Newcastle United are interested in signing Jairo Riedewald according to reports in Holland on Wednesday morning.

The 20 year old central defender can also play as a defensive midfielder and Crystal Palace are also credited with interest.

Newcastle are prepared to meet the 10m euros (approx £8.7m) asking price according to VI NL , as the player looks sure to leave Ajax this summer, almost certainly to the Premier League.

Making his debut for Ajax as a 17 year old and his country as an 18 year old, Jairo Riedewald quickly established himself as a regular in Dutch club football.

In the 2015/1 season, the young defender started 21 league games and only started on the bench twice, a broken ankle restricting his number of games.

However, last season under manager Peter Bosz there were only 11 league starts and 22 times chosen only amongst the subs. Riedewald also turning out for the Ajax reserve team a number of times in the last campaign.

He did though play in the Europa League final against Manchester United, turning out at left-back.

A new Ajax managerial appointment doesn’t appear to have helped matters, as since Marcel Keizer’s arrival, it has reportedly been made clear that Jairo Riedewald is one of the players he is happy to trade to help raise funds for signings of his own and the player has had his squad number of 4 changed to 36.

The Dutch international has three years left on his contract at Ajax.

  • wheyayeman

    When will this saga of links and being outbid or or losing out to other clubs ever end? If Rafa wants Reina in – just blow the others out the water to get him in – whatever the final price is we NEED A SMART PURCHASE – its not going to break the bank and as a ‘profile signing’ it would give other targets some much needed faith that NUFC is in fact still a positive destination. Frankly all the indecision and negativity around NUFC, of our club hunting around for the cheapest deals of being seen being as an under funded, stepping stone has set in again and not even Rafa can lift it. I think Rafa needs to DEMAND his identified targets are brought in or he walks into a club where he is given the necessary finance to compete.

    • Dave2307

      Your not wrong…Reina is not going to break the bank and I agree a profile signing, they were happy to spend what I imagine would be similar amounts of money on fringe players in the Championship (Hanley, Murphy etc..).

      There was such a lift NUFC atmosphere when we heard that Rafa had the financial backing, but again it it appears to be statements to please everyone.

      Jacob Murphy is potentially a fantastic signing as he is (imo) similar caliber to Demaria Gray and Nathan Redmond who have really shone in the premiership and I hope that £8m was only to test the water as potentially he could be worth a lot more!!

      • Porciestreet

        Fatty IS a lieing b45t4rd. All this press bull5h!t is geared towards season ticket sales, as usual. All fans should prepare for another management change. Man, I detest that fat horrible git.

        • Rev

          There will be deals but at the last second. Toon have the cash, its not about the money, its not even about football and staying in the PL, when you are that loaded and full of yourself its about Who always comes out on top in any deal. Rafa’s job is to motivate the team and make sure we stay up, maybe have a go for a cup too .. just like the previous managers. You cant develop in the PL without investing, Ranieri managed it, Southampton do it every year but we are starting at academy level and dreaming of the next Messi. It’s just business as usual because 52,000 will turn up as usual. If the fans want to make a statement stay away when Sky come to town and let everyone see an empty stadium, that will get the Owners attention. Not much else will

        • Kneebotherm8

          Of course, that’s what all his lies and bluster are about, he’s taking the urine again.

    • 1957

      While I agree, the club need to be realistic on fees in the ridiculous place football finds itself in, its not inconceivable that NUFC and Benitez are not the big draw some would like to think and we have (allegedly) had interst in / made bids for players who would prefer to go elsewhere.

      Abraham claimed Swansea was best suited to his style of play, Cabellero was happy to be a reserve with the league champions and potentially play in the Champions League it seems. Some may not wish to leave their clubs, but can get a new contract on the basis of our ‘interest’.

      As supporters we need to accept we are newly promoted and will not be the first (or even third) choice for a good majority of players this season. I’m underwhelmed by some of the names linked but we are where we are and will have to make do with what we can get.

