I bit like a broken clock, Paul Merson must get it right sometime.

Though exactly when his time will come, nobody knows yet…

On 14 May 2016 after Newcastle were relegated, Paul Merson confidently stated:

“Benitez will leave Newcastle.

“Did they (Newcastle fans) really think if they went down that Benitez was going to stick around to get them back up?”

Then on 29 April 2017 after Newcastle had been promoted, our favourite cockney declared:

“Rafa Benitez can leave Newcastle a hero if he walks out this summer – and I think he will. The fans shouldn’t hold it against him either.”

You just can’t keep a good man, or Paul Merson, down. He’s back for more.

Asked yesterday which Premier League Manager will be the first to leave their club (either sacked of jump ship), Paul Merson amazingly decided on…Rafa Benitez!

You would almost think he was willing it to happen…

As Rafa Benitez has stated, just so long as Mike Ashley keeps to his promises, then the transfer activity he (Rafa) wants to happen this summer, will happen.

If that is the case and Rafa Benitez is manager when the season kicks off and the transfer window ends, I would argue there is hardly a manager less likely to leave this coming season than Rafa Benitez.

He has no history of walking away during a season and even Mike Ashley wouldn’t think it was a good idea getting rid of the Spaniard during a potential relegation battle. A massive payout if he sacked Rafa and you are hardly going to find somebody more capable of keeping the team up, if it is indeed a season of struggle.

Paul Merson speaking to Talksport – 19 July 2017:

“I don’t like to see anyone getting the sack but I always worry about the teams coming up.

“I’m going to go with Rafa Benitez.

“He is a great manager but I just think that Newcastle haven’t bought anybody yet.”

Paul Merson – 29 April 2017:

“Rafa Benitez can leave Newcastle a hero if he walks out this summer – and I think he will.

“He’ll wonder how much further he can take them in the Premier League.

“It doesn’t look like they will be denied promotion because of the tax fraud probe but what if they’re hit with a transfer embargo?

“He might wonder whether it’s worth it if he doesn’t get a big transfer budget. Without new signings they’ll finish 15th or 16th at best in the Prem.

“And he could walk into another job fairly easily. He would be in demand. The fans shouldn’t hold it against him either.

“He stayed and took them straight back up when he could have walked away. He can leave with his head held high.

“You have to think long-term in this game and he might wonder what’s coming down the line at Newcastle.”

Paul Merson – 14 May 2016:

“Benitez will leave Newcastle.

“Sam Allardyce must have enjoyed sending Newcastle and Rafa Benitez down this week.

“Without Jermain Defoe’s goals they would never had stayed up, but Allardyce is the master of survival.

“He’s been there and done it before. He knows what to do. Benitez? He hasn’t. Newcastle had to beat Aston Villa last week and they played one up front.

“That was criminal for me. I said when he took over that Benitez is the sort of manager who sets teams out not to lose games, instead of trying to win them, and look what happened.

“Did they really think if they went down that Benitez was going to stick around to get them back up?

“He started the season managing Real Madrid. I can’t see how you can go from the Bernabeu to the away dug-out at Burton so quickly – can you?”

  • East Durham Mag

    The bars open Merse ….

  • Steve Smith

    He also claimed Rafa had made no signings yet.

    • Whitehurst

      Ha ha!! 😂😂😂

    • Leazes Ender

      Rafa hasn’t made any ‘Rafa’ type signings yet…. he’s made a couple of Charnley signings.

      • Wor Monga

        Rafa (on Jacob Murphy)…”I think we have signed the right one, the one that I wanted”…are you calling him a liar now, then?!!!

        • Hughie_Gallacher

          He’s bound to say something like that, though, isn’t he? He’s not one for public confrontation.
          Who he really wants is anyone’s guess.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    He certainly wont leave, Yet

  • TubbyMunky

    Is Merson back on the Columbian marching powder?

    • Whitehurst

      ….and the rest!! Seem to remember him crashing into a lorry on the M40, when he was at least 3 times over the drink driving limit. Waste of feckin space!!

  • Leazes Ender

    Is this just another excuse to have a go at the horrible cockney git? Why not do something on Ashley’s slump in profits, entitled ‘Jabba’s Empire Crumbles’

    • Steve Smith

      It’s not crumbling though.

      He’s acquiring bigger shares of other brands. Once the witch hunt against him dies down (and it will as the petty politicians have other political footballs to kick around now) I fully expect Sports Direct to be reporting much higher profit levels again.

      • Leazes Ender

        Yes but it would be an excuse to slag him off….. Merson means nowt to me.

