Meanwhile, the French media report that Emmanuel Riviere is also due to leave Newcastle very shortly.

The end of last month saw claims that Metz had persuaded the striker to join them, rather than head off to Turkish SuprLig club Osmanlıspor.

That deal never went through but now it’s reported that Riviere and Metz have now closed the gap on what was offered/wanted and the transfer is imminent. With only eight days left of the transfer window, no doubt reality is setting in, with the striker realising he can’t expect his Newcastle wages to be met.

Completing the trio of expected imminent departures is Achraf Lazaar.

Positive reports from Italy say that the player and his agents are close to a deal which will see him return to Serie A after leaving  Palermo for Newcastle a year ago.

No destination is mentioned but Lazaar travelled to Milan to meet with his agents at the weekend to work on finding a new club.

The player returned to Tyneside after receiving no ‘concrete offers’ but Italian Sky Sports journalist Gianluca di Marzio followed up by reporting that a move to Bologna was on the cards, IF Sevilla qualified for the Champions League group stage.

The Spanish side had offered £6m for (Bologna left-back) Adam Masina which was rejected but di Marzio’s information was that they would come back with an improved offer upon qualification.

They had won 2-1 over in Turkey against Istanbul Basaksehir FK last week and the second leg was played in Sevilla on Tuesday night.

A scare for Sevilla as the visitors took a first-half lead before Sevilla came back to lead 2-1 in the second-half, a 4-2 advantage on aggregate. An 83rd minute goal reduced the advantage to 4-3 and a goal in the final minutes for Basaksehir would have taken the Turkish club through on away goals.

Happily Sevilla held on and so it is now expected Sevilla will complete Masina’s move with an improved offer, with Bologna then completing a deal for Achraf Lazaar to replace him.

  • Paul Patterson

    Positive news. Just a shame this couldn’t have happened a few weeks ago.

    • Jezza

      Ashley is well known for last minute player sales when it’s conveniently too late to re-invest the money on replacements.

      • Blackburn1066

        We will take the drop if no players come in Rafa will walk and we will be playing them lot with the Bulls eye strips on.

        • Jezza

          I just can’t see any more players coming in at this stage. After 10 rotten years under Ashley you just know exactly what will be happening behind the scenes at St James’s Park at this moment in time. This final week of the transfer window will see the club making an all out effort to balance the books on our meagre net spend this summer. They will be working round the clock to shift players out.

  • mario

    Sorry for de Jong. Player with some brain. He could be handy during a long season.

    • GToon

      Yep. I’d like to see him given a chance when fully fit with a decent manager.

      • Blackburn1066

        He is never fit and he is slower than mitro,and we have a decent manager, but a SH-t Owner

  • mentalman

    i can’t see why Perez has been given so many chances when De Jong has been given none, he’s probably the only player we currently have who has the vision and skill to play the killer final ball the team needs

    • Alex

      Don’t believe de Jong is the answer at all, but would love to see the back of Perez. Not up to it by a million miles.

      • mentalman

        your right he’s probably not the answer but would make a good squad player and when the other two options for No10 are Perez and Diame he should be given a try

        • Blackburn1066

          you could put Perez and Diame in a big pot and mix them together and still not have a player who could put on the black and white top and call them self a football player.

      • Albert Stubbins

        Agreed- liability. Too Slow, Too Weak and unable to score- other than that he’s ok. ;)

      • Cuh

        You seem to forget that Perez is not an attacking midfielder…

        • Alex

          No, I haven’t forgotten that. But, like most, I’m still trying to work out what he is. He offers nothing wherever he plays.

        • Blackburn1066

          You seem to forget he has to play football for NUFC some time soon.

    • Hughie_Gallacher

      He’s never been fit enough to be given a prolonged chance.

      • Rich Lawson

        It’s a miracle he has got through pre-season without further injury.

    • StevieB


    • Cuh


  • Steve Pearce

    Great – now all we need is for our unwanted owner and his director to be transferred and we’ll all be happy!

