A transfer fee of around £12.5m has been agreed for the transfer of Jacob Murphy and some varied responses from Norwich fans.

With nine goals and six assists last season, he was clearly a player who contributed, but what message are they sending to Newcastle supporters?

The comments below have a bit of everything, from total disillusionment with their club for selling him, right through to it’s a brilliant move by Norwich City.

Likewise, the agreed price is seen as a give away by some, whilst others claim the Canaries have taken the Magpies’ eyes out.

Judge for yourself.

Norwich fans comment via their main Pink Un message board:

‘Disappointing, on the day I get my season ticket in the post!!!!’

‘Nobody could have budgeted for getting £12.5m for Murphy??’

‘There is not a side in the Championship who could have held on to such a player as Jacob Murphy considering all the factors.

The only thing in doubt was the bottom line.’

‘I am sure we would all loved to have kept him for another season but at the moment £12 million is a good price, and if we invest to rebalance the squad then I can’t complain.’

‘The whole thing is an absolute disaster.’

‘The bottom line is, whoever we sign, he won’t be as good as JM, he won’t have as much potential as JM and he won’t win us matches like JM would have done.

In no way is this “a good bit of business”.’

‘Newcastle have a good Championship squad.

Even the addition of Jacob M who has no PL experience, he’s joining a club with only Championship players. Including the likes of Murphy and Gayle the rest struggled 2 seasons ago.

Can only see another season od discontent at St James’s. Unless Ashley gets his wallet out but the time it took to get Jacob not good for the Magpies. What a shame.’

‘Who cares? It’s still a lot better than ours is!’

‘Josh will be better given the opportunity, more direct and pace imo.’

‘Hope you are right but I prefer Jacob. His goal tally far better.

Really not happy about not seeing the best years of a player who has been with us since he was 11 years old.

And PLEASE do not say that £12.5m for an England U21 international with 4 years left on his contract is a good thing.’

‘Jacob is a great player, but we got the same money we got for Redmond last year, who had already had two seasons of Pl football and a Championship promotion in his locker.

I was hoping we could squeeze Newcastle for a bit more given their desperation but it’s not the worst fee we’ve ever gotten.’

‘Have to admit I’m really disappointed about this one; we held the cards with a long contract and an exciting young English talent, really it should be £15m BEFORE add ons. Watch him play his way into the England picture….’

‘Personally I will be sad to see Jacob go as he was really starting to mature as a player and could have had a good role in this season’s challenge, but I can’t fault him overly much if there’s a good deal on offer from Newcastle who are very much still a massive club, who can offer premier league football, more fans per game, and likely higher wages as well.

Let’s face it, it would take a very brave or very confident young man to pass up that sort of opportunity in this stage of his career tbh.

Good luck in the future Jacob.’

‘Not that surprised this has happened, once a player knows he can move to a better paid job at a ‘bigger club’ , you might as well accept that they are off.

Jacob has many attributes of a top player, but he is still very much ‘in developement’, his stock may rise( hope there’s a sell on%) it may not, in which case we’ve done very good business indeed.’

‘Bloody good business imo. Well done City.’

‘If the sums are correct, then in today’s insane Premier League market we are selling him for a fraction of what Newcastle should be expected to pay for him. If Redmond is valued at £50m+ as claimed on the recent thread about him, I maintain that a player of Jacob’s ability and potential to improve, who has just signed a 4 year extension should command a fee of £20m to £25m.

We should have held out until Newcastle reached a figure well above what they initially offered. Then if Jacob found this to be unacceptable, we should have reminded him that he has just signed a new 4 year contract and that he will be training on his own until either his contract expired, his attitude improved or Newcastle met the clubs valuation.

Hopefully the £12m being quoted is just the initial payment and there are substantial add ons and a healthy resale percentage, if not would be very disappointed to let one of our better players go for a price well south of what we should be getting for him.’

‘Fee agreed according to Sky Sports.

Not surprised but not happy about it.’

‘Does any player “have a correct price”?

Any player is worth what another club will pay for him, and what the selling club think he is worth.

In the Jacob Murphy case I would suggest both clubs have it spot on.’

‘Happy Clappers now lining up……

To say how bad a player Jacob Murphy is and how the club have done amazingly well to get such a large fee for him.

Amazing how these people put such spin on negative times at NCFC.’

  • Steve Smith

    Was a bit concerned about signing this player as I know little about him. But judging by the disappointment a lot of their fans are showing I’m less so now.

    Still remains to be seen what he can contribute in the Premier League but must offer more going forward than Gouffran or Diame (although the latter puts in a lot of defensive work).

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      i`ve seen him on the telly a few times, i think he`ll be ok in the prem

    • Boris

      good player a nice prospect and with luck we have a decent sell on fee but does switch of on the defence a lot

    • Geordiegiants

      He has to be worth a punt at the price we got him at. Anything is an improvement on Goofy, although he had a decent season last, he is not going to get any better, Murphy has potential and youth on his side.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    if he`s worth £50m in the next 2 years he`ll be digging up pictures of himself wearing a Man United shirt

    • Paul Patterson

      It must be a challenge to be as constantly negative like that…

      • Martin

        Best comment of the day!

        • MichaelMaximusMoose

          doesn’t say much for your intelligence does it

          • Paul Patterson

            For heavens sake, then why post then? Although I appreciate the rude response. Kind of dampens your own intelligence sadly. Sensible discussion = abuse. OK.

          • MichaelMaximusMoose

            i was having a bit of fun but a $$holes like you take it seriously
            bet you`re the life & soul of a party
            GET A LIFE !

          • Martin

            It doesn’t say much for your intelligence does it? *

            That would be the correct way of saying it.

