More extensive medical reports have been called for before St Etienne will agree to take on Massadio Haidara.

As reported yesterday (see below), Le10Sport revealed that the Ligue 1 club were keen on the Newcastle left-back.

L’equipe then later said that St Etienne were in advanced negotiations with Newcastle and a deal was expected to be announced shortly.

However, L’equipe now report that whilst an outline deal has been agreed by the clubs, it will all depend on what the medical people say.

The two clubs are reported to have agreed a deal whereby no transfer fee will be paid but that the deal includes a clause stating Newcastle will be paid 50% of any future sale figure.

Before that point is reached though, the French newspaper says that medical staff need to give the all clear on the player from an incident four years ago.

Massadio Haidara joined Newcastle in January 2013 and made his league debut in a 2-1 won over Stoke on 10 March 2013, replacing Davide Santon for the final 16 minutes.

A week later, Mathieu Debuchy was forced off after only 14 minutes at Wigan, with Haidara coming on as Newcastle reorganised their defence.

Only 13 minutes later and one of the most disgraceful assaults ever seen on a football pitch was witnessed, Callum McManaman making no effort to go for the ball and taking Haidara off by the knee.

The only two worse things than the actual assault, was the referee not sending McManaman off…not even giving a free-kick, then the authorities refusing to punish the Wigan winger retrospectively.

Difficult to say whether this injury ended up ruining his Newcastle career before it got started but certainly Massadio Haidara hasn’t looked up to the job.

St Etienne could offer all parties a fresh start but we await to see what their medical staff say and whether that injury sustained over four years ago will interfere with his career once again.

The Mag – 29 July 2017

According to French media, Massadio Haidara could be the next one Rafa Benitez manages to get out of Newcastle United.

The manager has already made public that he has talked to the players who have no future at the club and the left-back must be near the top of that list.

Le10Sport report that their information is that after landing Dijon striker Lois Diony, St Etienne have now turned their attention to bringing in a left-back.

The situation is described as ‘urgent’ with Ligue 1 kicking off next weekend, a week earlier than the Premier League.

Le10Sport say that St Etienne are now looking at Massadio Haidara and how much Newcastle may be looking for, before potentially bidding for him.

A typical disastrous Graham Carr/Mike Ashley signing, a ‘bargain’ £2m signing in January 2013 he was one of the many given a ridiculously long contract, in Haidara’s case five and a half years.

In return, United have seen 25 league starts in that time, a player of limited ability who has also had numerous injury problems.

In an interview (see below) in April before the 1-0 home win over Burton, Massadio Haidara himself revealed that he’d been fit since Christmas but had been totally ignored, despite injuries and loss of form hitting Rafa’s team/squad.

The only Championship action the 24 year old did see, was on the very final day. Midfielder Isaac Hayden had been forced to play in defence because so many were unavailable through injury, but the gamble on his fitness went pear-shaped as he was subbed after only 13 minutes with Haidara coming on as Dummett was forced to play in the middle.

With a year left on his contract, hopefully Haidara will leave along with Riviere (Metz and a Turkish club claimed to be ‘fighting’ over the ‘striker’).

Rafa Benitez having admitted he has to get players out of Newcastle, if he hopes to bring more signings in.

Massadio Haidara – 5 April 2017:

“The first thing is we have to be promoted, if I play or not.

“After, for myself, it’s about trying to play some games.

“Even if it’s only one, I would be happy because it would be a good win for me – I would reach my target. This would be a great thing.

“I feel alright. Now I feel ready. I’ve been available for the first team for about three months now. I’m just waiting for my chance.

“You have to take your time with an injury, not rush, take it easy and just try to do things in good time.

“Sometimes it doesn’t work the way you want, and sometimes it could be worse.

“Before that I was never injured, so it was the first time. I was a little bit afraid because it was the first. After that, I was more mature about the injuries, I looked forward and tried to be positive.

“But it’s a little bit difficult in your mind, because sometimes you come back after a long time and you are injured again.

“It’s not easy, but you have to stay positive, look forward and say that maybe the future will be better.

“Your family and your friends try to make you feel good and try to stay positive and to be happy, but to be honest, it’s difficult.”

  • hetonmag

    That picture above reminds me of when that other assassin Keane tried to break Alf Halands leg both him and McManaman should never have kicked another ball.

    • Jezza

      Agreed, they should have been banned from football for life, they should have also both been in court on charges of assault with intent to cause grevious bodily harm.

      • Rich Lawson

        Yes,also interesting to see how Keane has re-invented himself as a pundit,feted for his honesty in criticising other professionals for their mistakes.

