Sunday’s match at St James Park was decided in the 48th minute, as Dele Alli tried to prevent Jonjo Shelvey taking a free-kick quickly.

The response from the Newcastle midfielder was embarrassing, deliberately standing on Alli.

Though it was never going to cause injury, Shelvey’s actions were spotted by Andre Marriner who instantly waved a red card.

To top it all, Jonjo Shelvey then spread his arms in a ‘What is this all about’ bemused reaction, as he protested his innocence.

Maybe the most telling thing was that whilst predictably the decision was met by boos from the Newcastle fans, this didn’t really persist after the initial shock that United were down to 10 men with half the game still left to play, after putting in a decent first 45 minutes. The message being that supporters overwhelmingly were inclined not to believe Shelvey’s innocence claims, which tells you that the Newcastle midfielder has to give himself a shake when even his own club’s fans accepted he must have done it.

Dele Alli has shown himself to be just as petulant as Shelvey so far in his short career but after tempting him into the daft red card, it allowed the Tottenham midfielder to take the moral high ground for once…

“I’m sure Jonjo Shelvey will be disappointed.

“It was important we stayed professional. I don’t want to talk about it too much.

“I’ve been pulled up for my temper before but today we had to keep our cool.

“There was no need to react today.”

Jonjo Shelvey meanwhile has accepted he has an ongoing problem and needs to sort himself out:

“Look, sometimes I just need to rein in it in on the football pitch.

“Ineed to just shut up and stuff. I need to not get involved and walk away.

“I started to see a psychologist last year to work on the mental side of things. It was after the Forest game. I was sent off – I had kicked out at this lad and it was just childish.

“When people wind me up I should just laugh. I do need to get that out of me. Sometimes you can’t help it.

“I started to work with this fella and after that there wasn’t really an incident when I did that. I started to learn to keep my head down and just get on with the game. But it’s an ongoing process and I am still working with him.

“Sometimes I can lose my head and it can’t keep happening.”

  • spurstough

    Poor uncle fester, tempted like a trout to the fly. Bloody good fisherman that Ali fella! And what about that Sissoko?! What a geezer!!!

    • Leicester Mag

      Your fellow Spurs fan makes a legitimate point you on the other hand are a troll. You lost all credibility when bigging up Sissoko

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Part & parcel of the game winding the opposition up, if you`re an idiot like Jonjo you bite
    shame we never signed Ali through hesitation on the fee, then Spurs stepped in and he was gone. a great player

    • Wor Lass

      He is a great player – that`s why it`s a bit unfair of some people blaming Manquillo too much for the second goal. It was excellent football involving mobile and quick-thinking players and would have caught out most defences. Trying to hold a line but then turn and beat a quick midfielder breaking through to a genius ball isn`t easy. The thing is, most of the punters on here would be able to do it with their eyes shut – in their dreams!

  • Leazes Ender

    Well Ali did a really good job of a wind-up didn’t he, the camera’s didn’t catch everything and they certainly didn’t really do an expose on the stuff he was trying on, just concentrating on the reactions, some of Ali’s antics were hilarious such as the rolling around on mock pain on the touch-line, he was trying to incite the crowd as well… easy innit.

    I hope refs keep an eye on him in future…. sure as heck the BBC aren’t going to.

    • Iain Elrick

      Ali did nothing wrong imo, if I was playing Vs Mitro or Shelvey I’d 100% push them to the limit just to get a reaction, as long as you stick within the rulebook then it’s just clever gamesmanship.

      • Leazes Ender

        I remember Bellamy getting caught out in the same way against…. I think it was against Inter first twenty mins…. it ruins the game, and destroys it as a spectacle, and a lot of fans have paid good money to see eleven players against eleven…. its cheating….. like ‘winning a penalty’.

        • Wor Lass

          You sound like my father-in-law. Next thing we know, you`ll be lecturing us on what a waste of electricity floodlit football matches are.

          • Rich Lawson

            Yes,black and white candles are now available in the club shop so we can all hold one at mid-week games and save on the leccy bill.

