You might have noticed that Premier League clubs have been pretty busy in the transfer market this summer.

The latest three year Premier League TV deals kicked in for the 2016/17 season and  spending has gone up accordingly.

A number of overseas TV deals have already been agreed with various broadcasters in countries around the world for the next three year stretch starting in 2019/20 – and they show that the money is  going to go up to a whole new level.

That is for the 20 Premier League clubs who happen to be in position in August 2019.

The list below shows when the current Premier League clubs each last broke their transfer records…

Already this summer there have been 12 who have done so, with six other having set their record 12 months ago last summer.

There are two exceptions.

Manchester City haven’t ‘improved’ on the £54m they paid for Kevin de Bruyne in 2015, two years ago. Although this summer they most definitely haven’t been shy with the cash – spending around £180m on only four players – with Walker, Mendy, Moraes and  Bernardo Silva all arriving for massive fees.

The 2oth club? Newcastle United.

Their transfer record remains the one 12 years ago when Michael Owen arrived for £16m

This summer Jacob Murphy is the biggest signing, arriving for a reported £10m that could increase to £12m if hitting appearance targets.

The five others were all well below even that £10m mark.

Not a case of spending money for the sake of it but all other Premier League clubs are understanding that they have  to push things further than they have ever done before, using the riches that now flow in, if they are not to experience all but certain failure…

Record transfer fee for all 20 Premier League clubs and when they happened…(compiled by The Star):

2017 Arsenal – Alexandre Lacazette (£46.5m)

2017 Bournemouth – Nathan Ake (£20m)

2017 Brighton – Joze Izqueirdo (£13.5m)

2017 Burnley – Chris Wood (£15m)

2017 Chelsea – Alvaro Morata (£70m)

2017 Everton – Gylfi Sigurdsson (£45m)

2017 Huddersfield – Steve Mounie (£11.4m)

2017 Liverpool – Mohamed Salah (£36.9m)

2017 Southampton – Mario Lemina (£18m)

2017 Tottenham – Davinson Sanchez (£42m)

2017 Watford – Andre Gray (£18.5m)

2017 West Ham – Marko Arnautovic (£24m)

2016 Crystal Palace – Christian Benteke (£27m)

2016 Leicester – Islam Slimani (£29.7m)

2016 Man Utd – Paul Pogba (£89m)

2016 Stoke – Giannelli Imbula (£18.3m)

2016 Swansea – Borja Baston (£15.5m)

2016 West Brom – Nacer Chadli (£13m)

2015 Man City – Kevin de Bruyne (£54m)

2005 Newcastle United – Michael Owen (£16m)

  • Andy

    Prior to this season a lot of the names on this list haven’t exactly set the league on fire for their teams. Chadli, Baston and Slimani all look like they could start this season away from these teams. Simply throwing money at a problem doesn’t always fix it. We’ve spent bigger sums in the past on the likes of Thauvin, Cabella and Wijnaldum and they didn’t deliver consistently enough. I’d rather that we were taking a careful approach and investing what money we can afford into players who can grow with the team and who bring the right character. The crazy figures being spent on Wood, Gray and Clucas shows how ridiculous this window has gotten and until we get the Premier League money from this season it doesn’t look as though we can keep up.

    • Jezza

      When Newcastle signed Alan Shearer for a world record transfer fee in 1996 were you annoyed and unhappy? Were you thinking “Simply throwing money at a problem doesn’t always fix it” and “I’d rather that we were taking a careful approach”?

      • Andy

        When Newcastle signed Michael Owen for a club record transfer fee in 2005 were you pleased and happy? Were you thinking “Simply throwing money at this problem’s fixed it” and “I’m glad we didn’t take a careful approach”?

        • Leazes Ender

          Does this look like a Benitez team to you?

          • Jezza

            It doesn’t even look like a Pardew team.

        • Jezza

          It would have been better if you had answered my question instead of simply turning it round on me. In any case I will indulge you with an honest answer which was more than you gave me:

          Yes I was genuinely happy when we signed Owen. He came to us at the age of 25 with a prolific goal scoring record. I thought it was a brilliant signing, one I was really excited about. We all know how it turned out but nobody could have anticipated that at the time. In any case nothing ventured nothing gained.

          I would still like to see NUFC competing financially in the transfer market because the club’s current car boot sale approach to player recruitment is guaranteed to end in spectacular failure.

          • Andy

            Of course I was overjoyed with signing Shearer for a record fee and even the prospect of Owen in 2005 but I think we’re dealing in a very different market place in 2017. We’re not challenging at the top end of the league so we’re not in a position to bring in this calibre of players and unfortunately teams we’re competing with are overspending on mostly dross.

            When I said I prefer us taking a careful approach I mean with regards to scouting. It’s still possible to get top players in at a lower price but there’s definitely an element of risk. Kante cost Leicester less than £6 million and helped them to the title. I’m not saying we’re going to be up there but that squad early in their winning season wasn’t too dissimilar from ours going into this season.

          • Jezza

            I know we’re not challenging at the top end of the league but we’re not even competing in the transfer market with the teams fighting relegation. Burnley have just signed a striker for £15 million. NUFC are not competing with that. We paid £15 million in 1996 but somehow we can’t pay the same fee now despite 21 years of steady monetary inflation and exponential inflation in the transfer market not to mention an even more spectacularly exponential rise in the television money we receive. Something is far wrong.

    • Rich Lawson

      Honestly Wood and Gray don’t look that bad for sub £20mil in today’s market ?

  • Leazes Ender

    I could have done a graph for that, unfortunately there isn’t a facility to post it.

    Basically it would look like a street of skyscrapers with a bungalow at the end (us).

    • Jezza

      NUFC have never broken their incoming transfer fee record since Ashley took over and never will. On the other hand they have broken their outgoing transfer record fee several times in that period. It is a clear indication of the direction Ashley is taking this club in.

      • Leazes Ender

        This is a fact.

    • TheNutJob

      is it a little bungalow with no light on

      • Rich Lawson

        It’s the bloke from ”Up”,all we need is lots of balloons to fly up the league !

  • James

    Well that’s depressing

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    The Fat Lad didn’t buy a football club he bought a brand, Newcastle Utd.
    then he sells it as a premium commodity when in fact it’s 3rd rate in quality
    TV money flows in along with the shirt money
    Job Done

  • TheTradge

    Further proof that Ashley is a f**king tightwad, this why we’ve been relegated TWICE in 10 years, why we’ve consistently struggled to stay in the PL, and why every other club is out performing us in the transfer market, even Huddersfield are out-spending us at the moment, and they have nowhere near the finances we have! It’s a joke that we’re where we are, Ashley doesn’t have no money he’s just too much of a tightwad to part with his precious cash! If we don’t invest further we’re going right back down, because if clubs like Huddersfield and Bournemouth are beating us we have no f**king chance!