Arriving in summer 2014, it was hoped that Siem de Jong could fill Yohan Cabaye’s boots.

The Frenchman jumping ship in the January and whilst a different type of midfielder to Cabaye, it was felt more than possible that the Ajax player could provide the goals and assists that were needed.

Sadly, Siem de Jong has become a bit of a joke figure, almost entirely due to a succession of injuries that left fans taking for granted that he wouldn’t be playing and even if he did, that it wouldn’t be for long.

On the pitch as well, granted in a very limited number of matches, the midfielder hasn’t really shown much, give or take the odd moment that suggests quality.

Friday night was another example, a brilliant turn and pass to put in Dwight Gayle for the third minute opening goal but nothing much after that.

One thing is for certain and that is the number 10 position is definitely up for grabs at Newcastle, neither Perez or Diame impressed last season as Rafa Benitez alternated due to nobody putting a claim on it.

Has Siem de Jong got the quality and mobility to succeed in the Premier League?

Fans are probably more convinced of the quality, as he looks an intelligent player, but can he deal with the physical aspect and get involved enough. That is partly Perez’ downfall for me, you can see he is a clever player – at least up to a point, but with no pace and not the strongest, he finds it hard to assert himself.

De Jong got half-decent game time on loan at PSV last season and scored six goals and got one assist, something that he hopes he can build on.

The midfielder’s agent told the Dutch media at the weekend that the player still is desperate to succeed at Newcastle but that they accept it may not work out and so are working on alternatives, just in case.

Siem de Jong more or less repeats that, saying he hopes to impress Rafa Benitez in pre-season and then speak to the manager about his future.

He says ‘I’d like to see how I can do in the Premier League..’.

Maybe this training camp in Ireland this week could prove make or break as time is running out for Rafa Benitez to make new signings in time for the new season.

Can Siem de Jong convince Rafa that he can save him serious money?

Siem de Jong speaking to the Chronicle:

“It hasn’t been what I was expecting here (at Newcastle)…I have been out on loan after two tough years.

“Last season at PSV I had a better season than the two before so hopefully I can build on that – I need to prove myself in pre-season then I will see what happens.

“The first two years I had two freak injuries and in the second year I didn’t play as much as I hoped, you want to play games and you need to do that to get fit.

“It was good for me to get out on loan last season.”

“It was a good feeling to pull on the black and white shirt again (at Hearts), glad to be back out on the pitch again, I hope I can continue playing games.

“I still hope I can get my chance here and I will see what happens in the next few games in pre-season, I will speak to the manager too and see what happens.

“I hope to bring goals and assists to the team, I scored a few last season and the assists were also good.

“I need to continue that, I need to create more passes and chances in the games.”

“I’d like to see how I can do in the Premier League, I will see what I can do next season – stay fit and play games.”

  • TwinFire

    If he is showing determination to do well here and not simply jumping ship at the first opportunity, I say let him have a fair crack at this season. His attitude will boost team spirit which I think we will need to keep high to avoid a bad run of form in our first season back in the Prem.

    • Leazes Ender

      I wouldn’t say he’s jumping ship, I think he’s been given a chance to showcase ….so the club can flog him.

      • TwinFire

        well, that was on my mind too, but hes no Ben Arfa

        • Leazes Ender

          He’s cost the club £250,000 a game so far.

          • Wor Monga

            Well!…it hasn’t cost you anything out of your piggybank bluebottle has it, so why worry about it…be happy, and just think about how much per game Sissoko has cost Spurs!!!

          • Leazes Ender

            Your going off at tangents again Mongo, you’re like a supermarket trolley from everythings a pound.

          • Wor Monga

            I’ve never had the use of one of those trolleys, bluebottle…can you describe the tangential action in more detail pointing to the relationship with the cost of players/game topic!!!

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    technically a very good player, he needs a full pre season, i`d keep him until at least January

    • 1957

      Based on it being unlikely we will sign someone to fill that attacking midfield role we might as well give him a try.

      Unless of course SloMo has an astounding pre season and Benitez thinks he is ready to take the PL by storm. I’m tempted say stranger things have happened…but they haven’t.

      • Wor Monga

        Are you some kind of publicity agent for a ‘SloMo’…it gets a plug in every one of your postings!!!

        • TheNutJob

          Is SloMo on the back of your new strip 3 shirt Monga 😂

          • Wor Monga

            Nah!…it’d sound too much like the company that comes to cut me lawns!!!

        • 1957

          If constantly keeping that waste of space in the public eye helps get rid of him, I’d start a fan club. Other players at the club get slated for not being good enough but SloMo tends to slip under the radar all the time…maybe because he was bought by Benitez. I’ve commented on here before if Carr had been responsible for his signing Diame would have held up as everything that was wrong with the club.

          I tend to agree with nut job, De Jong will go and Diame will stay

          Hasta La Rafalución

          • Wor Monga

            You say you agree with ‘Nut Job’ and then expect to get taken seriously…nah mukka…that’ll never happen!!!

