Newcastle United are interested in taking Zou Feddal to St James Park according to reports on Sunday morning.

The 6ft 3 centre-back started in 27 of Alaves’ 38 La Liga matches last season, helping them to a very decent ninth place in the table.

With bookings and two red cards he faced three different suspensions or else he could have been an ever present.

A similar profile to Newcastle’s recent signing Florian Lejeune , Zou Feddal is a left footed central defender who can also play left-back and defensive midfield.

Lejeune and SD Eibar finished one place below Alaves last season.

Like the Frenchman, Moroccan international Feddal has been a bit of a late developer and only the last three seasons have seen the 28 year old playing top flight football, in Italy and then Spain.

Playing for Parma in 2014/15, Zou Feddal saw his Italian club go bankrupt and this meant he was a free agent.

Signing for Levante in summer 2015 and in a powerful position because the club didn’t have to pay a transfer fee, he had a clause inserted meaning he could leave for nothing if the Spanish club were relegated.

After Levante did get relegated with Zou Feddal playing 28 La Liga matches, he then moved on again, this time to Alaves – who at the time were managed by Mauricio Pellegrino, who is now Southampton’s manager.

Once again in a strong negotiating position due to not carrying a transfer fee, the Moroccan defender had a buyout fee clause of only €3m (approx £2.6m) inserted in his latest contract.

The Mail say that despite Florian Lejeune having already signed, Newcastle are still showing interest in the defender, despite his very similar profile to the Frenchman.

With signings so hard to come by as Newcastle haven’t met prices asked, the £2.6m could be a bargain too good to turn down if Rafa Benitez rates the player.

Other clubs are also credited with interest, with La Liga sides Valencia and Real Betis having watched him, along with his old boss Pellegrino also considering him for Southampton.

Even with the low transfer fee, Zou Feddal’s wage demands would still be within the reach of Newcastle, much as was the case with Lejeune, as your typical La Liga player gets paid so much less than their Premier League counterparts.

Grant Hanley looks a definite to leave and much may depend on where Rafa Benitez sees the situation with Chancel Mbemba, who he sidelined for most of last season. Plus of course whether other clubs make suitable offers.

  • Desree

    Do we really need another defender. I didn’t need the best of ZZ top CD I bought. But it was cheap and it had two songs I really love (that I already had on two other CDs).

    It sure is [email protected] supporting the toon.

  • Desree

    NUFC are the Phoenix nights club of the EPL

  • HarryHype59

    I would keep Mbemba and focus on getting an EPL standard striker and no 10. The club is going for players they don’t need just because they are cheap.

    • Mark Potter

      Who says Mbemba wants to stay? He was fourth choice last year, and we have added Lejeune. It doesn’t look likely, barring injuries, that he will even get on the bench.

      • HarryHype59

        Mbemba looked decent in the EPL but needs to play with a taller CH who is good in the air. Both Lejuene and this target are totally unknown entities in the EPL. At 2.7m ask your self will this bloke be any better than what we already have?

        • Mark Potter

          What’s the point of asking myself. I ask only, does Rafa Benitez think he would add to his squad? If he does, and he wants to buy this guy, so he can let Hanley and/or Mbemba leave, then there’s no problem.

          What seems odd is that season after season, the club were pilloried over not addressing the weaknesses at the heart of defence. And many thought, despite the fact that we conceded the joint lowest number of goals in the Championship last season, that our defence was still not as strong as they would like. Why complain about this?

          • Damon Horner

            because we haven’t addressed everything already and spent mountains of cash. Some of our fanbase don’t need excuses to complain, at one point 5th place to them was a disaster.

            All said and done I think i’ll see how we fair when we start the season, Rafa is a smart man and he knows these guys better than we do.

          • HarryHype59

            I repeat my point, at £2.7m he his unlikely to be better than what is already there. £2.7m gets you a semi average Championship defender these days. This club has at least eight players who will spend their whole NUFC career on the bench or being loaned out. I ask myself why buy another one to join the “dross”.

          • Mark Potter

            So your opinion is better than Rafa’s, on a player you know nothing about, and never seen? The explanation of the unusual fee is given above. It has nothing to do with the ability of the player.

            Cabaye also had a low release clause, and Ba was on a free. I remember all of the neggers that transfer window who claimed we had bought no-one, because there was no splashing of cash on any “marquee” big-name players. “Why bring in Ba if he’s not better than Best?” On the assumption that he couldn’t be any good because he was free.

