Tuesday morning sees reports of Rafa Benitez insisting that Newcastle increase their offer for Jacob Murphy.

Monday brought widespread media claims that an £8m bid had been turned down for the Norwich star who scored nine goals and got six assists, despite only starting 32 Championship games last season.

Today though The Telegraph say that after missing out on numerous other targets, the United manager is insistent that Newcastle push the Canaries to sell the 22 year old midfielder.

Little wonder that no club would consider taking the first offer they get for a player in this transfer market but Norwich City have severe financial pressures now, after getting nowhere near instant promotion last season.

A higher offer from Newcastle would surely see the Championship club have to seriously consider selling and the Telegraph say that the player has also indicated he is interested in a move to St James Park, meaning there would/could be growing pressure from Murphy if NUFC come in with another bid.

Maybe this is a potential transfer that is one which could happen, if Newcastle are prepared to push for it.

The Mag – 10 July 2017:

‘Newcastle United are reported on Monday morning to be favourites to sign Jacob Murphy.

The midfielder had his breakthrough season in 2015/16, playing his first full year of first team football when on loan at Coventry at the age of 20.

Playing alongside Adam Armstrong who scored 20 goals on loan from Newcastle, Jacob Murphy scored nine of his own as he started 29 League One matches and came off the bench 11 times.

Whilst Armstrong went out on another, this time largely disappointing, loan at Barnsley, Murphy instead returned to Norwich and starred last season.

Starting 32 Championship matches plus five as a sub, the midfielder registered an impressive nine league goals and six assists.

It was always possible that players would have caught Rafa Benitez’ eye during Newcastle’s second tier season and allegedly that is the case with Jacob Murphy.

He was arguably Norwich’s best player in the two games against Newcastle last season, scoring the first goal for the Canaries in the 2-2 draw at Carrow Road, whilst he got an assist when Cameron Jerome put Norwich 2-1 up at St James Park before then scoring himself to put the visitors 3-1 ahead with only 21 minutes left on the clock.

That game ended dramatically of course as Newcastle won 4-3, scoring only two minutes after Murphy’s goal and then two late goals in injury time.

After the match many Norwich supporters blamed Alex Neil and his substitutions/tactics, as soon as Murphy made it 3-1, he replaced him with defender Ryan Bennett in an attempt to see out the game. However, Norwich fans felt, probably rightly, that this simply invited Newcastle to attack.

The midfielder has a twin brother, Josh, who also plays for Norwich as a striker.

A two footed player, Jacob Murphy was part of the England Under 21s squad this summer, scoring the goal that put them through to the semi finals of the Under 21 Euros.

The player is being widely reported to be also chased by Southampton and Crystal Palace but with Newcastle most likely to land him and have a value of around £8m, although Norwich fans have reacted to the transfer story with claims that he is worth at least £12m in today’s market.

Since the Newcastle transfer link was published, a photo has circulated on social media which is claimed to show the two Murphy brothers as young kids in NUFC away shirts, with one set of grandparents apparently coming from the north east.’

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    if this story is true then it could be a defining moment in Rafa’s position at Nufc,
    if the club adheres to his wishes then its a start taking Newcastle forward.
    if he’s ignored then the Pie Man may well be looking for a new Manager

    • grantham mag

      It will be the latter.

  • giimps

    Or maybe the whole thing has been made up by journos,time will tell methinks

  • mactoon

    My thoughts exactly Moose. I didn’t know Norwich were under ‘severe financial pressure’ just because they were nowhere near promotion and I was under the impression they simply didn’t want to sell one of their best performers. This is now crunch time as we are well known for sticking to a valuation which is ALWAYS less than the selling clubs.

    If Rafa asks for this bid to be increased and Charnley sticks to this failed policy it could really put a spanner in the works. As Raf says “It’s not ideal”

    Over to you Charnley. God what a JOKE this is.

    • Daniel Smith

      Just to be clear. Norwich are under no such financial pressure. They’ve shrunk their wage bill dramatically since last season. They’ve also just sold Howson and Dorrans, so no need to sell any of their remaining players if they don’t want to. Murphy signed a new 4 1/2 year contract in January, along with his twin brother. It would take a ridiculous bid, of say £20M, for Norwich to even consider selling. It seems more a case of Murphy’s agent stoking the fire. He’s got one hell of a future ahead of him though. You would get an excellent player.

