In a statement released on Wednesday morning, Newcastle United have confirmed the creation of a new singing section for the new season.

A great initiative but let’s hope it lasts longer than the previous one…

When Mike Ashley took over, Chris Mort was his man in charge.

After listening to fans, Mort instigated the creation of a 3,000 strong singing section in the Leazes/Milburn corner.

An acceptance that in modern all seater stadiums, it is ideal to have a space created where similar minded fans can come together to set off the atmosphere, compared to in the past where in standing areas supporters could choose to do that organically. Even moving in and out of the more boisterous areas match by match if they chose to do.

Unfortunately, when Mike Ashley forced Kevin Keegan out by undermining him with Kevin Keegan, the fans were in revolt.

The singing section, unsurprisingly, became the focus for starting off anti-Ashley chants and in retaliation, the club’s owner disbanded the singing section.

Here’s hoping…

Newcastle United Official Statement:

Newcastle United have launched an official singing section at St. James’ Park ahead of the 2017/18 Premier League season.

The section will be located in the upper tier of the Gallowgate End following consultation between the club and supporter groups Wor Hyem 1892 and Gallowgate Flags.

With space limited across most areas of the ground, available space was identified in block V (ED: Sadly, the Chronicle report that the new singing section area is only 350 seats, which shows what a short-sighted move it was by Ashley to dismantle that original 3,000 strong one. Though the organisers are urging other fans to aim for sections P, Q and U if they miss out on the designated block V) of the Gallowgate during a stadium visit by both groups and the process of moving their respective members has commenced.

Wor Hyem 1892’s Mac McEvoy said: “We are massively excited about the return of a singing section at St. James’ Park.

“Our fans are known for their vocal support and alongside Gallowgate Flags, we wanted to create an area for likeminded fans to really kick-start a positive atmosphere across the stadium.

“We’d like to thank the club, who have been very receptive to the idea, and everyone involved with Gallowgate Flags. We can’t wait to be back in August.”

Gallowgate Flags’ co-founder Alex Hurst said: “Everyone at Gallowgate Flags is delighted that we’ve created a singing section inside St. James’ Park alongside Wor Hyem 1892.

“Over the last season we have worked with the club to foster a positive visual displays for home games and now that likeminded supporters can be grouped together, the atmosphere will only get better.”

How to move to the singing section

All supporters wishing to move into the section alongside likeminded fans are now able to do so by emailing their name and supporter number to [email protected], using the subject line ‘Singing section’.

Supporters wishing to be relocated alongside friends and family are asked to include all relevant supporter numbers in a single email using ‘Singing section’ in the subject line.

The club will endeavour to move all fans requesting the move at no charge and seats will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

To renew or buy a new season ticket, please visit

  • Oooh bobbi fleckman

    This was in the fans forum minutes from last Thursday wasn;t it?

    • Leazes Ender

      Yes you’re right I don’t often say that…. frame it.

  • Bleeds black&white

    Toon Toon
    I’m a Newcastle fan living in Bournemouth,only get to one home game a season, but can’t wait to hear and see the new singing section on motd, loud and proud lads 💪🏻🎶📣

  • Paul Patterson

    The b******s!!! Will they sink any lower? How dare they do such a thing! Ashley out! Why haven’t we signed Ronaldo yet? Etc etc.

    • Geordiegiants

      Let’s congratulate Jabba for his excellent running of our our club! Yeah fat boy excellent job, all is forgiven for setting up a singing section, you are now a god!

      • TheFatController

        I don’t think anyone is that oblivious to Ashley’s faults, I think they just look for signs of either lessons learnt or improvements.

        So, until someone offers £400m, they maybe just focus on world class manager with growing influence, no Carr, flags, singing section, better reserve and youth set up and training facilities, no more ‘buy to sell-on’ steppingstone, no going to USA or Southern Hemisphere in pre-season, etc etc

        Yes, it’s good to be angry when something’s not right, but nothing is ever perfectly right in life, Ashley knows how we feel, some choose to then take the positives is all and await a buyer.

        • Geordiegiants

          The positives are Rafa and nothing else really. He is a sticking plaster over a big gash. Our club is still a shambles, a tiny little thing like bringing back a singing section is seen as some sort of hallelujah moment. I don’t think so! everything including our playing staff is a mess. What is there to be positive about at the minute? It’s still the same, it’s just Jabba has employed Rafa as a force field, and some of the minions are buying it. It’s his tactic, dived and conquer, some of the more naive buy it, the wiser among us can see straight through it, just like North Korea 🇰🇵.

