With his latest antics, Mike Ashley has really done it now.

Details have emerged in a court case brought by Jeff Blue and never have I felt so ashamed to have Ashley as Newcastle United’s owner.

The court case sees Mr Blue claim that Mike Ashley promised to pay him £15m if he (Blue) used his expertise and contacts to help get Sports Direct’s share price up to a certain level in a specified length of time.

Jeff Blue says this verbal contract was made whilst the pair were drinking in a London pub and that after agreed targets were reached, the Sports Direct boss paid him £1m but he is still due the other £14m.

In the course of giving evidence on Monday, Jeff Blue gave the court a vivid background picture of how Mike Ashley likes to do business, much of the time during drinking sessions in pubs.

At one such meeting where both were present, Mr Blue says that the Sports Direct owner challenged one of his (Blue’s) junior members of staff to a drinking competition.

After 12 pints along with vodka chasers, his competitor cried enough, whilst Mike Ashley then allegedly projectile vomited into a fireplace in the middle of the bar.

Just how embarrassing is this as a Newcastle fan…

The owner of our proud club throwing up after only 12 pints!

Jeff Blue:

“These meetings were like no other senior management meeting I had ever attended in all my years of investment banking experience.

“On one such evening, in front of his senior management team, Mr Ashley challenged a young Polish analyst in my team, Pawel Pawlowski, to a drinking competition.

“Mr Ashley and Pawel drank pints of lager, with vodka chasers between each pint, and the first to leave the bar area, for whatever reason, was declared the loser.

“After approximately 12 pints and chasers, Pawel apologised profusely and had to excuse himself.

“Mr Ashley then vomited into the fireplace located in the centre of the bar, to huge applause from his senior management team.

“Mr Ashley was like no other client that anyone at Merrill Lynch had ever come across.

“By way of example, his ability to express boredom and frustration during client meetings knew no limits, including various episodes where he would lie underneath meeting room tables to have a nap.

“Notwithstanding the venue and the consumption of alcohol – I note that Mr Ashley was able during the evening to also conduct other business, including making decisions in regards to player transfers on behalf of Newcastle United.”

On a more serious note, the courtroom revelations do give Newcastle United supporters a real insight into just possibly why bizarre decisions have been taken during Ashley’s 10 year reign at the club.

Little wonder the club experienced two relegations within seven years of each other and how many decisions/appointments making little sense.

Who can forget (I often try…) Joe Kinnear’s ramblings after walking into a radio station and announcing that he was now Newcastle United’s Director of Football, it later turning out that Mike Ashley had just offered him the job during a….session at the pub.

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  • Rich Lawson

    He should really be on trial for the murder of a once great football club !

  • Pelican

    Ashley’s type of behaviour is all good and well within his business circles, if he wants to destroy something he built, that is his own business. But to come to NUFC, to siphon, strip, and devolve a proud club with his above business ‘practises,’ shouldn’t be tolerated.

    How long are people going to allow Ashley to make a mockery of the club. Every single day, yesterday, today, tomorrow – revenue is taken from NUFC and goes directly to SD and its Shareholders. Who is paying for it? NUFC and its fans.

    I just want to say a personal Thank You to some of ‘The Mag’ writers, for your relentless and persistent chastising of Mike Ashley. Some of you have never waved the white flag and gave in, and never will.

  • rickyd

    For those wondering about the transfers made around the time of these drinking sessions – we signed Remy and Oliver Kemen that summer, letting Harper, Perch and Simpson go.

    Did Kinnear really get the job offer in a pub? Never heard that before.

  • Leazes Ender

    He”s not a fit & proper person for anything, its just as well he has money because there’s no way he could hold down a job…. unless it was as a novelty fire extinguisher.

    • Hughie_Gallacher

      He has no respect for himself or for anyone else, least of all his workers. It amazes me how tolerant the Geordie public are toward him. As you’ve pointed out, he would have faced a lynch mob elsewhere.

  • anyobrien

    Boring. All been said and done before we know what he’s like

    • Pelican

      These revelations only came out yesterday, as is my understanding.

    • nufcslf

      That as well. Never tricked me at all. The bloke is simply a waste of space and probably does get along famously with Tronald Dump. Just will be much happier when he is no longer the owner of the club.

  • Leazes Ender

    I see the southern press are referring to him as ‘Newcastle owner’ rather than ‘Fat Totteridge resident’…. yet another example of bias.

