Chris Waddle has been giving his opinion on Newcastle 0 Tottenham 2.

The Sunderland fan thinks Newcastle started well but then after 10 minutes Tottenham controlled the remainder of the game.

They might have had the bulk of possession but even some Spurs fans have conceded that the Magpies made the first half pretty even, especially in terms of getting into dangerous areas.

Chris Waddle thinks that in the opening 45 minutes Tottenham ‘played quite slowly’ but much of that was surely down to Newcastle pressurising.

Who knows what would have happened without Shelvey’s ‘silly red card’ but at least the former Newcastle and Spurs player concedes that NUFC kept both Harry Kane and Dele Alli quiet, until the visitors had their man advantage,

Chris Waddle talking to the official Spurs site:

“Newcastle came out of the blocks quickly, which is exactly what you’d expect in front of the St James’ crowd.

“It was their first day back in the Premier League, a big game and they had a good 10 minutes when the match started.

“Tottenham settled and completely controlled the match.

“I thought they played quite slowly at times, Harry Kane and Dele were kept quiet, but they were patient and in the second half they got their reward.

Jonjo Shelvey helped them by getting a silly red card and once the first goal went in you just couldn’t see anything but a Tottenham win.

“Against Newcastle, it was always going to be about creating that one good chance and taking it. Dele Alli did that, great pass from Christian Eriksen and once Spurs went 1-0 up you thought ‘okay, that’s game over’.

“There will be tougher games but overall, they’ve got the result they wanted and they will be travelling home with a great start in the Premier League.

“It was a hard game to judge because Newcastle sat back and said ‘come and beat us’ and there will be a lot of teams who do that now against Tottenham, and they will have to be patient.

“Now it’s Chelsea next week and that will be a great game, a fantastic occasion at Wembley.”

  • Paul Patterson

    Newly promoted side defend against last seasons near Champions shock! Waddle should know this- numpty.
    If we’d come away with a draw it would’ve been a good result. Shelvey is an idiot who cost us the chance of a point. We are entitled to defend and hold out for a draw against top sides..

    • Jezza

      Chris Waddle was a great player for Newcastle United and a decent bloke too. A little bit of respect wouldn’t go amiss.

      • Paul Patterson

        Then facing facts and taking things into account wouldn’t go amiss either.

        • MichaelMaximusMoose

          the fact is even with Shelvey it was 2 banks of 4 defending & hope for the best, Brighton was the same the other day but 99% of the time quality tells in the end. If Nufc go one down then chances are they`ll be beaten the squad just isnt good enough

          • Gordon Pattison

            0h dear..
            More moose moans

        • Jezza

          His comments were on the Spurs website so obviously there’s going to be a slant towards Spurs. In any case to be truthfull I thought his comments were pretty accurate.

      • GToon

        Is he a decent bloke? Will take your word for it. As a pundit he never seems to have any feeling for us the way shearer, beresford, lee etc do.

        • goggsy

          Possibly down to the fact he’s a mackem.maybe he is a nice bloke,but he certainly never has a good word to say about us.when he came back in 93 playing for Sheffield wed in the 4-2 the Judas chants were loud and clear,stick in my mind for some reason,certainly no respect shown on that day,probably was harsh to be fair,he certainly was one of the best I’ve seen,even on that night.

      • Oooh bobbi fleckman

        Exactly, he’s speaking for Spurs so a bit of context would not go amiss.

  • hetonmag

    When you here his patter you wouldn’t think he once played for us, another pundit who cares nothing for us.

    • Paul Patterson

      Then facing facts and taking things into account wouldn’t go amiss either..