  • Martin

    Paul Merson is just Leazes Ender in disguise.

  • TheFatController

    He’s always very arrogant on Sky. His demeanour, comments, interaction with other pundits. Which must mask the insecurities he clearly suffers in life given his problems. It’s a shame he plays it all out on national tv …

  • Brian Standen

    Bitter alcoholic ex footballer who lets face it will probably end up back in the gutter.
    Rafa leaves Newcastle or Merson relapses – into alcohol or nose talc, which will happen first? I know where my money

    • Lhc

      By The sounds of your post, bet you’ve got a Merson poster at home that you stab to bits. Nothing wrong with alcohol and ‘nose talc’ as you call it now and then, life would be pretty dull! without those and nufc all mixed together. My money without doubt would be on Rafa leaving before merson relapsing he seems pretty steady these days, just saying!

      • Brian Standen

        Hey, if you need nose talc to make life interesting then that’s your choice, for me alcohol is enough but funny enough I never needed it for breakfast!
        Merson, like Collymore and those of similar ilk, they are only too keen to pass an OUTSIDERS view on NUFC, and like most experts it is nonsensical drivel.
        Fact, Merson was a great player, but his opinion counts for no more than mine or yours, less in fact!

  • Jimblag23

    Whilst Merson is a complete t!t, he’s not saying anything you don’t read on this website every single day.
    So why is it embarrassing when he says it?

    • Geordie-7676

      who has said Rafa is going to leave?

      • Jimblag23

        Fans….everyday….for a year.

        • Geordie-7676

          My take on what i have read here is that people have they wouldnt be surprised or blame him if he did leave, after MA shafted him over transfers.

          Thats a hypothetical, and speculative opinion. I would hardly say that is people saying he will leave.

          • Jimblag23

            Fair enough if that’s your opinion.

  • Whitehurst

    His grasp of the Queen’s English is second to none!! A proper wordsmith!! True master of using the present tense when actually referring to the past tense!! 🙃

  • Steve Pearce

    Howay lads – leave Paul Merson alone!

    His brain is fried on beer and Charlie and he can barely put two words together. I suspect Rafa unknowingly upset him in the past or more likely he has delusions about taking over as manager. I’d even rather have the Great Minged Headed Idiot back than that southern shyte as at least he’s a northerner….

  • Lord

    Souness yesterday, Merson today. Must be Michael Owen up for a cliche tomorrow.

  • TwinFire

    I for one would like to praise Merson – its rare to see someone in a high profile job despite being disabled. Good on him.

  • Kneebotherm8

    I’ve been saying Wenger will be leaving Arsenal for the last 20 years,I’ll be right one of these days,and when it eventually happens I’ll be saying “I told you so”.

  • Humble

    Merson just go have a word with yourself in the corner IDIOT

  • Iain Elrick

    He was asked out of the 3 newly promoted teams who’s most likely to leave / be sacked and he said Rafa which I’m sure you’ll agree .. in this case l can’t but agree with him.

    • Rich Lawson

      Good point ,but I wouldn’t be surprised if Hughton got the bullet if Brighton were in the bottom 3 after 10 games.they wont consider going down again ?

      • Iain Elrick

        I think he’ll have till Xmas regardless

  • Rich Lawson

    Sky clearly need to introduce compulsory drug testing for their pundits.I wouldn’t be surprised if Jeremy Kyle managed to get Kenny Sansom onto their couch next ?

    • Jezza

      I thought Sky had a policy of compulsary drug taking for their pundits.

      • Rich Lawson

        This idiot would be banned for life if they had.

  • Desree

    What people seem to forget is that Merson reads the mag for all of his NUFC info.

  • Tim

    Hes just a tit always hating on the toon wish he would just fuckoff like

  • Mag_Ladd

    He needs to find the nearest cliff and walk off it, hate the tosser

  • Andrew Edwards

    Man paid to have an opinion in having-an-opinion-and-voicing-it shocker!

  • Hughie

    After the BBC revelations re pay–eg Shearer- it would be fascinating to see what this buffoon earns for his inarticulate speculative ramblings at Sky? Why does the Mag give him any space?

  • Stephen

    It’s not Paul Merson’s fault, his book ‘How not to be a footballer’ is a brilliant read.
    He’s actually quite harmless with just enough savvy to get a rise from The Mag readers
    He’s far from being the worst ex footballer turned (exceptualy high paid it would appear) pundit
    We should have a vote!
    I would be torn be Lily Savage and monosyllabic Micheal Owen.