      • goggsy

        I suppose he can’t help being a bell end,it’s just the way he is,neither of them are going to change. Footballers are just people some are honest and some aren’t,some a horrible little urchins and some aren’t. It wouldn’t happen with people like Beardsley or Mabbut,it’s simply because they’re decent people who don’t cheat,they played with a bit of honesty and relied on ability rather than as you say gamesmanship. I know which I prefer but hey you can’t take the human element out of the game as it humans that are playing it. As leazes points out its not till you see someone like Alli live that you realise how much of a little [email protected] he is,of course Shelveys a complete tool,as he’s pointed out he’s seeing a physiatrist.

      • MadMag83

        Except Alli didn’t stick to the rule book, he tried to prevent the free kick being​ taken which is a bookable offence. But yes, Shelvey is a plank for reacting to it, what he should have done was highlight it to get Alli booked.

        • Mike Adam

          It highlights the fact that “ALL” players are not treated equal when it comes to the rule book. Say Shelvey or Mitro or Tiote(RIP) would have made the tackle Kane did, STRAIGHT RED! Look at the Shelvey/Alli incident, I would bet had the rolls been reversed, Alli gets a YELLOW and Shelvey also gets a YELLOW for delaying the game by kicking the ball away. This is what is wrong with football, the inequality when it comes to bookings in the sport. Of course I am not excusing the actions of that moron Shelvey, inexcusable!

      • Rich Lawson

        Absaloutly,Prem’ defenders are going to niggle Mitro’ every chance they get,sadly that’s just part of the game now.Shelvey on the other hand has a lot more experience and claims in our ”media partner” today that he needs help with ”anger issues” are just an attempt to diffuse the situation.He was capt’ ffs,lead by example and grow up.

  • mentalman

    Shelvey deserved his red card but something should be done about the un-sportman like behaviour of players trying to get other players booked like alli did throughout the game and last season as a whole

    • Fitzy69

      I agree, Newcastle targeted Alli constantly in an attempt to wind him up. Shelvey is so stupid it only took one incident and he was gone. He’s a muppet and cost you the game. Move on.

  • Steve Pearce

    That immature little pillow biter needs his back door bursting in! Behaviour such at his – deliberately winding up players who are known to have a short fuse should be met with a yellow card at least. It sickens me to see the team that finished second in the Premiership but got paggered by us last season resort to violence and immature behaviour to win a game against a team who at worst would have left them with a point to take home. So at last we’ve got new Makems to hate – all we need now is Spurs to change their colours to red and white stripes!

    • Fitzy69

      Newcastle targeted Alli constantly in an attempt to get a reaction so I find it amusing that their fans would say Shelvey was targeted. Shelvey is brainless moron. End of.

      • goggsy

        Nonsense. He got upset because our centre half legitimately tackled him,for some reason he tuck umbridge to it, as if another player should dare try to tackle the great Delle Alli,set the tone for his Imature petulance . Alli is a good player with potential in a league full of ever decreasing talent,and his arrogance may cost him reaching his potential in the game,but he won’t give a toss because he’s a millionaire. Much like Shelvey he’ll never learn because he’s a moron.

        • Mike Adam

          Alli also stood up after that tackle and put a shoulder into Lascelles, to me, not really much different than what Shelvey did. Also. I would never condone what Shelvey did, but he did not “STOMP” on CryDeli’s ankle. It is just more evidence that players are not treated equal when it comes to the rule book. If Shelvey would have put a shoulder into another player after a good tackle I bet he gets a YELLOW or at least a very stern warning. All that I look for from a match official is to call a game the same for both sides and ALL players, no matter who they are!

          • Fitzy69

            Are you saying he never stood on him on purpose?? Haha. Really? It was blatant and he left the ref no choice. He’s an idiot and he cost Newcastle the game. End of.

          • Mike Adam

            Fitzy, yes he did it on purpose and yes he cost us a chance at points. I am just saying that using the word “STOMP” is an exaggeration. He stepped on it. A stomp IMO is when the leg is raised, and then the foot is pushed down with force. That is all I am saying. There is a clear difference between doing something on purpose, which is not in question here, and the word used describing the act.