      • Mark Potter

        Ridiculous statement. Tiote was sent off in a derby for hitting someone in the chest with his foot, his tackle was that high. Shearer was sent off for elbowing someone in the back of the head, and both he and Bellamy were banned by EUFA for off the ball incidents where they attacked opposing players when not even in possession of the ball. Tino was banned for six games for elbowing someone in the face. And of course we have the thug who attacked his own “teammate” at St James, because he didn’t pass the ball to him. Should they all have been banned for life?

        Actually, the last one should have. The club should have sacked him on the spot. Instead Souness forced Dyer (the victim of an assault) to apologise to his attacker, and the club subsequently tried to minimise the incident.

        • Jezza

          McMannaman’s foul looked like it was intended to end Haidara’s career. Keane admitted in his autobiography that he intentionally set out to cause serious injury to Alf Inge Haaland with malice aforethought and did actually end his victim’s career in the process. Both of those actions are worthy of a lifetime ban in my book. The other incidents you referred to were cynical and/or flare ups in the heat of the moment but were not premeditated with the intent to cause serious injury. Those incidents were all worthy of hefty punishment but not liketime bans.

          • Mark Potter

            “Looked like” means, your opinion. And yet the picture above shows the ball was there to be won. When Shearer stamped on a player, there was no ball to be won, IIRC they were both off the pitch and the ball was out of play. When Tino lashed out with his elbow at a Man City defender, he checked where the player was first, he wasn’t trying to win the ball. The tackle against Haidara was bad, but was it worse than that by a Birmingham player that broke the leg of an Arsenal player, or the one by De Jong for Man City that incapacitated HBA for more than six months? What about Cattermole, who played us four times in a row (for Boro then SAFC) and injured one of our players seriously every time? They were all dirty fouls. But I was also at St James when a tackle just like the one in the picture took place. Scott Parker made it. He wasn’t a dirty player, didn’t as far as I remember get booked very often, but he lost control of the ball over stretched for it so his foot came high, and he went in with his studs against the opposition player’s knee. It was a sickening challenge. But he didn’t mean to do it, he knew straight away how bad it was, and was visibly upset at causing an injury, where the player had to be stretchered off.

            Yet the Haidara tackle didn’t cause a serious injury, he suffered only bruising and was playing again a few weeks later. Parker’s victim, all four of Cattermole’s, and HBA missed months and months. Arguably, the loss of our main right back for most of that season was the main reason we were relegated.
            The incident took a life of it’s own in NUFC folklore, because the match officials completely missed it, and didn’t even award a foul. They thought the Wigan player played the ball, until they saw a replay. It was compounded by Wigan’s chairman getting involved, and denying there was a bad tackle and the FA refusing to intervene. The rightful outrage over that forgets that what appeared to be a potentially career threatening injury, turned out to be relatively minor. And if the player had received his due deserts, with a 3 match ban, no-one would be bothered to talk about it. Just like no-one talks about the similar tackle by Ryan Taylor on one of the few times he played in central midfield, was sent off and rightly received his ban. Or the awful assault by Joey Barton against a Liverpool player a few weeks before we were relegated. He was sent off and banned, but showed no sign of remorse for it. A cynical thug throughout his career, it was obvious that he lost his temper and viciously lashed out, it wasn’t anything to do with playing football. And it wasn’t the first time, nor the last, off or on the pitch. A violent thug, who wore the black and white shirt, shamed the club and the whole North East, and still made millions from his career. Our weak and pathetic manager at the time even turned up in court when he was charged with a vicious assault in Liverpool to give him a character reference, in the hope of keeping him out of prison.
            In a glass house, you shouldn’t throw stones.

          • Jezza

            I’m not going to get into any further debate about the McMannaman foul or Haiadar’s resultant injury. I have already said my piece on that subject so if you are looking for an argument try winding up someone else. For the record I agree with every word you said about that criminal thug Barton.

  • superalansuddick

    How the hell the thug McManaman did not get at least a 6 game ban is beyond me. Do that in the street and you stand to be imprisoned, what made it worse was that ar$hole Whelan saying there was nothing wrong with the “challenge”

    • Jezza

      Yes, the reaction of that vile Tory funding, knighthood chasing Wigan chairman was every bit as bad as the original assault.

      • Oooh bobbi fleckman

        Better than donating to the Labour party, remember John Hall donated to the Conservatives.

