News on Saturday that a swap deal between Newcastle and Middlesbrough is in the offing.

It has been widely reported in the last 24 hours that a Boro bid of £5m for Karl Darlow has been turned down.

However, a compromise could be set to happen.

The Chronicle claim that Newcastle have been in talks with Middlesbrough for the last 48 hours, with the intention of bringing in Adama Traore.

The 21 year old winger was reported to be of interest to Newcastle (see below) 15 days ago but there didn’t appear to have been any follow up.

Now though, we have the possibility of a deal being to the satisfaction of both clubs.

A goalkeeper that (despite what some fans my think) Rafa Benitez clearly sees as not having a Premier League at the future, behind both Rob Elliot and another (number) one arriving this summer, whilst Middlesbrough would be getting a new first choice goalkeeper and trading on a young winner who has bags of promise – but little end product to show as yet.

Newcastle fans are fearing that Rafa’s transfer budget may not be as big as they had hoped and so potential deals such as this could be a positive, using unwanted players as leverage.

Seeing a potential reasonable price for the two players arrived at, with Newcastle needing to add a few extra quid as well as Darlow, to land Adama Traore.

The Mag – 23 June 2017:

‘The press in England claim a signing could be possible from only 30 miles down the road.

Middlesbrough winger Adama Traore looks to be the perfect candidate for being described as a ‘raw talent’, or headless chicken if you prefer.

The 21 year old has bags of potential and pace to burn – but little end product so far.

With 37 appearances in the Premier League so far, Adama Traore has managed no goals and only two assists.

However, those stats are a little misleading.

Aston Villa splashed the cash in summer 2015 and a 19 year old Traore was one of those who arrived. The winger had came through the youth levels at Barcelona but had made only one appearance in La Liga before moving to England. Signed for £7m plus additional money based on hitting targets, Barcelona also insisted on a buy-back clause if the player proved successful, something Barca are increasingly insisting on when selling young players.

Maybe little wonder Adama Traore struggled to make an impact as Villa were relegated as one of the worse ever Premier League teams, the 19 year old getting zero starts in the league and only 10 brief sub appearances totalling 184 minutes. He managed no goals and only one assist.

Moving on to Middlesbrough for reportedly a similar £7m fee, Adama Traore managed more games but found himself at another struggling team.

Set up in a very negative formation, Boro were the lowest scorers (27 goals) but Adama Traore was the bright spark in their team when given the chance. He got 16 starts and 11 sub appearances but once again returned only one assist and no goals in the league.

He is a player who could go one of two ways but if he can add an end product to his high energy game and dribbling ability, he would be an asset to any team.

Chelsea were reported to be interested in Traore during the season and West Ham are widely reported to have made an approach to Middlesbrough, with The Mail now claiming that Newcastle United have also done the same.

Whilst Newcastle have got a solid looking squad that won the Championship, it did at times certainly appear to lack a wildcard player who could run at the opposition and open them up via pace and dribbling. Now stepping up to the Premier League that kind of addition is very much needed in my opinion, just as we need at least one quality striker to play with/compete with Dwight Gayle, somebody with different strengths to the current number nine.

It was always going to be tough in this transfer window with so many clubs having cash to spend and needing to buy somebody, so Newcastle’s current standing will mean risks taken in some way – whether it is older players, ones with a suspect injury record, or indeed those who have achieved little so far but have clear potential.

In this crazy market, a transfer fee as high as £15m has been speculated for Adama Traore and at some point this summer you feel that these kind of risks will have to be taken.

Which players and at what price we are hopefully going to find out soon, with it being 50 days now until the Premier League kicks off and only 10 days until Newcastle’s pre-season training begins.’

  • mentalman

    I can’t help but think it’ll be a mistake selling Darlow. Krul is in his final year of his contract and seems to be out of favour so any offer would probably see him leave. Darlow leaves and we are left with finding a new number 1, elliott as back up and woodman as third choice. I personally think elliott has more weaknesses than darlow and keeping woodman as third choice would slow down his progress

    • TheFatController

      I think Reina for his experience with elliot as 2 and woodman on loan awaiting him maturing to first team level is the ideal plan in Rafa’s mind

      • Anita kick up the Hoop

        When Reina was at Liverpool would you ha e rated him over Krul ? … I wouldn’t

        • Mayor Vaughn

          Easily better.

        • Keeganontherebound

          You could debate that. But Krul has since been badly injured and couldn’t get a game with Ajax last season…

        • Phil K

          Krul isn’t half the player he was before injury
          Elliot’s come back almost refreshed, surprisingly.

      • ToonNL

        Correct me if I’m wrong but i think we need to declare three keepers in our official squad come the end of the transfer window. So whilst I agree that Woodman should get a first team spot on loan it would still leave us a keeper down.

        And as we saw in our most recent relegation season, a third choice keeper could end up between the sticks..

        Hopefully rafa see’s something in this, we do need more wing cover and the price still leaves a good budget for the more pressing positions.

  • Steve Smith

    Would much rather Jota.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    watched him few times last season, runs around a lot with no end product, stats last season No goals, No assists. now why would we waste money on a player like this

  • Cuh736

    No sense in this one.

    • Clarko

      Why is that?