  • Alex

    Brilliant news – probably the 3 most hardest to shift. I think Hanley and Darlow will fairly easily go, although it’ll be last minute. That leaves Saivet and Haidara – anything could happen there!

    • Paul Busby

      Don’t forget Jack!

    • Leazes Ender

      Nobody will come in at the last moment and we’ll be left as short staffed as the NHS.

      • Jezza

        True. Last minute signings have been extremely rare at NUFC in the ten years since Ashley took over.

  • Hughie

    De Jong is so so slow –like his brother– not PL standard. No mention of Jack in all this?

  • StevieB

    So by my calculations that will leave us under 6 days to “get some over the line” , bear in mind it took us 3 weeks to mess about signing lejeune 🙄
    More to the point though….who’s left to buy ??

    • Jezza

      Yes I agree. Our incoming transfer business is complete. The focus of the club’s efforts in these remaining few days will be on shifting players out.

  • MadMag83

    Let’s hope it leaves us enough time to bring some quality replacements​ in. Surprised we haven’t been able to shift Mitrovic.

    • Jezza

      Mitrovic will probably go out on loan at the last minute, just before Dwight Gayle is ruled out for six months.

      • MadMag83

        Or somebody will bid £25m for Mitrovic and Ashley will be flying him to his medical on deadline day with no hope of a replacement.

        • Jezza

          Can’t be ruled out can it. History has tended to repeat itself since Ashley took over our club.

          • MadMag83

            Yeah lessons don’t seem to have been learned. Can just see us languishing in the bottom three come January, Ashley will then sack Rafa, throw a wad of cash at some average players and employ some journeyman manager to oversee our inevitable relegation.

        • Albert Stubbins

          if someone bids 25 mill for Mitro there’s a good chance they will have to be back under lock and key before 8pm anyway.

        • Blackburn1066

          That’s it boys

      • Blackburn1066

        I would sell the two of them and bring in a striker.

    • Blackburn1066

      The Fat man up stairs knows nothing about football, and his little puppet friend that is going to bring your! So called quality replacements Knows even less.

  • Mark

    I would rather see diame go before de Jong

    • Geordiegiants

      Rivière is the white elephant.

      • Mark

        I can’t imagine any club stupid enough to buy him.

        • Especially if the two read the negative comments on here.

      • The Vicar

        If he played like a white elephant then just maybe he would be useful. Should be good in the air being so tall, and difficult to shift off the ball begin big.

  • Milo79

    So we’re still going to be burdened with Colback, Saivet, Haidara, Krul, Hanley, Gamez…and Manquillo!

    • Martin Rooney

      and Merino, Murphy, Joselu and still paying a fair bit of Sels wages, whilst he is at a champions league team???????

      • Geordiegiants

        What a stupid comment.

    • maginyorkshire

      Jeez, Manquillo hasn’t been that bad so far

      • Geordiegiants

        Being a bit silly I think.

      • Derek

        He was at fault for the goal we conceded against Huddersfield. Yes give him time so I’m genuinely not getting on his back yet. However so far his performances have contributed towards no goals yet he has contributed heavily toward us conceding. He needs to improve his decision making and not shy away from headers and tackles.

        He can only improve like the rest of the team so HWTL!!!

        • Cuh

          Manquillo was at fault? Did you see Clark in that build up?

        • maginyorkshire

          Wasn’t it Merino at fault?

    • Blackburn1066

      What a crock!

  • Desree

    I reckon Haidarra deserves another crack. I hate saying this, bit Rafa has to try and get the most out of what he has now.

    Players (especially at nufc) are funny in that they all have a stellar season in them, if the manager plays them in the right position.

    • Geordiegiants

      I really liked Hadaira, he looked fast and very capable. I just think when it’s gone this far and long it’s finished.

      • mentalman

        He’s not a defender though, he’d be better having a go in midfield

  • Tom page

    Benitez better hang on to them – they may yet be needed! I see from another web story that Sampdoria have turned down Newcastle’s bid for a midfielder. Well done Charnley. You couldn’t negotiate your way out of a wet paper bag. Resign you useless article.

  • Cuh

    It’s not great news that we are losing three players when we have no incoming!