  • Anita kick up the Hoop

    An absolute disgrace that a lads promising career has been effected so badly by a coward .. and his manager backed him in the aftermath.. pair of Kuntz

  • Jezza

    It’s not the least bit fair to pass any kind of judgement on Haidara’s time at Newcastle. His NUFC career was over before it started due to one of the most vicious and violent fouls I have ever seen in my 45 years watching football.

    • Clarko

      Haidara was only out for 21 days after the McManaman tackle so your “career was over before it started due to one of the most vicious and violent fouls” comment is just incorrect. Again you’re uninformed.

    • Clarko

      The McManaman tackle did not cause a serious injury, only resulting in a 21 day layoff for Haidara.

      • Wor Lass

        You forgot to quote your source!

        • Clarko

          “We can confirm that results of the latest scan on Massadio Haïdara show that the player has very fortunately escaped any significant bone or ligament damage following the dangerous tackle by Wigan Athletic’s Callum McManaman on Sunday,” said a club statement.

          • Wor Lass

            That`s all right then – you should have copied in St Etienne.

          • Clarko

            I don’t know what that means.

          • Wor Lass

            Read the article and think about it – it should dawn on you eventually. If you`re really stuck ask Leazes to explain.

          • Clarko

            You’re being silly, again.

          • Wor Monga

            …and you’re just a 3rd rate tossa, Clarko… who likes to be different…so that somebody will take some notice of you!!!

          • Clarko

            I like “to be different”, is that what you call being factual? You’re such a silly goose.

          • Wor Monga

            …and here’s me thinking that only LeazesEnder could dribble out that kind of flowery prose on this website…Clarko!!!

          • Clarko

            I thought it would be less demoralising as oppose to calling you a flat out moron.

      • Soldier

        it obviously impaired his progress, only Haidara knows the psychological damage it did to him
        I hope he does well at a new club

        • Clarko

          How did it obviously impair his progress? It was his second appearance for the club and the “injury” only seen him out of the squad for two games.

        • Mark Potter

          So he’s getting checked by the docs at his new club for psychological damage?

      • Jezza

        What an incredibly ignorant comment. You have obviously never partaken in any competitive sport. If you had you would know that it is possible to train and play/compete while carrying an injury but that injury can keep flaring up and causing problems for years to come.

        • Clarko

          You’re ignorant of the facts, you’re consistency ignorant of the facts, the tackle caused no significant injury other than bruising, he was back in the squad after two games.

          “We can confirm that results of the latest scan on Massadio Haïdara show that the player has very fortunately escaped any significant bone or ligament damage following the dangerous tackle by Wigan Athletic’s Callum McManaman on Sunday”.

          “We are very pleased that the extent of his injury is less severe than first feared and is limited to bruising to the bone and soft tissue damage. Depending on the speed of his recovery, he should be fit to play again in early April”, said a club statement.

          • Jezza

            Again, you are showing that is you who is the ignorant one here. If you had ever been involved in competitive sport you would realise how wrong you are. I partook in competitive sport in the 1980’s. I represented my country and won a few fairly minor trophies. I know all about sports injuries from first hand experience. In February 1986 I suffered a painful injury that kept me out for a while. I went on to win trophies and record personal bests in the years that followed but that injury still gives me gyp on ocassions to this day.

            Just because that idiot Pardew put Haidara in the team, against medical advice no doubt, it does not mean that the player had made a full recovery from the injury.

          • Clarko

            I don’t care what you have or haven’t done, it is absolutley, 100% irrelevant, this discussion is about Haïdara and how he did not suffer a significant injury, you have completely disregarded the official statement that detailed the “medical advice” and diagnosis regarding the tackle, you’re uninformed, uneducated and ignorant.

          • Jezza

            What a sad person you are that you need to pick arguments with complete strangers on internet forums just to gain a modicum of self esteem.

            In this discussion, as with pretty much every discussion you enter on this forum, you are completely wrong but still you are beligerently sticking to your guns and insulting people in the process. If that is not the epitome of ignorance I don’t know what is.

            For the record I graduated with a Bsc first class honours degree in civil engineering from Edinburgh Universtity in 1987. That’s how “uneducated” I am.

          • Clarko

            So you’re a builder? Again irrelevant.

            Official club statement:

            “We can confirm that results of the latest scan on Massadio Haïdara show that the player has very fortunately escaped any significant bone or ligament damage following the dangerous tackle by Wigan Athletic’s Callum McManaman on Sunday”.

            “We are very pleased that the extent of his injury is less severe than first feared and is limited to bruising to the bone and soft tissue damage. Depending on the speed of his recovery, he should be fit to play again in early April”.

