We are asking today, as a fan, how relaxed are you with Newcastle transfer activity so far?

As of today (Sunday 9 July), the signings so far have been Christian Atsu for £6.2m in May and then Florian Lejeune added this past week for £8.7m from SD Eibar.

At was at the club last season and after making 15 Championship starts, his loan has been turned into a permanent deal.

Newcastle had to make a decision quickly on Atsu either way, as the loan deal allowed them so many days after the end of the season to buy the Ghanaian international at that agreed £6.2m price.

Despite being linked with quite literally hundreds of supposed transfer targets, only Florian Lejeune has been added in the following two months..

Optimists would say that there is plenty of time and no need to be anxious yet, with still over seven weeks of the transfer window to go until the end of August.

They could also add, that in recent years signings tend to be announced mid-July onwards so why any different this time?

Pessimists though would say that pre-season training started a week ago and the first friendly is now only five days away, with Newcastle needing signings made ASAP so they can make as full a use of pre-season as possible.

They could add that every day that goes by without signings made, could point to problems behind the scenes, with Rafa not being properly backed.

Difficult to make out on individual comments from social media etc, as to just how supporters generally feel about the lack of Newcastle transfer activity so far.

I guess the vast majority of fans aren’t completely one way or the other, 100% or 0% positive, with people tending to be somewhere in between.

So just how relaxed are you with the Newcastle transfer so far? Please indicate below and we will get a snapshot as to how Newcastle fans are feeling overall at this moment in time, with kick-off against Spurs now five weeks away today.

(We asked the same question two weeks ago, so it will be interesting to see how the results compare and contrast…for better or worse.)

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Put it this way, the window is going as i expected

  • Peter Stabler

    It’s not when and it’s not how much – it’s who and do they fit the bill?

  • Leazes Ender

    Despite the Rafalution being in full-swing the club still seem to have retained the sense of urgency and timing associated with the blundering idiots who were calling the shots before the mammoth upheaval in transfer strategy….. spooky.

    • Natturner26

      Last time I voted 50%, this time 20% after looking at the squad. Hard not to partly blame Rafa for Sels, Gamez, Lazaar, Hanley, Diame, Murphy. Quite the list for one season. And Riviere, Saivet, and De Jong back from loan. The club has a massive amount of work to do and I’m not sure they are up to it with only Sels dealt with so far. We will see.

      • Geordiegiants

        Blame Rafa? He bought a squad to do a job, the job is done. Now he has to move them on. There is no blame there, Hanley, Diame and especially Murphy made a good contribution no matter which way you look at it. Sels, wasnt suited and has gone, Gamez picked up an injury, but could still feature for us next season. Lazaar and Sels are possibly the only so called failures.
        Before you get on your high horse, I don’t rate SLO MO at all but he done a job for us last season and it paid off as we went up CHAMPIONS.

        • Alreet

          Totally correct. Let the man do his job. If there are several irons in the fire then let them be. A long as we get what we need.

          The recent names being quoted arent half bad. Yea brighton and hudds are spending away but does that suit their team and will they come together as a group.

          If we get say navas traore and punt on colback and saivet this week then the roost is all calm again.

          Ill only panic if we havnt cleared the decks and got the 6 i know we need by the end of this month. July is always the busiest for us.

          Really hope we nab batshuayi from chelsea

        • Andy Mac

          Rafa brought in Gamez, Sels, Lazaar, Hanley and even Mo Diame. None of these players really added to the promotion push.

          • Geordiegiants

            I beg to differ, Hanley and Slo Mo did their bit. Gamez was injured, Lazaar didn’t get a real chance as Dummett was so solid. Sels was poor but he has gone.

          • Natturner26

            Exactly. He overbought due to being afraid of failure in the Championship and probably didn’t think toward how it would affect things this summer. If I remember correctly he was upset at not getting more Championship players in in January. For once I’m glad the money was not there. I understand Rafa wanting to buy a squad that ensured promotion. But now the club has to figure out what to do about their group of overpaid Championship players under contract. Hope they can sort it out.

    • Andy Mac

      BTW it’s not Spooky its just based on experience

  • glassjawsh-got-banned

    You forgot to add the option “I will pi$$ and complain about literally everything no matter what goes on, forever”. Fairly certain that’d top the list.

    • Damon Horner

      You know it. It could always be better than current state no matter the level, so people will demand that.

      • Soldier

        what`s the level at the moment

        • Damon Horner

          In truth? I’d be happy with survival. Almost all of the team are either unproven or have to prove this is their level and we can’t replace them all. This doesn’t mean they’re not fit for purpose though.

          If we get the opportunity to bring in or use experienced performers then we should definitely take it obviously but otherwise if we use the majority of this current crop Rafa will certainly know more about them when the seasons done.

  • Damon Horner

    0% relaxed at 16%? seriously? Says more about your composure and ability to relax than it does about how much we should worry.

  • Lhc

    we’ve just re signed Ian rush and John Barnes maybe des Hamilton to follow, tbc

  • Biggs Darklighter

    With 6 pts between 8th and 17 last season, and 3 stronger teams promoted than relegated, next season is going to be nervy to say the least. If ashley messes Rafa about he is taking a big big gamble

  • TheFatController

    Ashley said they can invest earnings how they see fit. He also said he doesn’t get involved and no one asks his opinion. So the only question is ‘how much revenue doe we have in the club and when will it be spent on fees and wages?’

    When people add in unsubstantiated things like ‘Ashley is messing Rafa around’ and ‘they’re lying/ deliberately not spending’ that just sounds bizarre and not really thought through. I would think Everyone wants to spend as much money as possible, for as much success as possible. To suggest it’s all a big game designed to mess things up is really jumping to conclusions.

    Ashley has said he won’t put money in and wants the club to fund itself. It does now. There is no motive behind transfer dealings other than money in and money out. It’s how we got the likes of Wijnaldum, Gayle, Ritchie, Lejeunes etc etc – we make it, we invest it in players Rafa wants. What else has been happening ?

  • Jezza

    I’m not the least bit relaxed about the lack of transfer activity but I’m not the least bit surprised either it has to be said.

  • Andy Mac

    On the plus side there arent many clubs who have brought in more than two players according to Talksport. On the downside there doesnt really appear to be a solid plan to bring in X number of players because it appears we want to sell before we buy ?

    However whatever certain members of this site will tell you about our finances we are now in a new fiscal year which will end with at least £114m in the kitty (figures based on good ol’ Baggies) so we really need to up the ante.

    If we dont then either Rafa is happy with what we’ve got or Fatman is looking for yet another manager.