Mick Quinn thinks there is only one option for Newcastle United.

The NUFC cult hero says that the club/Mike Ashley have to trust Rafa Benitez and back him this summer in the transfer market.

Looking at the team as it stands, Quinny thinks ‘probably six or seven of those players are not good enough for the Premier League’.

The player turned radio presenter thinks it is obvious that Rafa Benitez is frustrated, though not to the point where he will walk away.

However, Mick Quinn believes ‘something has to give eventually’ and that Newcastle ‘have to stock up’ with better players.

With only three days to the first pre-season friendly and less than five weeks until the season kicks off, Quinn says the Premier League will be here before we know it.

Like the rest of us, he hopes that ‘things move quickly in the next week’…

Mick Quinn speaking on Talksport:

“They have to back Rafa, simple as that.

“They really do have to splash the cash and he is getting frustrated.

“Not to the point where he is going to leave…but to the point where something has to give eventually.

“It is just a frustrating time for Newcastle fans.

“I think the Newcastle fans and Rafa know – that team which won promotion last year – probably six or seven of those players are not good enough for the Premier League.

“So they have to stock up, they have to buy these players.

“Look, I hope things move quickly in the next week or two because next minute the season is going to be kicked off and you have two players (Atsu & Lejeune) that you signed.

Mike Ashley has got to pull his finger out, he has got to back Rafa.

“He has got to let him go for it, trust Rafa, in Rafa we trust.

“Go and buy the players and nail a good squad for next season.”

  • mactoon

    Making “Every penny made from promotion” available to Rafa is no good if Charnley won’t spend it. Yet again, indications are the transfer policy is not allowing us to bid anywhere near the selling club’s valuation. If Ashley is right when he said he is the last man to know what is going on in the club it’s about time he stepped in before Charnley’s inflexibility ruins the transfer window which could have massive repercussions in terms of the Manager’s future.

    • Kneebotherm8

      Empty words,again,from our owner.

  • TheFatController

    Why, when clubs selling players want high money, are we moaning that our club are allowing lots of bids to be announced?

    What tactic would you use to convey the impression ‘we won’t be back if you’re quoting a price that high?’

    I suggest we should be happy to see player after player linked, clubs like Norwich suffering financially may blink before we do. – Delia saying ‘we could really use that money…they’re in for Traore/ Navas etc also I see…’

    Ashley got £35m for Carroll And £30m for sissoko, it’s called doing deals.

    Last year the championship moaned about how much we were spending. The year before we spent on wijnaldum, thauvin, mitro and de Jong, then Shelvey and Townsend.

    So after two summers of big investment it’s bizarre to hear people on here talk of typical lack of spend etc – typical means of type, type of what? Type of club to spend £50m in the championship and on a raft of £10-15m players the last season we were in the PL?

    Think about that. Then please stop writing how typical this all is. It’s clearly not…

    • Kneebotherm8

      Last summer there was no big investment, we made a £40 million pound profit, Wijnaldum 25 mil,Sissoko 30 mil, Townsend 13 mil, Thauvin 10 mil , so where do you get your 2 summers of big investment? There was no big investment on transfers last summer, in fact since Rafa has been here Ashley has made a Big profit on transfer dealings and that’s an indisputable FACT.

  • Kneebotherm8

    Mike Ashley hasn’t got to do owt,unfortunately,and he’ll do just as he likes which is what he’s done for 10 years at the club. If there’s no signings then,unfortunately,Rafa will have to like it or lump it. If he lumps it then Ashley has saved £5 million a year wages,reportedly,and he’ll just go for a cheap alternative. That alternative being the likes of Pardew,on maybe a million quid a year. He ain’t a football person,it’s business only with him,and saving £4 million a year on a manager would be all he’d be worried about.

    • Mark Potter

      Then why did he appoint him? Why did he retain him when the club was relegated, and therefore agree to pay Champions League level wages to a manager in the Championship? Ashley brought in the best manager we have had at the club since Bobby Robson. He might not, as you say, be a footballing person (though I’m not sure what that means), but he isn’t Darth Vader running the Death Star either ;)

      • Kneebotherm8

        He’s a businessman first & foremost,football and ambition for NUFC is secondary. Survival in the Premier league is all he’s worried about and he’ll do that on a shoestring if possible,as he has proven to us all in the past 10 years. He’ll only splash the cash when he thinks premiership survival is at stake,as proven in the past. He did appoint Rafa,as you say, but then again he did appoint KK as well and proceeded to undermine him big style. Deja vu ?

    • TheFatController

      The last three of four windows there have been signings :-

      Wijnaldum, thauvin, mitro, de Jong, shelvey Townsend
      Ritchie Gayle Clark Hayden Murphy gamez sels lazaar Hanley yedlin
      Plus atsu and lejeunes

      That’s a lot of players at £5m, some even £10m, and some were more.

      If there’s no signings bar the first two signings this summer, that’d be like the last transfer window but completely unlike the previous three.

  • Mark Potter

    Quinn ain’t no Coleman, but “I hope things move quickly in the next week or two because next minute the season is going to be kicked off”. How can a week or two take a minute? And isn’t there over a month to the start of the season, and more than six weeks until the window closes. Him and MacDonald like to reminisce about the old days, how it was when they were lads… Then about Tino, bought midseason (no transfer window) and put straight into the squad, turns up an hour before the game, and still gets to come on as sub. Any one who comes in during the January window doesn’t get six weeks of training with their new squad to prepare themselves, and it never seemed to affect them. Any transfer targets are currently training with their existing teams anyway, even if they know they are likely to never play for that team again, so they should be fit and prepared. Is Rafa’s training so completely different to everyone else’s?