Tim Sherwood arrived at Swindon Town in November as Director of Football.

Six months later and after just seven wins in 31 matches Swindon were relegated, with Sherwood then sacked in June.

Sadly, this means that Tim Sherwood is back giving us the benefit of his expertise via the media.

Interviewed on Tuesday morning, he has said that Newcastle will always struggle to sign foreign players as they would rather play in the south.

Only minutes later news of French defender Florian Lejeune signing for Newcastle from La Liga side Eibar came through.

Yes he may not be a superstar name (yet…) but struggling to sign players from overseas has hardly been Newcastle’s biggest weakness in recent years – picking the right ones has been though!

The failed manager thinks that Newcastle only have as much chance as Brighton have when it comes to staying up, with ‘both of them new to the Premier League’.

Another classic case of Tim Sherwood’s comic timing, comes with him bigging up Mike Ashley.

Sherwood says that ‘Mike Ashley is an astute businessman who knows where to spend and how much’.

This is of course an owner who has overseen two relegations only seven years apart because of crass decisions made on when to spend money and on what (‘value for money’ overseas players!).

Sherwood’s comments also come only hours after the courtroom revelations on Monday, where it was revealed that Ashley would sleep under tables when business meetings became too boring and how at one such meeting, he insisted on a drinking competition and drank 12 pints along with chasers, then was projectile vomiting into a pub fireplace!

Tim Sherwood speaking to Talksport – 4 July 2017:

“No disrespect to Newcastle but if they want to sign foreign players, they tend to move south.

“Mike (Ashley) won’t want to fall out of the division.

“They (Newcastle United) are in there now and Mike Ashley is an astute businessman who knows where to spend and how much.

“But he certainly needs to put his hand in his pocket and give Rafa a certain amount money.

“I would say they (Newcastle and Brighton) have an equal chance (of staying up).

“Both of them new to the Premier League and certainly Brighton will catch teams on the hop.”

  • Jimblag23

    Yeah Sherwood, what “comical timing”! What a joke suggesting reasons as to why were not signing loads of players. Oh wait we’re not.

    The Mag = 🤦‍♂️

    • Geordiegiants

      Ha ha ha lol. I like it!

  • Phil K

    Words like “tit” “dope” spring to mind when Sherlock/Sherbush/Sherforest is mentioned.
    Laughable is another

  • Leazes Ender

    No disrespect to Tim Sherwood but…..

    • Phil K

      PLENTY of disrespect to Tim Sherwood from most of us
      You get back what you dish out Sherwood

  • Paul Busby

    “Both of them new to the premier league”


    • Christopher Rannigan

      What is this bloke on?

  • Steven05

    “Both of them new to the Premier League and certainly Brighton will catch teams on the hop.”

    I don’t think he’s loves us very much

  • Desree

    The Tim sherwood fansite is running a piece about uptight toon fans dedicating a whole article to him

  • Abdul Basit

    All these English managers are deluded and smarmy. No wonder England doesn’t win anything

  • Guest 2

    Dear Tim. When you stop being sacked as a result of being an utterly [email protected] manager, let us know. We may listen to a word you have to say then.

  • Rich Lawson

    Have you been called as a character witness for Ashley then Tim ?

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    Tim who ????????

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