          • davspur4lifr

            Dele stopped you taking a quick free kick – what player doesn’t do that? Come on, take your striped glasses off, you were trying to get a reaction from him all game and failed

          • Mike Adam

            Yes by standing in front of the ball, not by holding it while complaining about the call and then kicking it away, which is a bookable offence. Look I am not complaining about anything except the fact that all players are not treated the same when it comes to the rule book. If you don’t agree with that you are wearing some awful dark glasses yourself mate. If Shelvey or Mitro or many other players in the league would have made the same tackle as Kane they would have seen straight red. That is the only point I am trying to make through my striped glasses. Hey, congrats to you Spurs on a fine victory!

          • davspur4lifr

            We will agree to disagree I guess. I accept the point you are trying to make. Good luck for the rest of the season

          • Mike Adam

            Thanks, we will need it! What is the word with Spurs, are they going to spend any money?

          • davspur4lifr

            Yes I think so. Lots of rumours about but that’s usual. Just hope we don’t have the same last minute ‘panic'(?) as last year.

          • Mike Adam

            Yeah the Sissoko panic one year anniversary is coming up. Well, I always look forward to cheering on all the EPL teams that make it into Champions and Europa Leagues. Good Luck!

          • Fitzy69

            I bloody hope so. Need a bit more depth. Brilliant startling 11 when all fit but need a bit more on the bench. I think you will be ok. It was pretty even until numb nuts got himself sent off.

        • Fitzy69

          Load of rubbish. He’d already been booted a couple of times and was the victim of a few bad tackles after the Shelvey incident. You targeted him and you know you did. He kept his cool pretty much so it shows he’s matured. Unlike your brainless captain. But we will be forever grateful to the idiot because up until that point it was quite an even game.

          • goggsy

            He was the victim of one bad challenge all game,the Ritchie one. He’s ain’t good enough to be targeted. David Ginola, Gareth Bale,he is not. Keep on dreaming,you might win the league before you wake up.

          • Fitzy69

            He is one of the best midfielders in the league at a very young age. Compare his stats to the likes of Lampard and Gerard at the same age and he is way ahead. And one thing is for sure, it’d have to be a very long sleep to wake up before you win the league.

          • goggsy

            Unfortunately we’ll both be dead before either Newcastle or spurs Win the premier league. You’ve obviously seen a lot more of Alli than myself,from what I’ve seen,I’d be amazed if he was looked upon or scored as many as the 2 you mentioned,retrospectively, but if you believe otherwise fair enough.

          • Fitzy69

            I have no doubt he will leave Spurs and achieve greatness elsewhere. Hopefully not for a few years though.

          • glassjawsh-got-banned

            Coming in 2nd in the “petulant child” competition still makes you a petulant child. Jonjo may be a brainless fool at times but the fact that Alli is a baby crying for his bottle for 90 minutes every match has nothing to do with how Shelvey reacted to it.

  • Peter Ag

    A Spurs season ticket holder so expect some stick …
    1. Many attempts prior to this incident involving Dele.. Clear tactic to try to get him to react but this backfired.
    2. Benitez comments in trying to excuse Shelvey by comparing with the Kane tackle was really poor and in the end does Shelvey no favours either.

    • Scottie Chugger Dearden

      All we ask is a bit of consistency from referees, I’m certainly not excusing Shelvey’s actions it was petulant and deserved a red to send a signal out to other players, but when you look at Kane’s tackle and compare it to the Shelvey incident or even Cahill’s tackle for Chelsea then questions will be asked.

      • davspur4lifr

        Kane would never go out to deliberately hurt a player and didn’t he win the ball first? It’s a ridiculous comparison

        • Mike Adam

          Whether deliberate or not doesn’t matter. You cannot go through the player who has position to win the ball, and you cannot do it with a scissors action with your legs. Tell me that you don’t believe that if the rolls were reversed that our player no matter who it would have been, would have gotten a straight red for the exact same tackle on Kane.

  • Fitzy69

    Shelvey has the least brain cells of any player ever. And as for Alli reeling him in, funny as. Newcastle constantly targeted Alli in an attempt to wind him up and get a reaction so stop crying and move on.

    • Leazes Ender

      Cockney crook

  • Haitchdee

    Here’s hoping Alli and Kane get their share of pain during the coming weeks. Shelvey has been found out and needs learn quick or he’ll end up like David Batty. Sent off for looking at an opponent. Hopefully someone will fill his spot and leave him on the bench for a while.

  • nevfur

    Ali is a good player and good prospect and is also one of those irritating oiks you love to hate but like if he plays for you