Siem de Jong thinks he can reap the benefits from a year out on loan at PSV.

As he goes into his fourth year with Newcastle United the midfielder says his time at the club so far ‘Hasn’t been what I, or anybody else, expected’.

With only four league starts and one league goal in that time, he has had an injury-plagued time since arriving, then never quite looking up to the speed of football in the Premier League when getting rare chances when fit.

Describing it as a ‘good season’ on loan at PSV, Siem de Jong admits that physically he couldn’t have managed to play 40 games in a season, after his injury problems and lack of football in the previous two years.

The final total was 23 appearances for the Dutch side but this included only 10 starts in the league,an improvement on what had gone before but to then expect him to be anywhere near being able to do a job in the Premier League, fair to say you would have expected the former Ajax player to have had more of an impact.

However, both fans and player live in hope, with de Jong saying that the longer he stays fit, the more his confidence grows.

With a full pre-season this time, it must surely be his last chance at Newcastle, with Rafa Benitez likely to make a decision on Siem de Jong’s future based on how he looks in both training and pre-season friendlies.

Siem de Jong speaking to NUFC TV:

“After the last (Preston) game we talked, need to improve things. A few friendlies remain and so far has been a lot about fitness.

“From now on it is going to be more technical and aiming for better games and being ready for the season.

“I don’t think the Preston game was the best, we need to improve on that and everybody has to get their minutes in and the rhythm going.”

‘How’s pre-season gone for you?’

“It’s alright, I feel good. You want to score, even in pre-season, and the keeper saved twice (v Preston). I am happy as I’m creating chances and an assist in the first (Hearts) game, being involved up front.

“I need to improve and I am getting stronger every week, I feel good.”

‘You returned from a successful loan spell with PSV, you must have taken quite a lot from that?’

“Yeah, it’s been a good season. After the two seasons before, I don’t think I could have played 40 games straight away.

“I had a good run and they trained a lot, so it was good for me.

“I get more confident from being fit so far.

“It hasn’t been what I, or anybody else, expected (at Newcastle).

“I look at myself and I want to improve, I want to play games for Newcastle. That is why I came here and I hope this season will be different for me.”

  • Paul Patterson

    Don’t tell me, it’ll be like a ‘new signing’.

    In four years I’ve had as many Christmas day lunches as De Jong has started games for Newcastle. You can’t put your trust in a player that hasn’t even appeared on a pitch 30 times in four years.

    • Wor Lass

      We`re not exactly bringing in new players in droves, Paul. He has some class and is already on the books – until we bring in someone better, he`s worth keeping.

    • paul mclaughlan

      Good goal to game ratio mind.

    • MP

      Not for us, but had a very good season at PSV

  • TC Toon Army

    He had a punchered lung and his eye popped out last time round. Give him a shot for sure. If it isn’t good by your next xmas dinner then move him on. Anyone know how long is left on his deal?

    • Leazes Ender

      His leg will probably fall off this season.

      Contract until 30 Jun 2020 Transfermarkt.

      • Hughie_Gallacher

        It should be OK, as long as he’s careful getting out of bed in the morning.

    • Paul Patterson

      I’m led to believe 2020.

  • MadMag83

    He isn’t training with the kids so Rafa must see something in him.

  • Rich Lawson

    Honestly,4 games in 4 years ? 4 pre season games still to go,what odds are the bookies offering for him not being injured by time we get to Spurs ?

  • GToon

    Out of all of the players who have been injured more often than not this bloke for me is the biggest miss. On his day he is class and can run the show. He is technically excellent and can really pick a pass and spot a teammates run. Good luck to him. He could be just what we need.

    • Paul Patterson

      Premier League evidence?

      • GToon

        Saw him play a few years ago at home v palace I think and he is an intelligent player. They just booted the ball up to him at neck height but he still looked good. He has potential and ability to do well for us.

  • Steve Pearce

    Things are indeed getting desperate when players who are just not physically up to playing football are touted as first team choices. Indeed I have a sneaking suspicion that Siem De Jong must have annoyed an old Gypsy woman who cursed him as I just can’t believe such an appalling run of bad luck can be attributed to anything else. Just as well I have Roma blood flowing through my veins as I’ll lift the curse for a free season ticket and 18 million pounds…..

  • Mike

    hees a knacker and picked up mega wages for nowt should be out of the door years ago