      Hasta la Rafalución

    • wheyayeman

      There’s nothing unreasonable in expecting a club with millions of pounds in the kitty as we do – spending some of that on some key players. Every fan knows we don’t have the spending power of the top 6 clubs so what do we do? we make a few SMART purchases which is what I am advocating. Smart buying is moving away from the years of waste – buying “cheap” from anywhere inthe vague hope that these hopefuls playing in inferior leagues will magically adapt and cope in the Prem. Reina is such a purchase because it’s not silly money but it still has the marks of a club purchasing a high profile player and it sends a certain note to other players and clubs that we are BUILDING for a successful future.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    An Ajax reserve for 10 million euro`s
    it’s unbelievable Jeff

    • Leazes Ender

      I don’t believe it.

  • Scottpaige

    Going to Palace. !!!!!. That link lasted a long time

  • Hughie

    We need strikers full backs and central midfielders not more CH s, keepers or wingers– what on earth is going on at the Toon!!!

    • Lord

      We need someone decent to play in Diame’s and Perez’s role most urgently. It’s key to how Rafa likes to play and we just seem terribly weak here. We need to break our long standing transfer record for some front players – not looking likely right now is it.

  • Leazes Ender

    We Need ship out a load of dross not take them on team bonding trips.

  • Dave Mitchison

    This is my first ever comment on this forum after reading it for quite a while. I have loved and loathed NUFC and the way it has been managed/mismanaged for the past 43 years in equal measure, but I am now at the point of despair. Just as you thought fat lad had seen sense and actually begun to treat the club with a modicum of respect this transfer windows lack of activity shows that he is still the same penny pinching chancer he always has been. We will lose Rafa, of that I am sure if the lack of genuine transfers continues. Would I blame him for leaving if he does? No. We will always be a laughing stock as long as the current regime are in place.

    I usually read Leaze’s Enders comments and wonder why he is so negative but now I can see why.

    • Kneebotherm8

      Mr Ashley is grinding all our spirits into the ground.

  • Leicester Mag

    It’s not Jairo we need it’s Penfold and his fellow minions given their Giro.

    • Kneebotherm8

      It’d make no difference if Penfold and his fellow minions were given the boot, we’d end up with some similar types appointed by Ashley. Ashley is the problem,not these incompetents.

      • Leicester Mag

        Agree sadly Mr Biscuits can’t sack himself

  • Sid James

    What a Carry On

  • dillon

    The way thing are going i can see a Shearer /Ferdinand senario happening. Pre season friendlies, john jo shelvy gets injured.No one at the club can do his job. play nine at the back and hoofball up to Gayle, when hes fit! But well have enough center halves.

  • geordie supporter

    Can someone please tell Rafa to either get lost or start spending money! now is not the time to save cash, we need strikers full back and central midfielders, not more keepers and wingers…

    • Phil K

      I don’t think it’s Rafa refusing to open his wallet

    • MadMag83

      He’s a defender……

  • goggsy

    As the transfer fees not too much,no doubt the happy clappers retort will be that “we can’t compete with London and the lure of that we’ll established premier league club crystal palace” and “it’s a hard market this year”. Odd considering other clubs are singing out targets for nominal fees,but hey ho.

  • Kneebotherm8

    Jairo is close to signing for Palace according to Sky sports, what with Boro about to outbid us on Liverpools Ojo,it’s not looking too good for us. Basically what we need is to be interested in a player that no one else is,for us to have any chance of signing them.It would seem if there’s any competition,he’ll not be coming to the Toon.

  • JohnnyNUFC

    Surprised we havnt been linked with Victor Valdes as hes on a free

  • Steve Pearce

    So what happened to all the money that Jabba The Hut promised Rafa for transfers?

    It’s been spent on beer and the cleaning bills for fire places after he spewed into them that’s what. Sell up and ouck foff and take your cheap sportswear business with you you utter cockney clod!