  • Lhc

    Nufc want this deal because it’s cheap, it is what is at our club

  • Alreet

    Why are we wanting to offload darlow rather than krul. Darlow was a little shakey at times last season but he never shipped 5 in the same game.

    Get rid of krul then get in reina or hart as no. 1 have darlow as number 2.

    Looks like we are dragginv heels for the midfielders and strikers we need.

  • brin mcardle

    i think Darlow is the best Goalie !

    • Phil K

      Yes, he recovers from his frequent howlers and terrible mistakes quite often. Sels made quite a few too – but never recovered from making them to stop them being costly. At least Darlow did a lot of the time. Elliot just rarely made those kind of mistakes

      • Anita kick up the Hoop

        Elliot is awful man … he is a reflex keeper but his command of his area is abysmal

  • Anita kick up the Hoop

    What a terrible deal all round … we are in huge trouble

  • Mayor Vaughn

    I don’t reckon shifting Darlow weakens our squad one bit, he’s decent but no better than Elliott, if he can be used to secure more outfield cover all well and good.

    • Cuh736

      He’s younger than Elliot. And if you reckon they are at the same level, consider that he has more potential to improve than Elliot.

      If we sell him, then Sels and Woodman are our only long term options.

  • Franzcarrsuperstar

    For all the goalkeepers we have, I don’t think we have one that is good enough to be number 1 in the premier league. I can see why rafa has targeted this position for a shake up. Krul and Darrow will both go it seems and Reina or Hart would be ideal (the latter is unlikely I appreciate).

  • 1957

    Accepting that we have too many goalkeepers, and Benitez apparent desire to get one of his former players into the club, I can see the logic in Darlow (and another) moving on. What I don’t get is buying Traore. When I’ve seen him on tv I’ve not been impressed he runs about but has little impact on a game, no goals no assists, even SloMo would probably better that over a season

    • Franzcarrsuperstar

      Did you see him against Arsenal last season? He was terrific. I know what you mean about his consistency, and effectiveness when not on the ball, but I actually think it could be a good move.

      He is really young and has time to improve, and there is a big part of me that thinks it would be nice to have a winger who just wants to skin his man all day long. It’s been a while since we had that. The game away at arsenal last season he was unbelievable, and if we can start to coax a few more of them from him then this is a really good deal.

      • 1957

        I agree he’s young and therefore might improve, but we’ve already taken a risk with one unproven winger in Atsu, can we afford two.

        I’m not sure we can afford to spend (this is being touted as Darlow plus a couple of million cash) our seemingly limited transfer budget on more ‘potential’ this season. Yes if you’re established mid table, but not this season for me

        • Damon Horner

          I agree but if we can get all his potential out of him can we really afford to let the deal slip? If it means taking a big risk with the results of key games or undertaking lots of training ground work then it’s completely the wrong season

  • Cuh736

    Change I would have made: LOAN- Woodman, Sels. SELL – Elliot. KEEP – Krul, Darlow + New GK

    What I anticipated regardless: LOAN- Woodman, Sels. SELL – Krul. KEEP – Elliot, Darlow, New GK

    What looks most likely now: LOAN- Woodman, Sels. SELL – Krul, Darlow. KEEP – Elliot, New GK

  • Leazes Ender

    Can we swap owners….we’d be financially better off.

  • DC1964

    More underwhelming news!!!

  • Jezza

    Wouldn’t surprise me one bit. Even the likes of Huddersfield and Bournemouth buying players for £10 to £20 million and NUFC reduced to doing swap deals with a club in the division below us. Typical Ashley.

  • Kev-82

    Keep Darlow and stick him on the wing, will probably get as many assists and goals as this guy has managed.

  • Dandizzle Uk

    Seen this lad play against Everton last season for Boro (fatha in law is a toffee…) And he was alright, by far the best player they had going forward. Twisting and turning towards goal before laying their forwards off to let the play break down again. I’d take him, we need pace on those wings. Hopefully his end product can improve!

    • Kev-82

      We had pace with Obertan and we know how good he was. I’m more interested in a winger with an end product either goals or assist (both ideally), stats suggest Traore can’t provide either, he is young though so maybe it will come with time, but I’d rather be taking somebody who can do it now.

  • HarryHype59

    Traore has had two relegations in two seasons. Let’s he doesn’t make it three if he joins us.

  • Steve Pearce

    This would be a brilliant move as Traore is far and away the best Boro player and reminds me of Sissoko firing on all cylinders. I too don’t think Darlow is up to the Premiership as he’s just not physically robust enough to handle the caliber of players he’d be facing in goal. So let’s get this deal done and move on to the next one!

    • Phil K

      His ONLY plus is his speed. He runs around like a headless chicken. Ask yourself how many goals he’s scored and how many assists from a so-called “good player” – Gouffran has several times more. So Gouffran is three times the player Traore is ? Should he be worth £45 million ?

  • Thefootballerwhocouldfly

    Why? Darlow has a great future ahead of him

  • Phil K

    Darlow should be worth TWICE what an absolute plank like Traore is
    £15 mill is ridiculous. Meanwhile they’re trying to get Darlow on the cheap. Sell Darlow to someone else and tell them to stick Traore