Newcastle have made an offer to Jesus Navas according to reports on Sunday morning.

Rafa Benitez has previously talked about the importance of adding as much pace as possible to his squad and certainly he seems to be looking to get that on the wings.

Newcastle are once again linked with Adama Traore and Saturday saw claims that NUFC have been negotiating with Middlesbrough to bring the 21 year old winger to St James Park, with a swap deal for Karl Darlow a possibility after Boro had a £5m offer turned down.

Traore is very quick but has so far shown little end product in terms of goals and assists.

Which brings us to Jesus Navas.

The Spaniard is at the opposite end of the age spectrum and will turn 32 in November but is still a very quick player.

However, his end product isn’t great in terms of goals, though he is fairly impressive when it comes to stats on assists, with maybe his biggest asset being to carry the ball from one of the pitch to the other very quickly, then handing the ball over to others to do the damage.

He scored only four Premier League goals at Manchester City in his four seasons there and the last of those in January 2014, three and a half years ago.

However, in his first three seasons for Man City, Jesus Navas got seven, eight and seven assists, which is pretty impressive considering he only started 18, 23 & 24 league games in those three years, often used as a sub (34 times) over the course of those seasons.

Last season saw no goals and only one assist from Navas in the league, though he only started 12 Premier League games and came off the bench in another 12.

Signed for 20m euros from Sevilla four years ago, it was expected that the winger would return to the club where he had played all his previous professional football before moving to England. However, Jesus Navas has been left disappointed according to The Mirror, as Sevilla have refused to move from their wage offer of £1.3m per season (around £25,000 per week), which is a fraction of what he was on at the Etihad.

The newspaper further reports that after hearing of the failure of the Sevilla deal to happen, Newcastle have made their own wage offer to Jesus Navas which no doubt will be an improvement on the Spanish club’s bid.

Difficult to see that Navas wouldn’t be an asset to Newcastle and his pace makes him an exciting and dangerous player to watch when on his game.

The free agent also has 35 caps for Spain but just like his Premier League goals, the last of those came in 2014.

  • Geordiegiants

    Would be a decent signing in comparison to what we have.

  • Simon Ritter

    We have a wide player already in Matt Ritchie who offers plenty of goals and assists. We have secured Christian Atsu, who looks a top prospect. Why sign an older one whose stats are massively inferior? Is this another example of NUFC choosing a cheap option?

    • Martin

      Hmmmm maybe because if one of them get injured we might need options. Aarons is back but he’s shown nothing so far in his career that he can stay fully fit.

      • Simon Ritter

        My concern is that the people who control the purse strings at NUFC perhaps want Navas because he is unattached. If Rafa believes his compatriot is worth signing, that’s good enough for me. But I would be happier if we were chasing players in their prime or kids with massive potential, such as Ryan Sessegnon.

        • Martin

          Of course, but at the minute as a newly promoted side we need to buy smartly. If we can get two good seasons out of a free agent like Navas then it can be a smart buy. I trust in Rafa with his purchases. Not all will be a success but no manager has a perfect transfer record.

    • marktoon

      Actually the signing would make sense, specially as cover for Ritchie & Atsu. and would free up money for other signings.

      • Steve Smith

        Neither Ritchie or Atsu have proven themself in the Premier League yet. If I recall correctly, Ritchie had a better season than this last one when winning promotion with Bournemouth and then came off the boil completely in the Premier League.

  • Leazes Ender

    Its going to start anytime now, up the Rafalution, probably.

    • 1957

      Maybe we’re just using the wrong language given every player we seem to get linked with over the weekend has a Spanish connection

      …hasta la rafalución…

      There that might start it

  • Kev-82

    This transfer window is depressing!

    • hetonmag

      Tell you what’s depressing, the posts on this forum.

      • imrevaradi

        True.. seems the norm now on the mag..

        • anyobrien

          What was once a great fanzine has become a moan fest for the “we demand success brigade”……. I’ve seen us win nowt in 35 years let’s just see how it pans out.

          • Damon Horner

            True. I think nothing would be good enough in some cases, bigger critics than a mackem.

      • anyobrien

        Think I’ll try and ban myself from here it’s just a constant stream of doom and gloom.

        • Jezza

          Yes I agree, there is too much doom and gloom. Why can’t people just be happy about the five top class players we have singed this summer at a cost of over £100 million.

  • Lhc

    Relegation battle here

  • Waxi

    More farmyard in the press. We must be up to two hundred players linked in this transfer window and the press have no idea who the club are looking at and how much they intend to spend. Even sky sources have stopped the farmyard they used to spew every five minutes as nobody knows other than Chumley & Rafa. Other than Everton next to no one has bought players yet.

  • Lhc

    Rafa won’t be manager of nufc by xmas, just watch.

    • anyobrien

      Ffs get a grip

      • Lhc

        Get ya head out ya a&!e

    • Jezza

      He might not be manager by August bank holiday.

  • nevfur

    As Ritchie and Atsu both seem to prefer playing on the right, a left winger would be preferable

  • Wor Lass

    At his best, he`s a good player – but his best was a while back now. The only point to this would be if Rafa was convinced he could restore his self-belief and get him flying again.

  • Steven05

    It really wouldn’t suprise me if we sign a very good player for around £15 – £18m totally out of the blue, that nobody mentioned and the press didn’t have a clue about

    • Down Under Mag

      Typically there are a lot of our signings come out of nowhere. That’s why i’m not too bothered by the constant press speculation or the fact that we “miss out” to other clubs with other players….who we probably weren’t interested in anyway.

      People also need to understand we may be back in the Premier League BUT we don’t have all that TV money yet that other clubs are splashing around…we will only have that to spend at the end of this coming season…and the only rubbish thing is that we all know Ashley won’t back the club out of his own packet until that comes through (nor to be honest would I want him to muddy the financial waters of what the club “owe him” anymore anyway!

  • glassjawsh-got-banned

    Nothing is good enough for a fair lot of this fanbase. Or at least the ones compelled to moan about literally everything on this webspace. Ya’ll are disgraceful sometimes.

  • MadMag83

    All pace and no product, Gabriel Obertan’s successor.