Paul Dummett is desperate to be included this season and says he and his teammates are ‘working hard in training and friendlies, to try and get a place in the team’.

A 2-1 win over Hearts kicked off pre-season and then a 1-1 draw at Preston on Saturday, next up is Bradford away on Wednesday.

Javier Manquillo is the latest signing and as well as being a right-back he can also cover the left – but we still wait to see whether Rafa Benitez brings in a new left-back who will go straight in ahead of Paul Dummett.

Whilst acknowledging that ‘we might want a few more players’ this summer, Dummett says that whether that happens or not ‘we know we have got good competition’.

There are now only 20 days until United kick off against Spurs on Sunday 13 August and fair to say that fans expected one or two more obvious first team players to have arrived by now.

Manquillo, Atsu and Lejeune all look likely to be squad players at least initially, rather than automatic first team selections.

Jacob Murphy appears to be a potentially more exciting signing but it remains to be seen how quickly Rafa Benitez gives him a start, seen as it was only 15 months ago when the winger was still playing League One football.

I think we all agree that a ‘few more players’ are definitely needed but the only expectation of the current set of players is that they try their best, which to be fair to Paul Dummett is what he does every game.

Paul Dummett talking to Sky Sports:

“We might want a few more players but the squad we have now, did well to win the league.

“So everyone who is here now is desperate to show what they have got.

“We all want to be playing, so it is up to us to fight for our place, no matter who comes in, whatever player he (Rafa Benitez) brings in.

“We know we have got good competition and we just want to hit the ground running.

“So we have been working hard in training and friendlies, to try and get a place in the team.”

  • Leicester Mag

    Is he trying to replace Mystic Steve as club sage? Awful lot of wishful thinking at present

    • Leazes Ender

      He always moved in mysterious ways.

  • Big shaun

    Crack head

  • magpiefifer

    ‘Competition’ – yes, that is a requirement,but so is quality – and that’s sadly lacking in depth at the moment!

  • toonterrier

    A lot of the players we still have were in the team that got us relegated. That includes Dummett who never impressed me. I bit like Stuart Pearce when he came to us. A class player in his time but when he came to the toon was past his best. Too slow ( a bit like Dummett ) and all the opposition had to do was knock the ball past him and by the time he’d turned around the ball had gone. We have a great manager but he needs premiership players to keep us up and hopefully take us to another level. Get the wallet out fatty.

  • Steve Pearce

    Panic, desperation and frustration – that’s what this lame article means. Jabba The Hut should have sold our club upon promotion and by now we would have enjoyed seeing first rate players that cost first rate money being signed. But caution and patience is Rafa’s way as it will take more than one season to build the sort of team he wants without funds. But will the next season be back in the Championship? Only time and hopefully new ownership will tell……

  • Leazes Ender

    Competition, I’ve just looked at the youth squad in the NI supercup and they are getting thrashed against Antrim 3-0 HT.

    The whole club is a shambles.

    • East Durham Mag

      Its hard to understand what Rafa thinks he can achieve with a club being managed like a pub team. Fatboy is the gift that just takes and takes. It seems like Ashley and Penfold will never change or just do all this sh*t to pi$$ the supporters off.

      • Geordiegiants

        No doubt about it, Jabba has purposefully done it for years.

  • Stephen Paylor

    There are plenty of players for every position but we have too many 3 star players that this year will be playing in a league that sees 4 star teams struggle.

    We have more 3’s than 4’s which means Rafa has to really earn his money this year to stay in the league.

  • Kneebotherm8

    Not much competition at left back.

    • steve

      Lazaar, Haidara, Gamez, Manquilo, plenty of competition, unfortunately it’s all pretty poor.

      • Kneebotherm8

        Unfortunately you’re right,how many games did the first 3 play between them last season? It could only have been less than 10,while Manquilo played 15 or so for the mackems. It basically means little or no competition for Paul Dummett and he’ll be playing left back,if fit,and we all saw how he fared at left back in the premier league in the last few seasons. It doesn’t bode well.

  • Anita kick up the Hoop

    Oh god …

  • Geordiegiants

    If we don’t get at the very minimum, an attacking midfielder and striker, we are going to struggle.

  • East Durham Mag

    What happened to the take over. Seems to me that Fatty and Penfold propagate these rumours to get our hopes up and then dash them. The sooner Ashley and this toxic regime f*ck right off the better.

    • Down Under Mag

      I think it is much more likely a stalling tactic to delay any transfer activity for as long as possible.

      • East Durham Mag

        Yeah your probably right.