They just don’ give up do they, the Premier League having revealed that clubs still want to take league matches overseas.

There was a massive backlash from fans and others when this was previously tried to be pushed through.

It gets worse though.

Whilst the previous suggestion was to have an extra set of fixtures, the 39th game, played at venues around the world, the Premier League Chairman Richard Scudamore now admits that if it can be made to happen, it will be normal matches from the usual 38 game season that would be shifted.

People like Scudamore are really shameless, no matter how they try to dress this up, it is only about money, not some supposed merited idea to do with Premier League fans from other countries deserving to host matches because of the money they pay via overseas TV deals.

Surely for most overseas fans anyway, the thing that has attracted them to English football is the unique atmosphere and feel that it gives people watching on TV, wherever they may be. Would Manchester United/Liverpool fans in Norway, really think it was the same watching their team on TV playing a match in Tokyo, rather than Old Trafford or Anfield?

One big positive though is that whilst Richard Scudamore is desperate for games to be played overseas, he accepts that the mood of the public won’t allow it, so until that changes…

The thing is, fans of Newcastle United and the other 19 Premier League clubs, know fine well what the score would be.

Even if the 39th match had been allowed, it would have been the thin end of the wedge.

It would have then been…surely out of 38 games, fans overseas deserve at least a handful of those matches, selfish of English based supporters expecting to keep them all etc etc.

Then it would be chipped away and chipped away and eventually if they got their way, fans in England should be grateful they have at least half the games.

Those who run football think they can get away with anything but good to see that for once people power is once again stopping Scudamore and the rest of them from trying this on again.

Premier League Chairman Richard Scudamore:

“I have got the scars all the way up my back from the last time (the Premier League wanted to play some league games abroad).

“There is no plan to do it but is there still a burning desire? The clubs would like to do it but we are also realistic that says until the fan, political and media reaction is any more warm towards it, it won’t happen.

“If it did happen it wouldn’t be a 39th game (as was previously put forward), I think there would be a desire to do a round of fixtures internationally – but there is no prospect of it happening any time soon or in anybody’s realistic timeframe.

“We have no time set for it but I am a man of belief. I thought it was the right thing to do and I still do.

“I fully understand those who have bought a season ticket, been to every game home and away for the last 25 years, deem themselves to be at the highest echelon of fan commitment.

“I get that. You can’t take that away from anyone…but I also think those fans realise that now the Premier League and those clubs are global success stories.

“That global success has come from interest that other fans have. This is not a patronising, false interest – the bit that always strikes a chord is how knowledgeable and passionate they are.

“I would put a lot of people here (in Hong Kong),up against anyone back home, in terms of knowledge of the club.

“The fact they haven’t walked down through terraced houses, smelt the hot dogs and onions and dodged the police horse *** on the pavement you have to step in in order to enjoy your Premier League experience.

“I understand they haven’t sensed that but that is not to say that there isn’t a an appreciation, a knowledge, a passion, an interest and it’s that which is being channelled to make the game what it is.”

  • TwinFire

    Greed hath never been defined better

  • Lord

    Ludicrous of couse, but the PL will have a wary eye on the Chinese League and their mega-money right now. No surprise he made this quote whilst in Hong Kong for the PL Asia tournament.

  • nevfur

    The overseas fan may well have big passion and an in depth knowledge of their team and the game but the fact is that these teams are from and represent areas of England (and Wales) and that is where they play. The in depth knowledge of the foreign fan will, or should, know and appreciate this.

  • Jezza

    Every day I become ever more aware of how lucky I am to have gone to football matches back in the 70’s and 80’s before the vile blood sucking parasites came along and destroyed our national game with their insatiable greed.

    • Warren Barton Centre Parting

      Likewise Jezza , 77/78 was my first real season, what a shocker that turned out to be ! , Don’t think I ever got over it really, still daft enough to turn up now , only us

      • Jezza

        Yes 77/78 was quite a season. I think we won our first game then didn’t pick up any more points for another three months. Bastia in the UEFA Cup with Johnny Rep running round St James’s Park like he was taking on Shields market second eleven. Getting thrashed at home by QPR. The players revolting and the board threatening to put out the reserves for league games. Richard Dinnis. Still it wasn’t all bad. There was an exciting 4-4 draw, against Everton if I recall.

        • Warren Barton Centre Parting

          Lol, aye Leeds if I remember rightly, me dad blamed the season unraveling on me and my mates watching it from the East stand !, ( We always stood in the Gallowgate ) to this day me and my son and daughter have only twice sat in that stand ( me and my son NUFC V Stoke 2-1 Perch put the ball passed Krul in the last few minutes, and my daughter and her mates against Villa l the Lansbury game )

    • 1957

      I agree, we may have had some shocking teams, but football was still the peoples game then, now supporters come way behind financial greed

  • nevfur

    Even if it was to happen it surely couldn’t be one of the 38 games. The whole premise of league football I see around the fairness that every team plays each other at home and away. How do you decide which home game you lose and how do you make that fair across the board? You can’t. So you make an unbalanced, unfair league that is always open to criticism of bias, just for money. Just ludicrous. If it ever happens, and I hope it doesn’t, it would have to be a 39th game, with the games and venues drawn at random. Too much common sense and fairness there though. Can’t see the foreign fans and tv queuing up to see Bournemouth v Burnley in Tokyo

    • Damon Horner

      Can you imagine if you were a point clear of relegation and the draw so you play the title chasers and you end up relegated when your rivals got a team with little to play for? Controversial whichever way you look at it unless you don’t play for points.

  • Rich Lawson

    ”the clubs want to do it”. Which ones exactly,can you not imagine a club losing a key prem’ game abroad and then not complaining they had been forced to play on a rotten pitch,bad enviroment etc ? Would they still use British officials to ref’ the match ? I remember one of my past employers stating ”you can never have to much money” and the bitter argument that followed with one of my fellow workers who had the temerity to say ”actually,yes you can”

    • Down Under Mag

      Let’s not kid ourselves, it’s all about getting yet more money in to keep propping up the overinflated wages and fees and I can totally see this becoming reality if the TV revenue dips (which it could given fans are starting to get tired of it all if last seasons TV numbers were anything to go by). And what’s more, it will all depend on what financial incentives are given – I can’t imagine many clubs turning down an extra few million to do an overseas game if that was offered, we all know home fans aren’t a top priority these days…i’m sure Ashley would jump at the chance to have free money while at the same time screwing over the fans.

  • Mrkgw

    I hope that this never, ever happens. Would amount to none other than a circus.

  • Paul Patterson

    Clubs already play games abroad to raise their profile. They are called friendlies and tours.

  • Peter Stabler

    Rich people love money? Hey whaddya know? Pathetic justifications for bare faced greed.