Late last night brought news from South America of Newcastle interest in buying Nicolas Tagliafico.

The 24 year old left-back is captain of Independiente and a deal for around £4m (see below) is claimed to be in the offing.

The reports have now been given extra credence, with over in Spain, Estadio Deportivo reporting Newcastle’s interest.

The agent of Nicolas Tagliafico, Ricardo Schlieper, having confirmed to them that Newcastle have made an approach for the left-back.

The reporting in the Spanish media comes from the fact that Sevilla are said to be considering Nicolas Tagliafico but only if they failed to get first choice signing Adam Masina.

Sevilla were reported last week to be waiting to see if they reached the Champions League group stage (they did by winning a midweek qualifier) before going back to Bologna with an improved bid, after seeing a £6m one rejected.

Interestingly, there is another Newcastle angle to this, as Bologna are ready to sell Adam Masina and it is claimed that they have Achraf Lazaar lined up to replace him, once Masina signs for Sevilla.

Obviously we have to wait and see what pans out but it would be a massive lift if Rafa Benitez in the next four days can get Lazaar out of the club AND bring in what looks a very promising bargain priced left-back in Nicolas Tagliafico.

It has been suggested that Rafa Benitez may have been pointed towards Tagliafico by his former player and coaching assistant Mauricio Pellegrino. Pellegrino was Independiente manager in 2015/16 before moving to Alaves and then Southampton.

The Mag earlier today (27 August 2017):

Nicolas Tagliafico could be set to be Newcastle United’s seventh signing of the summer.

Tagliafico is a left-back and plays for Independiente in Argentina.

Reports from Argentina say that the 24 year old (turns 25 on transfer deadline day…) is the subject of a bid of around £4m from NUFC.

Respected reporter on Argentine football, Peter Coates, reported the news before the season kicked off for Independiente on Saturday night (early hours of Sunday morning in UK time).

Other European clubs are also claimed to be interested in signing Nicolas Tagliafico but Newcastle appear to be the ones making the running.

Independiente won the match 3-1 at home to Huracan with the left-back playing the full match.

During the televised game, Newcastle’s offer was talked about during the commentary, with Coates further reporting that Sevilla and Malaga are the other clubs reported to be chasing the defender’s signature.

The 5ft 7 tall defender played at the various youth levels for Argentina and made his full debut as recently as June this year, coming on as a substitute as Argentina won 1-0 in Brazil.

Saturday saw everybody connected with Newcastle get a huge lift, with West Ham sent home with a 3-0 defeat that could have easily been four or five, as United dominated after taking the lead on the half hour mark.

However, the need for a left-back to come in this window is all too apparent.

Paul Dummett is injured at the minute and with Rafa seeing no value in Lazaar or Haidara, he preferred to play Chancel Mbemba out of position. The DR Congo stuck to his task well but the joy West Ham got during the first-half all came down that side with the talented Antonio giving Mbemba and Newcastle problems.

If Nicolas Tagliafico did come to St James Park, the settling in period would be eased by the fact that Spanish is now the second language at Newcastle United. There are five Spanish players in the first team squad as well as some in the Under 18s/Under 23s that Rafa has brought in, pus the fact the manager and assistant also share the language.

One interesting sidenote is that last night’s game saw Tagliafico play his first match alongside a Newcastle United cult hero.

After a year and 26 league appearances for Defensa Y Justicia, Jonas Gutierrez (turned 34 in July) made his debut for Independiente last night after moving on a free transfer, Jonas a second-half sub.

If Nicolas Tagliafico has what it takes, Jonas Gutierrez has hopefully sold Newcastle United to the young left-back, accentuating Rafa Benitez, the city and the fans, whilst leaving out any reference to Mike Ashley…

  • Leazes Ender

    171 cm converts to 5’6″…..

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      No it doesn’t. 171 cm is just over 5’7″.
      What’s your point anyway? Desperately seeking a negative angle!?

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          Besides, would we turn away Baines? or Beresford?

          • Geordiegiants

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          That`s not feet and inches. 171 cm converts to 67.3228 inches which is 5ft 7.3228 ins. He`s just over 5ft 7in – for what it matters.

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        We have been down this Yellow Brick Road with the munchkins before….. its 5’6″….

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            The point is that the relentless negativity on here is starting to get ridiculous. We’ve just won 3-0 and we’re linked to an Argentinian international but we’re already getting snide (and inaccurate) comments about how tall he is before he’s even signed.

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            5’6″…. or 7”

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            In other words, roughly the same height as the other Argentinian ‘munchkin’ who plays up front for Barcelona. I suppose you wouldn’t want him either because he’d struggle to outjump the West Brom defence…

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            It’s actually starting to be quite sick to be honest.

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          Oh so it is about finding a negative angle to us being linked to an Argentinian international…
          You’re wrong-you don’t understand the difference between the metric and imperial systems. It’s 5.6 feet which is actually 5′ 7″

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      • Albert Stubbins

        Modern day wing backs size is irrelevant. Rose and walker don’t defend. They get tight. A modern day full back is basically a failed winter with a good engine and the ability to swing a ball in and get back into his own third as quick as [email protected]****!

    • Malcolm Fisher

      Actually it is 5’7 1/4

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    Rafa seems to like small full backs

    • Leazes Ender

      It all we can afford…. they’re cheaper because they are no good at defending corners.

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      if we want a taller more defenive lb we have dummet. Id rather have a shorter guy who can offer some left footed crosses and an overlap right now.

      Dani alves is 171, Azpili 178, Bellarin 177, Clyne 175, Walker 181 and Manquillo 180. Hardly breaking the bell curve

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    John beresford is still the best leftback I have seen at nufc. He was tiny

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      Enrique wasn’t that tall either, canny player though

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