I would just like to thank Jamaal Lascelles for having his pic taken with me on Sunday and all the other Newcastle United players who also signed my book.

I’d also like to thank Rafa in particular for signing my book and shirt.

I also think some people were a bit rough on the players, who by the way handled it (Huddersfield match) very well, even though it seems a large number of them actually had a sickness bug, but turned up all the same.

I am a lifetime fan and win or lose, will continue to be there,

Give them a break instead of condemning them.

I was there at Huddersfield and after the game, believe me Dwight Gayle looked ill and was struggling to even sign or talk to fans, who had held on to see him.

We being Newcastle United are the comeback kings and will end up silencing our critics!!

See, that is called faith and positivity, try it ….

Stats from BBC Sport:

Huddersfield 1 Newcastle 0


Huddersfield: Aaron Mooy 50

Possession was Huddersfield 53% Newcastle 47%

Total shots were  Huddersfield 7 Newcastle 13

Shots on target were Huddersfield  3 Newcastle 5

Corners were  Huddersfield 7 Newcastle 3

Newcastle United:

Elliot, Manquillo, Clark, Lascelles, Mbemba, Ritchie, Hayden (Diame 76), Merino, Atsu, Perez (Murphy 80), Gayle (Joselu 52)

Unused Subs:

Darlow, Aarons, Saivet, Mitrovic

Crowd: 24,128

Referee: Craig Pawson

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  • TheFatController

    It’s very difficult to ask people to be positive or negative if they’re the opposite. The brain is wired with connections that form with repetition over time.

    You are negative ? The brain gets good at it. It likes to make the same connections repeatedly – see something bad? Think negative/positive based on experience/learning. It’s much easier.

    You think positive? The brain gets good at it. It’s why you look at successful people and they always seem to land on their feet , irrespective of circumstances.

    It’s called a mindset because the mind very easily sets. It’s why groups of people need a leader with a positive mindset – like Keegan, Robson, for example, in our recent history.

    As Keegan told the players, don’t wait for the fans to get you up, you’ve got to get them up…and until mike Ashley bothers to think similar, we’ll be at the mercy of his negative mindset

    • Jezza

      Excellent point. People are the way they are and it’s hard to change something that is in your nature.

  • Leazes Ender

    It doesn’t work Christopher….. there’s no evidence that it can work or indeed has ever worked. You support a third rate club with a tenth rate owner I’m afraid you will have to face that sooner or later, as unpleasant as it is.

    • Andy Bertram

      On a positive note surely we are a second rate club with a fifth rate owner lol

  • Andy Bertram

    It’s as simple as this .. I’ve been going to the game 38 years .. for at least 3/4 of that time I’ve been positive .. but every season it ends in negativity .. it’s the same old same old .. we never win anything .. there is always turmoil .. we go through managers like they’re going out of fashion .. every time we’re up something knocks us down with s bump .. I could go on and on … fact fact fact fact .. yada yada …personally I’m sick of the complete f wits that keep saying be positive .. it may get you through a few games but ultimately it counts for nothing .. why don’t you bury your heads in a bucket of Sh**… face up to it man you idiots .. we are rubbish and will continue to be until fat mike goes .. then we can start getting excited again until the next disaster … tell Me different … look at our recent history .. … come on and convince me .. you can’t .. fact

    • Leazes Ender

      This ‘positivity’ nonsense is bizarre and seems to be a refuge for very stupid people such as Lee Ryder….. its really a distraction, a lie…. Ryder will go looking for something positive to say after a heavy defeat rather than look for the problem and face it.

      I think Christopher might be a very junior Magpie, so I’ll leave it there.

    • anyobrien

      It’s hard graft being a toon fan always has been always will be

  • anyobrien

    I’ve been positive for 40 odd years and now I’m branded a happy clapper…. Eh?
    I’ll get my coat.

  • anyobrien

    On a serious note after watching the lads for so long it’s very very hard to stay positive…… The 7 lads I go with all good mates since school all in our late 40s are tbh… Ground down sick and tired…. 1 is in ibiza last min holiday, I’m off to play golf with three of the other lads up St Andrews (couldn’t turn it doon) and the other two are ganning… You might think so what….. The thing is I can count on both hands the games as a collective we have missed over many years….. But it’s getting to the point of stuff it nothing happens…. I hope we win today I really do… I’ll be lying if I said it doesn’t hurt anymore when we lose but it does…. My 17 year old son and his pals are all ticket holders now and the optimism in there banter and excitement takes me back to my days oot with lads then straight out after the match around the town.
    Best of luck I text him and… Ktf

    • Andy Bertram

      Sounds like a familiar story .. my son is full of it as well .. I try not to grind him down but think it’s my duty to let him know what’s ahead …. maybe it’s evolution that us oldies fall off the wagon and our place is taken by the younguns …. I’m like you .. it make me puke to read all of the false positivity

      • anyobrien

        Aye and I’ve told my lad the same my dad said who’s still in the east stand at the age of 71….”youll not see us win out in your life time son”

  • Cuh


  • Leicester Mag

    So if a dog has the sh 1 t out of it for the umpteenth time should it show faith?