Sky Sports have revealed on Monday afternoon that Newcastle United are set to bring in defender Florian Lejeune within the next 48 hours.

There had been disagreement between Eibar and NUFC over the size of the transfer fee and then after agreement was reached on that, how the fee would eventually be paid.

Sky Sports say that the £8.7m (10m euros) buyout clause has been met by Newcastle and the ‘structure of payment’ was also agreed at the weekend.

No news as to which side got their way – Newcastle wanting to pay by instalments whilst Eibar wanted all the cash up front.

Keith Downie who covers Newcastle United for Sky Sports announcing:

“Florian Lejeune to Newcastle almost done. £8.7m deal should be sealed within 48 hours after agreement over structure of payment at the weekend.

(Then later adding: “Florian Lejeune is currently undergoing his Newcastle United medical. We understand the French defender arrived on Tyneside earlier today.”)

This fits in with events earlier today, when the club published the minutes of the latest Fans Forum that was held last week, declaring alongside the published minutes ‘Incoming Transfer news expected very soon!’

The Florian Lejeune transfer saga has lasted around six weeks already and a relief that Rafa Benitez appears to have at last landed the 26 year old central defender.

The club also giving this background to delays in signing players this summer….

‘(Fans Forum) Members raised a number of questions in relation to the summer transfer window.

The club reinforced its commitment to strengthening in positions identified by the manager and aims to deliver positive news in the coming days.

In a general discussion with the group, several factors that can impact upon transfers were explained and the club highlighted the limited amount of business completed by most clubs through the early stages of what are challenging market conditions to date.

The club explained that it had hoped to conclude some incoming and outgoing deals early and while sharing frustrations, there is confidence that the squad will be improved.

The club emphasised that rumours in the media had no influence on its operations.’

  • Jimblag23

    That only took 2 months.

    • Clarko

      It’s not done yet.

      • Jimblag23


  • James

    Hurry up then

  • Mike

    zzzzz fat lad doesnt want t pay his wages till season kicks off

  • TheNutJob

    The Rafalutions here lads

  • Paul Busby

    Well if this is really the case than that’s one of the ~6-9 positions that needed to be looked at taken care of.

  • Albert Stubbins

    first of many hopefully- still plenty time for another 4/5 quality signings.

  • mentalman

    Lazy journalism it is in fact eibar who wanted the payment in installments to avoid tax

  • HMRC

    6 weeks to sign a player Penfold`s getting faster

  • Steven05

    I hope he’s a good player, and we sign some more good players, and Rafa stays, and we have a good season….

    • HarryHype59

      Let’s hope he isn’t going out on loan next year like Sels, Riviere and Saivet have.

  • HarryHype59

    I hate to be the eternal pessimist, but! Man City sold him for a million last year and Transfermarkt value him at £4.2 million. The reputed fee NUFC are paying is £8.7m. I assume he has had an outstanding season to justify Eibar making a nine fold profit on him after only one year.

    I hope he has been scouted correctly and is actually better than players already at the club. NUFC have an entire bench of sub standard players earning over 10m a year between them. This club cannot afford more duff buys.

    • Alreet

      Transfermarkt also value mbappe at around 20 mill but hes gonna break the record wherever he goes.

      What was pickford worth on there? Glad that wasnt us.

      Next up shawcross. Fernando. Barkley and Iheanacho.

      • HMRC

        the main point i think is £1m last year £9m this year & Man City ditched him without 1 game

        • Stephen Paylor

          how much was Mbappe worth this time last year?

          • Geordiegiants

            Manure sold Pogba for £1m.

          • Soldier

            you`re being a bit stupid there mate

          • HarryHype59

            He has had an outstanding season and is only 18. Lejuene is 26 and plays for one of the lesser sides in Spain. I am curious to know why Eibar are making a nine fold profit on the 1m they paid City for him.

      • Franzcarrsuperstar

        I think Barkley would be an awesome shout. Needs to be numero uno in a World Cup year and the top few teams seem to not be interested. If we sell it to him right, would be great move at a level of fee that we should be able to afford.

        Bit of a dream but would be a great sign of intent.

      • HarryHype59

        Mbappe is an 18 year old hot prospect who has just had an outstanding season. He is a sought after player who is head hunted by Arsenal ,PSG and reputedly RM.

        Has Lejeune had an outstanding season to justify the nine fold profit Eibar have made on him?

  • Stephen Paylor

    A solid player but lacks the speed i think to be in the class of the elite modern centre back. An upgrade on Grant Hanley maybe but in my opinion not as good a player as Chancel Mbemba. Would have preferred Calum Chambers who could have also been cover at RB. Would have been more money but i think Chambers has a lot more to offer than Lejeune. Fingers crossed and good luck to him. Got to trust Rafa’s judgement

    • Clarko

      How many Eibar games did you watch last season?

      • Soldier

        against, Athletico. Real & Barca Eibar conceded 11 goals in 3 games

        • Wor Lass

          And every one was his fault? I`ve never seen him play and I don`t know whether he`s any good or not but Eibar are a weak team and were relegated then came back up, I think. Against the top teams they will have struggled across the board – not just in the centre of defence. How would most PL teams do against those three? For all I know – and possibly you as well – he might be the reason they didn`t score 22! If you`ve watched him then you`ll have more idea than me but I`ll wait `til I see him in action before I make my mind up.

        • Clarko

          So you’re judging his ability as a player based on three games against three of the best teams in the world?

    • Scottpaige

      Yep and I bet his judgement is better yours.

      Stop moaning

      • Wor Lass

        Scott, he`s expressing his opinion and giving reasons for it not just slagging the guy off. I must say, though, that lots of people are doing that and probably have never seen him. I`ll trust Rafa`s judgement and judge him when i`ve seen him in action.

  • Geordiegiants

    On the face of it, it is as enspiring as the Clark deal last year. Let’s hope it’s as successful.

  • Soldier

    it`s got disaster written all over it,
    fans say in Rafa we trust. Sels, Diame, Hanley, Lazaar, Gamez awful buys

    • HarryHype59

      The above mentioned players cost around 20m. I wonder what their sell on values are now? Their combined wage bill must be eye watering.

    • Albert Stubbins

      every newcastle in my living memory has been culpable of buying duck eggs- the secret is to get more right than wrong and Rafa is doing that- or are you giving the credit for last seasons promotion to Charnley?