The new Newcastle United away kit has been unveiled on Monday afternoon.

The club’s official announcement confirms that the images circulating around social media in recent days were on the money.

The light blue design for the shirt, is matched up with darker blue shorts, along with light blue socks.

Initial reaction suggests that fans definitely prefer the recently made public third strip, which is a mainly black design.

You pay your money (or you don’t) and take your choice.

The new away strip will be worn for the first time tonight by the NUFC second string who take on Darlington, though it won’t be on sale until August.

newcastle united away kit

Newcastle United official announcement:

Newcastle United have revealed the club’s new 2017/18 PUMA away kit ahead of the Premier League season.

Combining a light blue shirt, dark denim shorts and light blue socks, the kit is a nod to the ‘Cambridge blue’ jerseys once worn by Newcastle East End FC – the club that became Newcastle United after absorbing city rivals West End FC in 1892.

The Magpies will mark the 125th anniversary of that historic event this year and accordingly, all three kits – home, away and third – are adorned with a special commemorative crest.

The away kit will be worn for the first time by the club’s under-23 side on Monday evening, with Peter Beardsley’s side travelling to Darlington for a pre-season friendly.

Darlington were founding members in the inaugural Northern League in 1889 alongside Newcastle East End and the sides faced each other for several seasons until the newly-renamed United stepped up to join the Football League in 1893.

The 2017/18 away kit will be on sale at and in the stadium store in August.’

  • The Nut Job


  • Wor Monga

    Yeh…I’ll have that one as well to go with the other 2…won’t need the training tops now when I’m out jogging, cos these look like the real deal, and wor lass (not the Mag one) likes them also…so it could be a win win situation there…

    …might have to wear the black one at the club though cos it’s a bit more suave, and will lend a bit of panache and a modicum of style, to the surroundings!!!

    • TheNutJob


    • Leazes Ender

      What do you mean ‘out jogging’ you said you were in a wheelchair’ in the Leazes…. who are you conning us or the club?

    • Rich Lawson

      Me too,don’t want to look under dressed at the bar when I am ordering me pint and stuffing me face with free cheese etc on a sunday !

  • Antenociticus

    The picture shows the lads in very loose shirts. Puma gear is usually skin tight – are they wearing knock-offs !

    • Wor Monga

      who cares!…most of us will be, won’t we?…I’ll have Lejeune’s knock offs he looks about the same size as me!!!

  • Pelican

    Manchester City called, they asked for their shirt design blueprints back.

    • Clarko

      Jellyfish is a more suiting name don’t you think?

  • Leazes Ender

    Poor, not that it bothers me as I wouldn’t give a penny to S***** D*****t.

    • TheNutJob

      Monga`s buying the lot, going clubbing in strip number 3

  • Trevor Reaveley

    LeJeune always looks like he has a back problem! Stands very twisted.

    • Clarko

      He has very wide hips.

      • Trevor Reaveley

        Childbearing hips.

        • Clarko

          And those lips.

          • Trevor Reaveley

            Easy tiger…

          • TheNutJob

            Schools out then Clarko, ha ha

          • Clarko

            How would you know? You don’t have an education.

  • Toon Army AZ

    I’m sticking with my classic Shearer #9 Black & White with Newcastle Brown Ale on the front. Best looking kit ever! And allows me to show my support of the club without giving any money to AshleyDirect.