Matz Sels didn’t get off to the best of starts with new club Anderlecht.

Heading back to Belgium on loan for a year, the Newcastle goalkeeper became the best paid player in the history of the Belgian league when agreeing to sign for the champions.

Still a regular in the national squad despite being dropped by Rafa from first the team and then the matchday squad once Rob Elliot was fit, obviously Anderlecht haven’t brought him in to be anything other than number one this season.

However, only seconds into the friendly debut against Red Bull Salzburg, Matz Sels made a shocking error, totally missing the ball (watch below) as he attempted to clear.

That set the tone for the game as Anderlecht were smashed 4-1 but I will leave it to you to decide whether Sels could have done any better with the other three goals.

These warm up matches are essential as the Belgian league kicks off again in only 19 days time (28 July), Anderlecht visit Antwerp.

Before that though, Matz Sels could pick up his first silverware of the season as on the 22 July it is the Super Cup in Belgium, the equivalent of the Charity (now called Community) Shield in England.

League champions Anderlecht take on Cup winners Zulte-Waregem in 13 days time.

In the meantime, enjoy this classic from Matz Sels below –

  • Steve Smith

    With the first goal the most worrying part isn’t the miss kick it’s the face that he didn’t chase back to clear his line until after they missed the first attempt.

    He’s just going through the motions and collecting his fat wages.

    • MadMag83

      His confidence is probably shot so he’s not doing what comes naturally.

  • Oooh bobbi fleckman

    The first was simple, he was sold short. The free kick looked bad but the wall was awful.

    Got to say, I don’t see any sign of Mbemba’s replacement making the route to the epl, their defence is terrible.

  • Cuh736

    Are we blaming him for the first goal? really?

    • Mark Potter

      Reminds me of the Stuart Pearce backpass for England, which allowed some minnows (San Marino?) to score in the first 20 seconds. Completely underweighted, allowed the forward to get there before Sels. Only criticism is that he might have dived, rather than tried to kick it away, but I think that would have caused a pen. He was given no chance by the defender.

      • Cuh736

        Well true, he may have lunged in. Poor pass though. If the keeper was left footed maybe, then it wouldnt have been too bad

  • Wor Monga

    What do you get out of this coverage on behalf of the NUFC and the supporters you supposedly represent…good luck to the lad seeing as his confidence must be totally at rock bottom…

    …any nugget can see its virtually a kick about with nobody in the stadium, but why not see if you can get a laugh anyway and keep the readers happy…eh Jackie!!!

  • Chris

    Only one you might want better was the second one, the others can’t really blame the guy. That first and third were shocking. That backpass and the wall was a joke on the 3rd.

  • Paul Busby

    Doesnt look like we’ll be able to shift him after this year on loan. Guess we got another bit of useless deadwood floating down the stream behind us.

    • HarryHype59

      Whilst picking up a reputed 50k a week.

  • Geordie-7676

    Anyone who thinks the first or third goal are due to a Sels mistake lives on a different planet.