      • MichaelMaximusMoose

        Lighten up a $$hole

  • Paul Patterson

    I see him as a similar signing to Keiron D’yer from 1999 to be fair. The similarities are uncanny. The fees reasonable and with the right further investment, he should flourish.

    Nothing negative here..

    • Clarko

      What similarities do you see? How often have you watched Murphy, how many games?

      • Paul Patterson

        Young upcoming prospect at a lower league club wiling to step up, attacking, potentially exciting forward?

        That’s all. Some people need to keep their hair on

        • Pelican

          Given for the inflation in prices, Kieron Dyer would cost a lot more than Jacob Murphy, currently.

          • Paul Patterson

            So we got a bargain then?

          • Pelican

            It will not take long to find out.

        • Soldier

          Chief inspector clarko of the yard, he always asks daft questions

          • Clarko

            Brainless is the word that comes to mind when you pop up.

        • Clarko

          What you have done in your comment is indicate that he is young and plays in an attacking position, you’re just stating the blatantly obvious. I’m under the impression that you haven’t watched Norwich or Murphy. How many games have you watched Murphy partake in?

          • glassjawsh-got-banned

            From now on I’m just going to pretend that you’re an alien who is somehow trying to piece together how to be a human being by asking inane questions that are fairly obvious to everyone else. That one insulting enough?

          • Clarko

            What is “inane” about asking how he came to his assessment? What is “inane” about questioning and investigating the reasoning behind his statement? Do you just accept and believe everything someone states or claims to be true without questioning it?

          • Stephen Paylor

            well the games against us for sure showed some ability. We couldn’t deal with him

          • Clarko

            I agree, but that wasn’t the point I was getting at nor can you judge a player off of two games. Right?

          • Mayor Vaughn

            I also doubt very much NUFC are buying him off the back of two games. Whether you me or anyone other than Benitez has watched much is irrelevant.
            It seems EVERY signing we make is never good enough.

          • Clarko

            You’re being silly, everything about that comment is silly.

            I never said Newcastle were buying him “off the back of two games”. Straw man.

            If someone makes a judgment on a player I want to know why so it is relevant whether they “watched much” of him play.

            Where have I stated that Murphy is not “good enough”? I haven’t. Straw man.

          • Mayor Vaughn


  • Boris

    To be fair if you dig over the pinkun he did get a lot of stick from the home fans last season even to the point were the manager defended him in the local press

  • Lizfoley AkaEsther

    Go get josh in January with a couple of extra kisses from the toon army lol

  • Blackburn1066

    He is a player Rafa wanted say no more, Gouffran best of luck mate, and for the little goal getter out on loan again show them how it’s done.

  • TheNutJob

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  • Jezza

    When I first glanced at that picture of Delia Smith with the microphone for a split second I thought it was Bowie.

    • Rich Lawson

      I knew he wasn’t really dead !

  • 1957

    Getting your eyes pulled out is paying Hull to take SloMo off their hands.

    Murphy is young, has done well in the Championship and is now making the next step in his career. What he needs, like every young player is someone to guide and develop him, hopefully Benitez and his coaching staff will do that.

    • Carlo Ancelotti

      Diame will be gone in January, well i hope so

  • Carlo Ancelotti

    It`s all well and good signing a player like Murphy who has great potential but what we really need is a couple of experienced guys because the premier league is another ball game altogether

    • Clarko

      Any suggestions?

      Side note, it’s the same “ball game”, it’s called football.

    • TheFatController

      They’ll probably sign some experienced players.

  • Mrkgw

    Good signing but we need more. Much more.

  • Scott Riseborough

    The comments are true, based from the football we’ve seen him play there’s no way in this world he has shown enough potential to cost anywhere near the region of £12 million, he started the season off strong and was rewarded in the fact that he featured more times than his brother. He had a decent year, nobody can take that away from him but does one half decent year in the championship now equate to £12 million? Or was it scoring one goal for England U21’S?

    • Clarko

      I imagine the new four and a half year deal he signed in November 2016 impacted the price.

    • Mal

      £12 million does seem expensive, given his experience to date, but it’s the way the transfer market is going and to get anybody half decent you just have to cough up. There are limits though. I see Everton want £25 million for McCarthy. If anyone pays that the lunatics have definitely taken over the asylum. Unless its us of course :-)

    • Down Under Mag

      You are buying potential as well, if he comes in and has a blinding first season then he could be worth double or triple that fee. I think this is actually a very good bit of business, around the same price point as the likes of Thauvin and Cabella BUT would have a better chance of settling in and is already used to English football. Personally, another 2 or 3 of this level to add to the squad and help shore up the quality in depth would not be unwelcome. Yes, a big star forward or creativ genius in midfield would be nice, but we need to be realistic in that we don’t have a) the finances or b) the drawing power for such players right now. All about building the club in the right direction, not going to be done all at once.

  • Jimblag23

    There is one thing that is certain, Redmond is not worth £50m.

    • Kazie

      I really wish we got Redmond for £12million…but oh well we got Murphy so I hope he plays well in the epl.

      • Jezza

        Yes I wanted us to sign Nathan Redmond a good two or three years before he moved from Norwich to Southampton.

  • Steve Pearce

    I’ll tell you what – with all that skill and potential and Shelvey’s pin sharp passing to supply him he’s an absolute bargain. Norwich could have asked a lot more and we may finally have our missing link to supply our strikers.

    Nice one Rafa – now find us another 5 players with the same attributes for the same price…

  • Haitchdee

    Just read on the chronicle site that Daryl Murphy could be staying. Good he can maybe teach Mitro how to be a good Striker,Instead of a red card waiting to happen.

    • Jezza

      I think it would be better for all concerned if Mitro found a new club.

      • Haitchdee

        Yes probably right on that Jezza. Only for a decent fee though which I don’t think is there. The right guidance he might make a player. For me he trys too hard.