          • TheFatController

            Why is the club a shambles? It’s a PL club with a respected manager and a team that are united. They won a championship that everyone enjoyed with more away wins than ever achieved.

            You may not like some things and we all agree on most of them, but when Fulham suggest we bid big for Cairney where is the shambolic element in that?

            A shambles of a club doesn’t get £30m for its least respected high profile. player. Or sign Ritchie, Gayle, Yedlin, Clark, Hayden, Atsu all in one window.

            If you think there’s nothing positive, sunderland and Boro might find a few among the shambles of our club for you….

          • Geordiegiants

            On the face of it yeah, we are a premier league club, we have one of the top ten managers in world football, but what else? We have one of the top ten worst owners in world football, and playing staff that are barely adequate, we have no assets, none of our current players will ever be sort after by top 6/7 clubs. We have an MD that’s not worth a light, a board that are not even a board, a new scout that’s promoted from within the toxic harem of nodding dogs. A toxic hated brand spattered all over everything connected wit our club.
            A sub standard training ground, and no money to spend, with a playing staff of around 30, with around 20 players that can’t play football, that we can’t move on, because they are on astronomical wages. Now I get your point it looks ok from a distance, but take a closer look and it’s a mess, a real mess. By the way I would swap Jabba for Gibson any day as a chairman, Boro might be in the championship, but it’s not for the lack of trying. I bet if he had Newcastle’s money, they would be a top ten club easily.

          • TheFatController

            I think we have money to spend. The real problem is going to be when sky and BT agave to lower prices because no laws can stop streaming. Then they’ll pay less for rights, and the rest will all filter down from there.

            This means two things – one we’re well placed as solvent and not over stretched and reliant on tv money like smaller attended clubs. And two Ashley will want out whilst going is good.

            Big clubs will then want overseas money to protect lost income, like in Spain is reality now. So the positive is we are a little more recession proof when the bubble inevitably bursts. Sky are giving away packages now due to Netflix and amazon prime, they won’t have money for football, nor will football generate money for them like it did. Bad times are ahead for some clubs as a result – we must stay solvent, which we are.

    • Stephen Paylor

      It never ends and never will, from the ‘sack the board’ chants of the 80’s i have never known a time when there was not a group of fans annoyed at something. Even when we were shaded out of the title the city centre took a beating.

  • Rich Lawson

    Be better if it was a bit nearer the pitch and standing,one day mebbe !

  • Leazes Ender

    That section was always last to sell out and was for matchday tickets you can see the pitch from there and nothing else except the roof, still its a gift from the club who will no doubt issue the singing section with a song pamphlet of acceptable chants.

    Ashley OUT

    • TheFatController

      Although a balanced view would be that the seats are in an affordable section and in the gallowgate.

      Based on the ‘corner’/’scoreboard’ singing sections on the 80s, they were congregated high up on Gallowgate in the main made up of younger supporters in the cheapest section.

      Where else would a singing section go in the ground? The Old Paddock E where the journalists sit now ?

    • Grahame Johnson

      More then half of the games last season block v tickets were the main ones given to foundations and charity

  • Toon

    Ban this and the flags, how dare people smile, sing and enjoy going to St James Park. Why haven’t spent £150 million yet, its 11.38am and we haven’t signed anyone, it must be a conspiracy, I blame everyone

  • goggsy

    Maybe they’ll start handing out giant hands and put up screens telling us when to applaud. You can just see Murdoch now “come on,let’s make it look like they’re enjoying it”

    Not that I’m saying the capitalist globalization of football has spoiled the entertainment factor in any way.

  • Grahame Johnson

    I sit in block u right next to block v and if the lads and lasses who move there behave like the ones who went to Leeds,Derby, Villa and Forrest it will be a joy to see, alas some of the stewards up here are jobs worth’s, hope it works out, I went to the rugby league and the st Helens fans in block v and u sounded very loud from the front of the gallowgate hope the toon fans do

  • Andy Mac

    Congratulations to Wor Hyem and Gallowgate Flags for their initiatives.

  • toonterrier

    You do realise if you apply for these seats you have to audition in front of Gareth Malone so you can all sing You Fat Bustard and Get Out Of Our Club in tune. Get some practise in lads and don’t let the side down.

  • Albert Stubbins

    im not wanting to knock the initiative but the only place to have one would be next to the away fans- you don’t declare war on someone and then fires peas shooters at them from 10 miles where its kicking off!! I thought the younguns in level 7 did a great job last season- they really got behind the lads when the team needed them in my opinion- also strawberry corner- big hats off to them too- don’t give up the fight lads!!