          • 1957

            So theoretically who do you think Benitez would sell first De Jong or Diame?

            If it’s De Jong then you must also agree with nut job or you are one of the Diame (he’s valuable to the team) Army and do have SloMo on the back of your new strip.

          • Wor Monga

            Diame is still in Rafa’s plans, and that’s good enough for me…I trust the man to manage football clubs and I trust his thinking on players…you and the Nutty puppet head don’t by the sound of it…
            …I don’t particularly want either of them to go first or otherwise…I want them both to prove themselves in the PL,for us!!!

    • Leazes Ender

      He still has a market value, but there’s no guarantee a replacement is going to be found for what is rapidly turning out to be a hugely disappointing pre-season, with a lack of movement in the transfer markets in both directions.

    • TC Toon Army

      Agree. Guys never had a good run out. Let’s see what he can do.

  • Ande Walsh

    Errrgh… The Comical doing puff pieces on this no-mark… Under bidding and being out bought by a local rival in the Championship, & there are still people coming to this site surprised there is a negative atmosphere around the club. I remember when we were Newcastle United not Ashley Shambolic.

    • Leazes Ender

      The Chronicle’s ‘Rafalution’ is a bit ehm, whats the word for it…… imaginary!

      They’re reduced to dragging out the walking wounded as new recruits.

      • Ande Walsh

        The Rafalution is well and truly alive and kicking it’s way through the turnstiles with mindless clueless optimism egged on by Mirror group schmaltz…

        • Wor Monga

          Don’t read it then…it’s not compulsory, ynaaa!!!

    • Wor Monga

      Eh!…you what!!…are you just another straight man for the LeazesEnder obsession channel then?!!!

      • Ande Walsh

        You really live up to your epithet.

  • TheNutJob

    Even on 1 leg this guys better than SloMo but he`ll be sold before Mo as the selling of Diame would show that Rafa made 2 ricks costing £10m. Sels & Mo

    • Wor Monga

      What about Gamez, Lazaar, and Hanley then…they’ll go!…but who cares it didn’t cost you, or 1957 or LeazesEnder anything, did it but that hasn’t stopped your serial whinging about it, has it…

      …oh, and it did end in a promotion with over £100m compensation, for the club!!!

      • TheNutJob

        it means we`ve nowt to spend Monga

        • Wor Monga

          Ah!…the windows closed has it, Nutty, and here’s me thinking there’s still another 6 weeks to go!!!

      • 1957

        Diame is just the tip of the iceberg, we’ve bought too much dead wood over the years.

        Supporting NUFC cost me the price of three season tickets for me and my children for 30 years now, so along with others I’ve paid my dues, to be rewarded with what, a regime whose aim was to take as much money out of the club as possible and the next using it to support his main business through free advertising. One regime used debt to buy players, one targets the bargain basement to ensure we wipe our own nose.

        To a great extent we are where we are for not complaining, for sitting on our hands, supporting the team not the regime…

        • Wor Monga

          Hey! I started supporting in ’56 (the season after the last FA cup win), and we’ve had enough dead wood at the club since then to build a bonfire that would cover the Town moor, and you’re bleating like a lost lamb, at this late stage, about a £4m player with PL experience…following a promotion season…pull the other one mukka, it’s got bells on!!!

          • 1957

            Can’t beat that I’m a mere boy compared to you, unless you were taken to games as a pre school child, I didn’t set foot in SJP until 1963.

            Clearly you’re happy with what you see and the £4m player with PL experience (albeit his PL record doesn’t suggest he is of that standard), that’s your choice, I want better. As good as a manager as Benitez is he can’t, make a silk purse from a sows ear and this club will go nowhere under the current owner. His judgement isn’t infallible, so yes I will continue to question what Benitez does as well praising him when he does well.

            Anyway as much as I enjoy our communication its time for me to go and enjoy the sunshine with my grandchildren, that’s really what I should be doing in my retirement.

          • Wor Monga

            Nah!…I was turned 10 at the time, and sitting on the cinder at the side of the goal…go on enjoy the sun while it’s shining…I’m out there now!!!

  • MadMag83

    Give him a go

  • Rich Lawson

    He is a quality player prone to injury,not the 1st,surely our physio dept can offer a gym/medical based course that will improve his strength and resistance to injury ?

  • Paul Smith

    3 years and not once has he been fully match fit. Who knows how good he could be… I just know there is zero chance of him being available for 25+ league games in a season and so it’s pointless relying on him.

  • Steve Pearce

    I say give him a go – at least he can run unlike that Slo Mo human slug….

  • Albert Stubbins

    accident waiting to happen- literally in this case- won’t last three games and PSV didnt want him tell us all we need to know. Showed some touches of quality a couple of seasons back but not strong enough (or fit) for this league in my opinion.