    • Brian Standen

      Absolutely spot on for once- well said

    • magpiefifer

      Agreed Leazes – but for once the gutter Southern press are technically correct!

  • Vodkamagpie

    Team building I say

  • Wor Lass

    Hmmm – wonder where Clarko is. I suppose it will be OK to mention Ashley on this thread. These are incidents that we didn`t know about before – Ashley may say they`re not true but they seem to fit the profile pretty well and there must have been plenty of high-powered witnesses – but the attitude and behaviour come as no surprise at all. He really is an odious character and an embarrassment to have as an owner.

  • hetonmag

    He is disgusting to think he owns our club is enough to make all of us vomit, we know what he is like and I would love to see the day when this vile man gets his comeuppance we can live in hope can’t we.

  • Oldtoon

    Once a barrow boy always a barrow boy.

  • Geordie-7676

    Am i the only one that doesn’t really see anything majorly wrong with this? I really can’t see why this is an issue.

    I work with government agencies (Not UK) on a daily basis, conducting business meetings with government appointed officials regularly. At no point has my past drinking culture (obtained in the finest, and largest drinking club in the world, HM British Army) had any influence on the nature of my actions then or now.

    Business meetings can turn into drinking sessions provided the business relationship is solid, the setting is correct and said drinking is not going to influence the objectives outcome.

    Genuinely not fazed at all by someone drinking 12 pints then puking in a fireplace.

    • 1957

      All though he is an odious individual, its a sad fact that a great number of business meetings end up alcohol fuelled. This is especially prevalent in the construction sector where companies at conferences and exhibitions use ‘hospitality’ to make deals.

      • Geordie-7676

        To be honest with you, speaking from my own personal experiences, adding alcohol into a business environment helps break down certain barriers that can be hidden very well.

        A persons true character, loyalties and aspirations are much easier brought to light when under the influence.

        I’m not saying that is what Ashley was doing in this scenario, but ultimately, how he chooses to conduct his business meetings will be paralleled by a very large percentage of ‘businessman’ across the globe. It really is no big deal.

        I am sure we have all got a bit too drunk before and threw up in the garden or a taxi, or woke up with a bucket by the side of the bed……it is all the same, just in a different context.

        • Leazes Ender

          I’ve heard of reading tea leaves but never puke.

  • Toon Army AZ

    This sort of business behavior is very Trumpian. More suited to professional wrestling than Premier League football ownership (or leadership of the world’s largest economy). It is a shame.

  • Peter Stabler

    He doesn’t represent me in any shape or form – he “owns” the club I love BUT his actions don’t reflect on us- he is more representative of cockney wide boys who have done well than anything else “shame on us” no way.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    this sort of stunt reminds me of life in the Army but soldiers are soldiers and not 50 something Billionaire Barrow boys
    it doesn’t shock me at all but it hardly enhances the reputation of Newcastle,
    he’d go down well in Magaluf

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      Oh i nearly forgot
      Viva la Rafalution

  • George

    I am not ashamed to be a Newcastle supporter, everything that Ashley does reflects badly on him, not the club

  • Steve Smith

    Most deals are made in the pub or on the golf course, not in the office. This really isn’t news.

    • Danimal

      Cliche alert (that’s not a has-been Arsenal player on our list of alleged targets).

  • magpiefifer

    It comes as no surprise that Ashley’s ‘unorthodox’ behaviour hits the front pages – again!
    The man is a complete you-know-what and I pray that I live long enough to see him disappear from ‘our’ great club – until he does I will continue to stay away from SJP,as tough as it is to do so.

  • Albert Stubbins

    You’re an embarrassment Ashley- fancy hoying your ring up after 12 poxy pints and a few chasers!!! southern shandy drinking fairy- get out of our club!!

    • focu

      he’ll have a hard time drinking with some of the supporters

      • Albert Stubbins

        ive spilled more doon me shirt!!

  • Desree

    Okay – an investment banker goes to the pub with Ashley. He gets bladdered and tells him he will pay him 15m. Then throws up in the pub. Which puritan wrote this article?

  • Desree

    Of all the embarrassing things ashley has done, this is not one of them. Why this is in court is the embarrassment. Why all the sympathy for investment bankers?

    For once the Pie Man has risen in my estimation.

  • Abdul Basit

    Tbh, the Jonas thing was a billion times more embarrassing

    • MadMag83

      Yep, and the two relegations, the treatment of Keegan, renaming the stadium to SD, etc.

      Couldn’t care less about him having a few beers.