  • canary lad

    Norwich are not under severe pressure, they cut the wage bill bill by getting shoy=t of out of contract players, sold two who wanted to leave . and do not have to sell anyone. Every player has a price and if someone comes along with a bid that meets or over exceeds their value then it would be silly not to sell. But if Benitez thinks Norwich are desperate he is clearly not doing hs home work or he can bully a smaller club he may not be getting what he wants.

    Onto the player, he isn’t ready for that step up, the last coach absolutely screwed the boy up, he still makes very elementary mistakes , and is rash . which proper coaching and an arm round the should would put right. The talk is the new coach will work with all our younger players especially . Another season and he will be ready and what Bentiez is offering won’t be anywhere near. A season too early and as for wear a newcastle shirt jeez they were babies, having spoken to both the boys, they have only ever wanted to play for Norwich and are more than happy here

    • TheNutJob

      that`s until some one offers to triple their wages, then they`ll be off in a heartbeat

    • TheFatController

      What ‘if’ Rafa didn’t think or say those things you hypothesize about ? Will you apologize on here ?

      ‘If’ you know rafa is a bully and hasn’t done his homework on Norwich’s finances and coaching policy, perhaps quote the source ?

      I like norwich, good luck. But i doubt Rafa turned to his missus and said ‘I’m just doing some homework on Norwich’s finances here and I reckon I can bullly them with a low bid for a player their even fans admit is not ready to step up yet…’

      I’m sure he’d be happy that you know both the boys though. Lovely.

      • mactoon

        If Rafa doesn’t do anything more than provide a list of names to Charnley (who then brokers the deals) I doubt he has anything to do with looking into the club’s finances.

        • HarryHype59

          The fact that Charnley is still brokering the deals is the problem.

    • TheFatController

      Can you confirm or deny the talk this morning that the shirt wearing baby kink does have some credence and he prefers to make a move to Newcastle ?

      That can’t be right surely, given the inside track you have? Put us out of our misery please…

  • Anita kick up the Hoop

    Offer them our surplus players as part of any deal .. the likes of Hanley, Murphy, Colback and Rivière .. get the deal done because we will end up in another Dele Ali situation if we don’t!

    • Oooh bobbi fleckman

      I really don’t think Murphy will go to Norwich!!!
      However, Hanley as a make-weight is a real possibility but only if we pay his wages for the year.

      This lad, to me, is the sort of player we should be going for. Bags of potential, good attitude and would be a really healthy competition with Aarons. I think Benitez would rather someone ‘ready-made’ for this season.

      • HarryHype59

        By competition, I hope you don’t mean who can spend the most time in the treatment room!

        I suspect any players loaned out will have part of their wages paid by Newcastle. The club has a bench full of toxic assets on ridiculous long term contracts.

        • Desree

          Why do we need competition for aarons? He plays one game per season

        • Oooh bobbi fleckman

          Right, so Aarons should never have got a contract despite being in demand elsewhere? every club has players on contracts yet are no longer getting in the first team. We’re no worse than others.

          • HarryHype59

            Aarons appears to be made from tissue paper and had an appalling injury record when Charnley/Ashley sanctioned his new five year deal. He spent one year of that five “on the sick”. He has been another one draining the wage bill.

  • TheNutJob

    the name of the game is money, offer a player a vast increase in salary & his current club won`t even get a backward glance.
    this lad`s agent will be chomping at the bit as we speak, they are the power in football not the managers

  • anyobrien

    Cough up

  • Still think they will sell for anything above 12 Mil.
    If Rafa values him at that we can go for it. Looks like a fair price.

    • mactoon

      If we’ve offered £8 million I very much doubt Charnley will increase the bid to 12

  • BinTanG

    Really frustrated with the calibre of players we are going for… I got a feeling this whole transfer facade will go onto the final day and rash decisions will be made to bring in anyone just to show we have made signings.. slightly concerned!

    • Franzcarrsuperstar

      I’d take a team stocked with exciting young British players like Jacob Murphy all day long. Good attitude and ability and out to prove themselves on the big stage. Yes please.

  • HarryHype59

    How is it that players at other clubs have massively increased in value, whilst NUFC cannot shift Riviere, Saivet et al for anything near the fees paid for them?

    • mactoon

      cos they are rubbish. The value can go down as well as up

  • Thefootballerwhocouldfly

    This is so f^*#~iing predictable…. Ashley will not buy until we sell. We’ll not up our offer for Jacob Murphy & another club will buy. So wish Ashley would go….