Aleksandar Mitrovic was a major topic of conversation after the West Ham match.

Three days after scoring a very good goal against Forest in the League Cup, the Serbian striker came on against the Hammers for the final 20 minutes and saw one effort saved, before rounding Joe Hart in style to top off the 3-0 win.

However, the media were very keen to look at an incident involving Lanzini and Newcastle’s number 45, with the striker going out of his way to make contact with the West Ham player, amid claims of an elbow.

The incident didn’t look great, although it wasn’t clear just what damage, if any, was done. Newcastle fans were also hopeful that the referee appeared to possibly deal with the incident at the time, deeming it not worthy of a punishment.

However, Tuesday afternoon has seen ESPN report that their information is that the FA have asked a panel of three former referees to review footage of the Mitrovic incident.

The ESPN report saying that if all three former referees believe the incident warranted a sending off, then Mitrovic will be charged with violent conduct.

There would then follow a hearing where the former Anderlecht striker and Newcastle United would have the opportunity to defend the charge.

No official confirmation as yet that the incident is being reviewed, but ESPN are usually pretty reliable , and not ones to completely fabricate a story.

If he was to be found guilty of a violent conduct charge, Mitrovic would be set to miss a minimum of three matches and depending on the timing (the striker is currently away on international duty) of any disciplinary hearing, any ban would start with either the Swansea away match on Sunday 10 September, or Stoke at home on Saturday 16 September – which also happens to be Mitro’s 23rd birthday.


  • Iain Elrick

    100% ban

  • Mark Kilmister

    Bang To Rights.

    As Captain Mainwaring used to say: – ‘” You Stupid Boy “

  • Peaky Magpie

    Definitely banned but isn’t it amazing the blue eyed boy of the FA & press got away scott free with that horrific tackle on Lejeune.Yes Harry Kane I’m talking about you.

    • TheNutJob

      it was a red card job & a 3 match ban

    • Mark Davies

      Aye and why wasnt the stamp on hayden reviewed last week

    • Jezza

      As usual the football authorites will come down hard on those awful working class oiks from the far North Labour voting heartland who have won nothing for decades but still have the nerve to pull in the size of crowds that trendy glamour London clubs like Chelsea and Spurs can only dream about.

      • Oooh bobbi fleckman

        What has Labour got to do with it? I can’t stand the Labour party but support Newcastle United.

        Labour manage to get elected in places like Liverpool and Manchester and they are the darlings of the FA.

        I don’t mind a bit of political debate but i think it’s misplaced here.

  • mactoon

    3 match ban probably the only thing preventing anyone from wanting to buy him

  • TheNutJob

    anyway apart from the Serbian madman,
    i see Arsenal are flogging Gibbs for as little as 5 mill

    • Paul Patterson

      If true we’d be mad to pass that one up…

      • TheNutJob

        it`s true Ok

        • Georgia Peter

          And we are mad…..!

    • Georgia Peter

      POrciestreet;They all deserve to be flogged after the other nights performance.

    • Rich Lawson

      I saw that,yet only a few weeks ago our media partner was quoteing £17mil for him ? If you can’t trust the press,etc,etc !! He looks an exceptional buy at the lower price.

  • Paul Busby

    Oh dear, another ban already.

  • TheFatController

    Now if we apply his temperament to starting a game, against West Ham, had he started and lost it after he same amount of minutes on the field, we could have been down to ten men early doors and now discussing 4 defeats at the start of the season.

    No wonder Rafa won’t start him unless he has no other option….he just doesn’t think like a professional, and we can’t carry anyone not being 100% professional this season. He’ll always be sub – when not suspended.

  • Georgia Peter

    He’s a dumb idiot and more trouble than is worth worrying about …Get shot ASAP.
    another titus.

    • Geordiegiants

      Week in, week out, we heard Tight Ass Shambles was just young and would get better as time went on. Look at what happened there, Steve Taylor was the same, Chopra, Brayson, Armstrong is also looking a likely candidate to fall into the same trap. Mitro has all the passion, but no brain cells, we need him gone ASAP.

    • Danimal

      Thought you were following up on the Trump comment at first.

  • GToon

    Does anybody fancy this for an accumulator?
    Mitro gets a three game ban, we sell Hanley, Gayle, Colback and Lazzar and sign nobody, Donald Trump goes to Texas dressed in swimming trunks and Kim Jong Un takes off his mask like in Mission Impossible to reveal he is actually Mike Ashley.

    • Rich Lawson

      I was up for it but Ladbrokes didn’t want to know when I went in this morning,probably to much of a sure thing for them ?

  • Steve Pearce

    It doesn’t matter – we’ve got Hoselu…..

  • 1957

    Mitrovic is an idiot and deserves his forthcoming 3 game ban, but in many ways it simply illustrates the farce that is the FA disciplinary process.

    If you indulge in violent conduct and the referee sees it and gives a yellow card that’s the end of it, if he doesn’t see it you can get a retrospective ban even if your offence is less dangerous than one that receives a yellow. Therefore Kane’s out of control scissor tackle, that causes injury, escapes a ban.

    Choosing which events to review is also a matter of chance, if the media pick it up, Mitrovic or Arnautovic for example, the authorities look at it, if they don’t, Mournie’s little tap dance on Hayden nothing happens.

    This panel sitting is really a rubber stamping exercise, Mitrovic has already been tried and convicted by the media through Graham Poll in the Mail, Sky Sports analysis and Phil Neville on MotD (its hard to argue with Phil’s view given he has experience of playing with some nasty characters in Roy Keane, Fellani, his brother and the most sent off player in Everton history Duncan Ferguson).

  • Steve Smith

    If he gets a ban then it’s going to be longer than 3 games.

    • Jezza

      Yes he most probably will get more than three games. It’ll most likely be at least six. The FA have got a long history of bias against NUFC in these sorts of cases.

  • Mike

    thats why Raffa doesnt trust him…he is an idiot

  • Mark Davies

    Really cant understand all this mitro out nonsense. In my humble opinion I though it was harsh to even be reviewed but my view of it at the match wasnt great.

    I think there is just a bias against us. I can think of a few occasions where we have had players suspended after the event due to media intervention and yet the famous rooney elbow was nothing apparantly.

    Id give him a last chance especially given our limited options and the fact that in the time on the pitch this season his finishing looks dramatically improved.

    Whether villain of the peace or not Id love him to stay for the forseeable. Seems we have a ayer who does wrong and our fans turn on them and want them gone. Other teams seem to rally round and protect as much as they can.

    Each to their own opinion though