Wednesday saw an exclusive from The Mirror, Newcastle United’s media partner stated (see below) as fact that Kenedy had signed for the Magpies.

They said Newcastle had signed the Brazilian on a year long loan.

The 21 year old is usually a left winger but can also play wing-back and left-back, Kenedy having been bought for around £8m two years ago from Fluminese.

With 549 minutes and one goal for Chelsea in the Premier League in 2015/16, then only another 75 league minutes for the Blues and 15 minutes on loan at Watford last season, fair to say his career wasn’t on an upward curve.

This summer saw the winger sent home in disgrace by Chelsea after upsetting their Chinese hosts, after Kenedy insulted locals by posting on social media: ‘Damn China’ and ‘Wake up China, you idiot’.

Newcastle fans have been waiting for the club to officially announce the deal for a sixth signing of the summer, and waiting, and waiting, then on Saturday afternoon…surprise, surprise, Kenedy is named as one of Chelsea’s substitutes as they take on Burnley!

Yet another embarrassing exclusive from The Mirror, the newspaper having started off their relationship with Newcastle in 2015 by running an exclusive saying that Charlie Austin had signed for Newcastle…but he hadn’t.

Then also claiming that Saido Berahino was certain to follow Austin into St James Park…but he didn’t.

In addition, they have also claimed that Barcelona were looking to buy Ayoze Perez if Neymar, Messi or Suarez left!!

The Mirror – 9 August 2017:

Rafa Benitez has snapped up Chelsea outcast Kenedy on a season’s loan.

Newcastle’s boss offered the Brazilian an escape route to the north-east after learning he was up for grabs.

Benitez has moved quickly to secure the deal using well-established contacts made during his spell in charge of the club four years ago.

And the winger will offer the Tyneside giants added impetus going forward as the Spaniard continues his re-building of the Magpies.’

  • 1957

    Only a matter of time until Lee Ryder gets a transfer to the Chronicle’s sister publication stories like this are his standard

  • Waxi

    Anything in the press should be taken with a massive pinch of salt. The chinese takeover was utter tosh and the hundreds of players we are in for also utter tosh. They know now’t but big up expectation and naff us all off. When it happens great other than that let just get behind what walks over the line at 1.30 tomorrow. In Rafa the gaffs we trust.

    • Jezza

      It is a stunning illustration of just how far we have fallen under Ashley that even the false transfer links are now about loan deals for poor players. We are not even being linked with decent players any more never mind signing them.

      • Leicester Mag

        Agreed although we had the Barkley rumour which was up there is quality of rumour with the Daily sport once claiming there was a world war 2 bomber on the moon.

    • Toon Terrier

      To be fair it was Ashley who said there was interest from Far East investors and the tabloids swallowed it.

      • Mark Potter

        Do you have a quote from Ashley about this, or a club statement? The stories that circulated in early June seem to be largely speculation, for example the Chronicle on 12 June, “It is believed that Ashley…” And “United could very well be…”. There is no indication that they had any sources for their stories, it was based around the new kit sponsorship deal with FUN88, who are based in the Far East,

  • Betty Joe Wilkinson

    is that right kenady is on the bench today for chelsea

  • anyobrien

    Mirror and most other tabloids are utter garbage… Lazy hacks who na nowt.

  • Toon Terrier

    More rubbish from the tabloids. Never mind signing for us he is likely to be playing for Chelsea against Spurs next week with all their injuries and two red cards today.

  • mactoon

    I say again. If the Mirror is supposed to be the official media partner of NUFC and continually spouts false stories why are they allowed to remain in that position?

    • Alex

      It suits Fatty’s purpose to consistently put it about that NUFC might “be doing something”.

  • Toontone100

    BBC 1 also listed him when discussing nufc on Footy Focus .. oops !

  • Rich Lawson

    Good,we don’t need another winger or anymore of other clubs ”bad boys”

    • Mark Potter

      Is he a “bad boy”? Seems to me Chelski meekly bowed down to pressure from the Chinese government. Remember this is an undemocratic society where they do not allow free speech, especially if it seems to criticise them. They don’t allow open access to the Internet. They have their own social media which are controlled. And they consistently carry out free human rights abuses, including jailing people who have spoke out against them.

      Didn’t he simply take a picture of a security guard who was supposed to be protecting the players but was asleep?

      Chelski protecting their position with the Chinese government, to try to ensure they get invited back for financial reasons. So Chelski suppressing free speech.

    • Phil K

      Ive seen far FAR worse from so-called “stars” directed at Trump. INCLUDING death threats and assassination ranting (mind, they were all talentless “actors” and 10th rate peabrained hypocritical “pop singers” who couldn’t out-argue a 5 year old) – in comparison Kenedys comments were a blown kiss

  • Ande Walsh

    Simon Bird is bell cheese