            The point is, until the players are here, have played some games, then we don’t know what they are going to be like. To brand them all as “dross” and all of our existing players (Gayle, Ritchie, Shelvey?) is ridiculous.

          • HarryHype59

            The days of picking up bargains for paltry fees
            from weaker leagues such as Cabaye are long gone. Ba was a free because of contract stipulations at WHU. This bloke may prove to be a decent player but it is more likely to end up joining Gamez on the bench at that price.

          • Desree

            Jesus and Lazaar are yet to show us what they are made of.

  • Leazes Ender

    Can we leave’bin-dipping’ to Ryder its his natural inclination.

  • Paul Patterson

    Does our transfer policy consist of just ringing up European clubs and asking if any of their players have a buy out clause?

    • HarryHype59

      It does as long as the fee is comparatively low.

  • TheFatController

    Apparently we won’t pay for players – which must mean we’ve changed our policy since signing wijnaldum, mitro, thauvin, Shelvey, Townsend, Gayle, Ritchie, Lejeune etc

    Or is it that the club haven’t changed policy but just won’t pay inflated fees?

    Healthy way of looking at life – forget the good (3 windows of a lot of money spent), dwell on the one window we didn’t spend (and still got promoted), and then confirm that life is out to get you when they only make 2 signings with over a month to go.

    every other club meanwhile has been buying lots of (that is, like us, about 2) players. Apart from Everton. But if we had lukaku and Barkley being sold we’d be dwelling in that misery and not the new signings I’m fairly sure – swings and roundabouts

    • Desree

      Its not the transfers or lack of. It is the lack of acknowledgement that we need to invest to ensure safety in the PL. Plus this is meant to be the entertainment industry. We are being asked as fans to pay the same as any other club. Yet we get to watch dross while Everton fans get to watch exciting talent.

      • TheFatController

        Now, explain ‘watching dross’ with the final day of the season ?

        Again, completely ignoring the facts – they told you at end of season all money was to be invested as Rafa and Charnley saw fit – if nothing had changed then I’d say that was the acknowledgment of investment required you are seeking ( if it said by mid July we’ll have 8 players you’d have a point, but they didn’t, I presume they referred to the whole of the tranfer window)

        If it’s not enetertaining, don’t go. That’s why shows close in the west end, when people don’t go. If the shows were rubbish and you paid every week to see it, would the west end get new shows? Entertainment is all about money, if you pay Ashley each week he’ll think you’re being entertained sufficiently that no investment is required – that’s the simple economics of the business of entertainment.

        Had 40k not turned up every game for the last ten years would Ashley be here ? No. So who has the power to get rid of him?

        The supporters. So it’s our fault he’s here. He’d be gone but for the 40k paying for entertainment. Sooner that’s realized, sooner he’ll be gone.

        Life and its harsh realities – you keep turning up, you keep Ashley happy.

        • HarryHype59

          Unless Ashley accepts the market has changed and adjusts the recruitment policy, it is going to be a long depressing season at SJP with another relegation a certainty. The lack of “entertainment” will be the least of the clubs problems.

        • Desree

          The facts are we won’t be playing for the title last game of the season. I am basing my assessment of the current squad on their last season in the PL and not the championship. Are you one of the happy clappers?

      • Jezza

        It’s highly likely that Ashley doesn’t see the need to invest in the squad at this stage. I’m sure he will be perfectly happy to take a chance on the same squad that won the Championship being good enough to finish fourth bottom in in the Premiership especially with the likes of Huddersfield, Brighton and Burnley up there. Ashley will prefer to sit on the money and see where we are in January.

    • HarryHype59

      You don’t appear to grasp the impact of all that TV cash flooding in to the coffers of EPL teams. Lasts years 10m player is now valued at least 15m. Fatman may baulk at prices whilst pocketing the higher TV money, if he wants it again he must accept that the market has changed.

  • brin mcardle

    Why another defender….(oh he’s cheap)….Striker needed

  • HarryHype59

    At 2.7m does anyone think this bloke will better than we already have?

  • Steve Pearce

    So what’s happened to the sale or buy-in to our club? We could have been rid of the tight-assed beer monster and his cronies and able to spend the money we need to build a title challenging team. Now all we have left is many barrel bottoms to scrape and lakes of beery vomit clogging up our fireplaces….

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    The policy never changes only the bloke who has to run the team does
    same old krap.