Back in March we brought you news of a rule change with regard to a sleeve sponsor, if/when Newcastle United were promoted back to the top tier.

From this coming season, all Premier League clubs can now sell sponsorship on their shirt sleeves and a number of clubs have already confirmed they will be carrying the extra sponsorship.

Up until their deal ended in summer 2016, the league sponsor, Barclays, appeared on the shirt sleeve (see above) of all 20 Premier League clubs.

However, rather than announcing a new league sponsor, the Premier League clubs decided that they could make far more cash in other ways by not having a sponsor.

Last season in the Premier League there was no sponsorship on sleeves but as of this coming season (2017/18), all 20 PL clubs can sell that space separately, as well as their main sponsor on the front of shirts.

Marketing gurus estimate that the sleeve sponsorship is worth around 20% of the value of the main branding on the front, which at this moment in time equates to around £10m (20% of £50m) for top clubs such as Manchester United.

In the latest minutes of the Fans Forum that were released today (Monday 3 July), the club has confirmed that they are set to have a sleeve sponsor for the new season:

‘JL enquired about a potential sleeve sponsor on the 2017/18 kits.

The club stated that it is making progress in this area but that a final sleeve sponsor had not yet been confirmed.’

Back in March we speculated that there were a number of options.

With Wonga not able to afford to renew their front of shirt sponsorship, there was the possibility of a new sponsor paying extra to have the sleeve space as well as front of shirt.

Of course FUN88 were then announced last month as the new front of shirt sponsor but no mention of them in regard to the sleeve.

Newcastle now say they are ‘making progress’ but ‘a final sponsor had (has) not yet been confirmed’ so far.

Hopefully a new sponsor will come on board and add cash to the club coffers but as we said in March, there is also the possibility of Mike Ashley using this as a means of finally putting Sports Direct on the shirt.

Having already claimed that renaming St James Park to the S***** D***** A**** was because they couldn’t get a paying company and this was a means of helping to attract one, what odds would you give on Mike Ashley doing the same with the sleeve sponsor?

Not enough time to get one so we are profiling the opportunity by sticking S***** D****** on it for nowt?

With less than six weeks to go until the start of the season and having known about this chance of raising extra revenue for a long time, it is a little strange that no sponsor has been agreed as yet.

  • Leazes Ender

    Wasn’t he supposed to be paying for his advertising this season?

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      Fake News that one

    • Gary Linney

      He should be! With s**t d****t plastered everywhere you look at SJP the club should be quids in! IRWT HTL!!!

  • LA Toon

    Should be gamblers anonymous😎

  • MadMag83

    So despite the headline stating it’s been confirmed, it actually hasn’t, it’s just a possibility the club are looking into.

    Waste of an article.

  • toonterrier

    Why don’t they just put F.U.Newcastle on the sleeve. Its what we’re used to.

  • Desree

    How can clubs continue to run? 10m for your main sponsor and 10m for a bang average player (not including wages). If this is all propped up by tv money then what happens when sky goes bust?
    Fox Sports in Australia could not afford the EPL rights. A telco provider bought them, and they are losing money. This is a bubble that will pop very soon.