A Monday morning exclusive claims that Vidar Orn Kjartansson is the striker Rafa Benitez is going to bring in this week.

The transfer deadline ends on Thursday and it is claimed the 27 year old is set to arrive on Tyneside to add to the manager’s striking options.

Make of it what you will but the exclusive has been ran by The Star and says Newcastle are ready to ‘swoop’ and pay £8m for the Icelandic international.

They report that Newcastle sent scouts to watch Vidar Orn Kjartansson play for  Maccabi Tel Aviv star in Austria earlier this month, when he scored the only goal of the match in his team’s Europa League win over Rheindorf Altach.

Then on Thursday he scored again as Maccabi Tel Aviv qualified for the Europa League group stages when drawing 2-2 in the return match.

Vidar Orn Kjartansson has actually already started seven Europa League matches and scored four times, with the Israeli side having to progress through a series of rounds to reach the competition proper.

Having started playing competitive games in early July, if there is any serious Newcastle interest then at least the striker will be match fit if he signs.

Kjartansson arrived in Israel last summer and started 30 league games (sub in another three) and scored 19 goals.

He arrived from Malmo in a £3m deal having scored 14 goals in 18 league starts (2015/16) in the Swedish league.

Barely unpacking his suitcase, the forward scored 9 league goals in 22 starts for Jiangsu Suning (China) in 2014/15, 25 in 29 league starts for Valerenga (Norway), and 13 in 22 league starts for Fylkir in his final season in domestic Icelandic football.

So he has shown he can score score goals in Iceland, Norway, China, Sweden and Israel, but could he do it on a sunny day at St James Park in the Premier League?

He played 13 minutes as a sub in three appearances of qualifying for the Euros in France but didn’t make the squad for the finals, whilst he has made four appearances (only one start) in qualifying for the World Cup in Russia next year (Iceland currently joint top of the group with Croatia on 13 points after six games).

The transfer stories are set to come thick and fast in these remaining 72 hours but despite his goals in weak leagues, and the Icelandic national side doing so well, hard to see somebody who is a fringe player for Iceland being able to come in and do play an instant role in the Premier League.

Coincidentally, it is exactly a week ago when Steve McClaren finally was revealed as having a new job, as ‘Coaching Consultant’ at…Maccabi Tel Aviv.

  • Rich Lawson

    Surely this is an anagram,can we not be in for someone I have heard of ? Or did Schteve with his new expertise of Israeli football recommend him ?

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Another Google Job,
    Transfermarkt value £1.6m, Hope it`s more Fake News

    • Clarko

      Do you think Colback (£4,50m) is more valuable than Hayden (£3.60m)?

      Do you think Hanley (£4.05m) is more valuable than Merino (£2.25m)?

      Do you think £9.90m is an accurate valuation of Shelvey?

      Do you think £9.00m is an accurate valuation of Gayle?

      Transfermarkt valuations do not give an accurate representation of player value.

      • MichaelMaximusMoose

        Go play on the Metro line

        • Clarko

          There’s that frustration again.

        • hetonmag

          You just made me spill my coffee their MMM. Sorry Clarko.

        • Leicester Mag

          If Rivière was driving it he’d miss

      • Guest 2

        Are you arguing for or against TransferMarkt? You sure use it a lot when it suits you.

        • Clarko

          You need to know what statistics are valid and which are not valid, we already know you have trouble with that.

          • Guest 2

            And you invent your own.

          • Clarko


          • ToonNL

            They call that cherry picking

          • Clarko

            I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.

    • Paul Smith

      Lol at using Transfermarkt as a guide to a players ability.

  • Paul Patterson

    Never mind if he can do it on a sunny day at St James’ Park, I hope he can do it on a wet and windy night in Swansea . .

    • paul mclaughlan

      He’s Icelandic. I’m sure he’ll cope with a British winter.

      • Paul Patterson

        I’m sure, but the physicality of the Premier League when you’re getting kicked all over in the wet and wind is a different ball game.

      • Jimblag23

        Apparently he’s a top geyser.

        • Rich Lawson

          Funny !

    • ToonNL

      from the glaciers of iceland to the heat of Tel aviv he’ll bang em in

  • Ram Kishore

    Another fake exclusive from Daily star

    • Jezza

      Correct. Considering the source of this transfer news I will completely disregard it. Never going to happen.

  • Leazes Ender

    Is this a wind-up?

  • Peaky Magpie

    Typical of us getting someone from Iceland instead of the more expensive high street supermarkets.

    • Guest 2

      Good one!

  • HappyToons

    I was hoping we’d get a decent striker and creative midfielder, but was surprised how good Merino played being allowed so much space due to our continual pressing. The atmosphere was great due to getting stuck in, though quality on the pitch is still short. To be fair WHU were bad, very bad. To stay up though you have to beat the poorer teams and the Hammers were poor!

    There’s only ONE ‘Vidar Orn Kjartansson’! ‘ one Vidar whatshisname’

  • glassjawsh-got-banned

    If nothing else, I would like to hear Joe Kinnear try to pronounce this guys name.

    • Ken Toon

      Nice one marra.

  • 1957

    A 6′ 1″ forward, does this mark a slight change of direction for Benitez from a small quick striker to the target man type and a move on the cards for Dwight?

  • Big shaun

    He looks like a cross between that wolf/bloke from the twilight films and jimmy carr!

  • anyobrien

    The star.

  • Oval85

    I have mixed feelings about this. I remember him when he was in Vålerenga, where he did so well for one season (29 games, 25 goals) that a chinese club bought him after one season only in Norway.

    He’s a fox in the box, very good finishing and positioning, but unsure how he would do in the EPL. 110 games played since he came to Norway in 2014 and he has scored 67 goals is good, but haven’t seen him play in 3 years though…


    I am sure Rafa will know if he is any good, apparently you do not need scouts these days u just need to check on transfer market. I have never been on the site but I am sure it is a very, very , very rough guide to players valuations. These idiots on this site who use it as their bible make me laugh. Rafa – keep on scouting, you may not be able to shop in the top market but your scouts opinions are worth a lot more than some numties running a website