            Haïdara was injured for a total of 21 days.

            Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.

          • Jezza

            A qualified civil engineer rather than a builder, not that there’s anything wrong with being a builder anyway. A very feeble attempt at an insult it has to be said.

            I am happy to join in a civilised debate with anyone but you do not want to debate, you just want to pick arguments for the purposes of boosting your fragile self esteem. I will not humour you any further. Instead I will let the reaction of other forum users speak for themselves. Nobody other than you found any fault with my original comment and nine people gave it a positive vote.

            Insult me and pick arguments all you want, I will not reply to any more of your comments.

          • Clarko

            Again, a whole comment focused on something other than Haïdara. The facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.

          • Franzcarrsuperstar

            Haidara has had many recurrences of that original injury, though, right? Keeping him out for several months in total over the course of his time with us. Isn’t that a fact that doesn’t cease to exist, even though you ignore it?

          • Clarko

            What “original injury”? He never had an “original injury” did he, read the club statement.

          • Franzcarrsuperstar

            The club statement says that he did have an injury. Just not as severe as first thought, but an injury nonetheless.

            He’s been unfortunate. He may have been able to break through sooner or secure a transfer elsewhere if not for his injury problems, which likely started with the attack by McManaman.

          • Clarko

            Again ignorant.

            “We are very pleased that the extent of his injury is less severe than first feared and is limited to bruising to the bone and soft tissue damage. Depending on the speed of his recovery, he should be fit to play again in early April”

            The important part, “limited to bruising to the bone and soft tissue damage”, those are not reoccurring injuries, there was not break or tear, it was simply “bruising”, he was back in the playing squad 21 days later.

          • Franzcarrsuperstar

            Soft tissue damage can cause future problems.

          • Clarko

            That’s some fantastic scientific reasoning you have there (sarcasm). Again you’re blatantly ignoring the facts, it’s pointless arguing with someone who refuses to accept when they are wrong. The club statement is there, his 21 day absence is there, have fun believing whatever nonsense you want, but you just look stupid.

          • Franzcarrsuperstar

            Okay, I can see this one is getting away from us a little, and in an attempt to prevent you taking years off your life by getting so angry about this kind of trivia, I will accept that you could be right. Haidara’s subsequent injury problems may not have had any link to the lay off after the terrible tackle. He may just be prone to them, he may also just be a poor player. All possibilities.

            One indisputable fact is that the tackle was a shocker. Haidara has then had an injury blighted few years. The extent to which the two are linked is debatable. I guess I was trying to show that your argument about people ignoring facts was a little misguided, as you were extrapolating from the club statement to some pretty strict conclusions. But like I say, you win.

          • HarryHype59

            Jezza, ignore or block Clarko! I think he is nothing more than a Mackem wind up merchant. He often denigrates other posters on this forum to get attention.

          • Mark Potter

            Yet the club’s doctors said he had. And that idiot Pardew, wasn’t he the one who brought shame and humiliation to our club by attacking an opposition player? He got only a ten game ban, and has gone on to make a fortune from football that most of us can only dream of, including from our club.

    • Soldier

      Horrendous tackle

    • Oooh bobbi fleckman

      I was in the home side for that game, I was a few rows back and slightly behind Haidara and it looked horrid, the reaction of Wigan fans said it all, especially those perpendicular to it.

      I think you are slightly unfair to not judge him pre-injury. I thought he was solid in defence and good going forward with a very good cross on him. In a way, his career should have ended there and he should be paid out handsomely insurance-wise. He’s battled to try and get back and for a professional footballer it must be so frustrating to know what you could do and be unable to fulfill that level. As a full back, I saw him as a solid left sided version of Antonio Valencia.

    • Albert Stubbins

      completely agree Jezza- He was a decent player for us before that horrific injury.

    • Mrkgw

      Agreed 100%.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    I`ve just popped in to get Wednesdays lottery numbers off Clarko

  • Wor Monga

    That picture above shamed the name of football in this country…all except 3 people (the officials) who were there that day saw that challenge go in, studs first and far too high up with the intention to hurt or cripple, Haidara…no messing about…

    …it was, without doubt, the worst, above knee height tackle that I’ve witnessed in the modern game of professional football… but the snide attempts to cover it up, and turn a blind eye to the offence made it seem like somebody badly wanted that Wigan scumbag to stay on the pitch…

    …it was a good day for me (and football) when Wigan were later returned back to the lower regions of the Football league!!!

  • Mal

    Whether he goes or not we are looking decidedly thin of quality specialist full backs.