Never afraid of taking an ‘alternative’ view, Stan Collymore has came up with another strange one where Newcastle United are concerned.

No need to repeat the ups and downs of his life since packing in football early but he does like to come out with over the top stuff, to ensure he keeps his media career in the spotlight.

Today he has claimed that Rafa Benitez has an inferiority complex.

Stan Collymore wonders whether not having a stellar playing career of his own has produced an inferiority complex in the Newcastle Manager.

Rafa played his football in the lower divisions of Spanish football before packing in and going into coaching at the age of 26, with injuries also having hampered his playing career.

Collymore claims that this ‘inferiority complex has manifested itself in terms of wanting to control everything himself inside a football club.

The player turned media worker stating ‘Maybe he (Rafa Benitez) feels that having football people in important roles undermines him.’

Not sure exactly what relevance this has to Newcastle United, seemingly a reference to Graham Carr’s departure maybe?

Yes, at previous clubs such as Real Madrid and others on the continent Rafa Benitez may well have ran into battles of will against high quality ‘football people’ in important roles.

However, coming up against Lee Charnley and Graham Carr (now replaced from within by the little known Steve Nickson), hardly equals Rafa Benitez having some kind of inferiority complex.

Stan Collymore talking to Newcastle United’s official media partner, The Mirror:

‘Rafa Benitez is a control freak — he has been since he was at Liverpool.

He didn’t like any meddling at Anfield, he didn’t want any ­interference in the academy, he wanted control over every aspect of the club and its direction, and that’s still the case now he’s at Newcastle.

He’s a benign dictator – and I actually really like that in a manager.

But I’m starting to worry that if he keeps picking fights with owners and chief execs at the rate he does then he may well start talking himself out of every club he goes to.

But at a club with genuine aspirations to kick on and return to the top flight’s top six, even top four, he is never going to be given the autonomy he craves.

Technical directors, directors of football and so on are part of the fabric of all the really big clubs these days – and plenty of smaller ones too. You only have to look at Txiki Begiristain and Ferran Soriano at Manchester City, and Michael Emenalo at Chelsea.

Yet Benitez seems to resent these kind of people on the basis that they interfere in the industry he knows very well.

He may have a point, in most cases he probably does know better. His record tells you that.

But I do wonder if his feelings towards them stem in part from the fact he didn’t have a great playing career, that maybe he has some sort of mistrust of football people.

Maybe there’s an inferiority complex at work.

Maybe he feels that having football people in important roles undermines him.

It seems as if Rafa wants to be the head honcho over everybody and that he tests club owners to the point when they think ‘You know what, it’s too much hassle’.

So he might need to be a little bit more pragmatic because there’s no reason why he can’t have his cake and eat it at Newcastle.

He can have his football narrative running all the way through the club from the seniors to the juniors.

And he has enough clout at Newcastle after creating such a feelgood factor on Tyneside to have a major influence on who the key people at the club should be.

But he needs to start thinking about team building in his own image, putting in people he can trust to do the other jobs so he can focus on the first team rather than saying ‘I want complete control over everything.’

That’s not how things work these days.

Take Arsene Wenger – the major criticism of him in recent years has been that he has been doing the same thing at Arsenal and that has caused them to stand still, if not go backwards

David Moyes is the same – it just hasn’t happened for him since he went to Manchester United. Actually, his managerial career has gone backwards.

Even if Sir Alex Ferguson was getting the Newcastle job now, or the Manchester United job having done great things at Aberdeen, he would still have to accept there’s a chief exec and director of football. It’s the same for Benitez.

He has to evolve and the question is ‘Can he do it?’ He can, but only if he is willing.’

  • Sean Lynch

    I think that although he doesn’t realise it, nobody cares what Stan Collymore thinks.

  • Toon fan

    Dogging. Tiz all

  • Leazes Ender

    There looks to be a power struggle with Charnley…

  • Alex

    Usual nonsense from Collymore. History shows that very few top players go on to become top managers.

    Look at Wenger, Mourinho, Klopp and even Pochettino – none had stellar playing careers at club and international level.

    If that ‘bitterness’ is what makes them driven managers, then it’s also the reason why career satisfaction makes the likes of Lineker and Shearer content to stick to punditry.

  • Soldier


  • Abdul Basit

    So to insult Rafa, he compares him with Wenger, a man who’s been getting top 4 with resources well below that of his competitors, and then bizarrely Moyes, who has never been a great manager, even at his best.

    Wenger is an obvious counterpoint to his bullocks at the start as well. He has never had a stellar playing career, he controls the whole club and he’s made Arsenal a success. Rafa can do the same here.


  • Anita kick up the Hoop

    So what kind of complex makes you beat 10 bells out of a woman and rattle your old fella off in public car parks?

  • Paul Patterson

    Alex Ferguson, Jose Mourinho, Arsene Wenger.
    The most prolific WINNERS in British football history, all of whom wouldn’t put up with people undermining their positions. They must have inferiority complexes then Stan.
    What an idiot, who says things purely for effect . .

  • Scottpaige

    Why is this goon even getting space on this site.

    Don’t you realize that’s what he wants. Ffs just ignore the idiot !!!!!

  • Gareth Marshall

    He seems to make a good point to me.

  • mactoon

    “I do wonder if his feelings towards them stem in part from the fact he didn’t have a great playing career, that maybe he has some sort of mistrust of football people.
    Maybe there’s an inferiority complex at work.
    Maybe he feels that having football people in important roles undermines him.”


    Maybe he sees people like Carr, Ashley and Charnley and realises they know nothing about football and it frustrates him if they don’t listen to him

  • Porciestreet

    And we think Stan Collywobble is a complete richard .

  • East Durham Mag

    Hey Stan at least Rafa Benitez is’nt a wife beater.

    • Brian Standen

      Nice one

  • MadMag83

    The problem at Newcastle is there aren’t many people above Rafa that actually know anything about football.

    It’s nowt to do with any inferiority complex, more to do with trust and responsibility. Can Rafa trust the director of football to buy the right players? Because it’s Rafa that will take the responsibility if the results on the pitch are poor. In Carr’s case, he’d shown over many years of baffling transfers that he really didn’t have a clue, yet it was the likes of Pardew and McLaren that got the majority of the blame.

  • Jimblag23

    That was like a monologue by a drunk who’s spent too long in the sun.

    • Rich Lawson

      Does Paul Merson ghost write his column then ?

  • benton mag

    Collymore mug I wish bad luck to you and your family nufc