News from Italy on Saturday that Newcastle United have reportedly registered their interest in signing Diego Laxalt.

The 24 year old left winger/attacking midfielder currently plays for for Genoa in Serie A.

However, Italian Sky Sports reporter Gianluca di Marzio says his information is that now Newcastle have made known their intention to rival Atalanta for the Uruguayan midfielder/winger.

Diego Laxalt helped Genoa avoid relegation last season as they finished two places and four points above the drop.

However, Atalanta can offer Europa League football after a surprise fourth place finish last season in Italy.

Laxalt was brought to Europe from Uruguay by Inter Milan in 2013 for £2m but never played a game for them, going out on loan to Bologna and Empoli before a loan to buy deal with Genoa that eventually brought a permanent transfer.

The last two seasons saw the Uruguayan become first choice for Genoa and make 75 starts – producing three goals and four assists in Serie A in 2015/16, then one goal and four assists last season in the Italian top tier.

Fiorentina have been rumoured to be also interested and Liverpool also mentioned, although at the level they will be shopping at you would doubt whether they’d be envisaging the three times capped Uruguayan winger as good enough to challenge their first choice players.

With Rafa Benitez struggling to bring in essential signings as Mike Ashley refuses to bend, interesting to see just who the Newcastle manager can manage to bring in this month.

No mention of a price tag on Diego Laxalt but in normal circumstances he would surely be within Newcastle’s grasp if there is genuine interest.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    We may as well not bother, it just adds to the pile of manure we already have.

    • Jezza

      Yes we have now fallen so far that even the tenuous transfer links and rumours are for duffers.

      • HarryHype59

        It would be nice to linked with someone decent yet alone sign them!

        • Andy Mac

          We cannot afford to be linked with anyone decent Harry otherwise people might think we’re a PROFESSIONAL football club ?

          • Georgia Peter

            Am I the only one daft enough to think that we are not even trying to do anything other than to consolidate this season, then perhaps trying to kick on with a little more behind us next year following the P/L windfall. Just a thought…!

  • Martin

    We just need Leazes Ender to give us his transfermarkt value….

    • Leazes Ender

      Do your own research.

      • MichaelMaximusMoose

        he know`s you`re the man

        • Geordiegiants

          Ha ha lol, you gotta laugh.

      • Martin

        Hahaha! Like I’ve said, your posts can annoy me but you are funny too.

  • Geordiegiants

    We can just have 11 wingers playing for us. I’m certainly not calling Rafa, but wingers to Rafa seem to be like left backs to Pinocchio. That’s if there is even 1% truth in the story.

    • Jezza

      The thing is NUFC are not looking to strengthen any given position in the team, they are just signing up who ever is available on loan or dirt cheap. Just so happens that most of the bargain basement signings that have come our way have been wingers. Pure coincidence.

      • Andy Mac

        Remember Legge’s XI in the Valiant Jezza ? A team made up of has beens, crims amd colour blind keepers ? We’re not that far off ?

  • 1957

    Another winger linked, any chance of a striker or a LB…probably not

  • Andy Mac

    I think Penfold and his Boss have bought an app that allows them to register an interest on a player just by swiping a sceen. So it looks like they’re doing something even when they’re not !