Mainz 2 Newcastle 1 – Saturday 29 July 3pm (UK time)

Darlow 6 – Did ok, but with Elliott out feeling ill I can’t help but feel Darlow was just slotting in and still has no future under Rafa.

Yedlin 6 – Showed some early promise going forward but was replaced after only half an hour.

Clark 6 – Steady as you go, although did look nervous at times and out of position on a few occasions if I’m being picky!

Lejeune 7 – Another confident performance, was tested more from Mainz than Bradford but seemed to do ok defensively. Looks very good on the ball.

Dummett 6 – A poor first 45 minutes. I would say he must improve but with no other viable left-backs at the moment it’s no wonder his performances might drop.

Diame 5 – To put it bluntly, he’s just big and useless. Hope he is a different player from the one we saw last season and in this pre-season. Perhaps he will be stronger in a counter-attacking team in the PL where his pace and strength can be better utilised.

Colback 6 – Typical Colback display, a lot of running around but not enough to show for his performance. Could drop down to fourth or even fifth choice centre midfielder?

Murphy 6 – Was always going to have a different game having scored two and impressing at Bradford.

Ritchie 7 – Looked lively and seemed to put to doubt any worries that I had regarding his fitness. Should be in line to start against Spurs.

De Jong 6 – Didn’t do enough once again for me, doesn’t get on the ball enough, lacks strength and pace. A shadow of the player I once watched for Ajax against Manchester City in the Champions League.

Mitrovic 4Rubbish, no point in beating around the bush. Must improve and must do it quickly. Whether it’s a pre-season friendly or a competitive league game, he consistently doesn’t do enough.

Manquillo 6 – Similar to Bradford, didn’t do much and didn’t offer anything going forward.

Gamez 6 – Scored a goal! Would you believe it, although it was helped via a deflection.

Mbemba 6 – Looks like being relegated to 4th choice centre half at the moment. With Grant Hanley still on the books, Mbebma may leave if funds are needed.

Aarons 6 – Just like Murphy he was a lot quieter than the previous game at Bradford but only had 30 minutes, which wasn’t enough.

Woodman 6 – Steady performance again from the young keeper, maybe worth sticking around for cup games??

Shelvey 6 – Tried to get things going but had a quiet game as the last half an hour really was an exhibition match.

Hayden 6 – Similar to Shelvey he didn’t do much at all when introduced.

Perez 6 – Looked bright but did miss a good chance near the end of the game. I’d be edging towards Perez over De Jong and Diame at the moment.

Atsu 5 – Another one who although only played for the last 30 minutes, already needs to buck his ideas up ahead of the new season.

Gayle 6 – Doesn’t have to do a lot to better than Mitrovic. At least Gayle always offers you that pace, or outlet over the top, or down the channels.

Merino –  (Not on long enough to judge) Came on for the last few minutes of the game at centre-back, physically doesn’t look like a centre-half. Think he’ll need a month or so before we see him in the PL.

Mainz 2 Newcastle 1


Newcastle: Gamez 65

Mainz: Oztunali 5, Fischer 84

Newcastle United:

Darlow (Woodman 60), Yedlin (Manquillo 27), Clark (Mbemba 46), Lejuene (Merino 79), Dummett (Gamez 46), Colback (Shelvey 60), Diame (Perez 60), Murphy (Hayden 60), Ritchie (Aarons 46), De Jong (Atsu 60), Mitrovic (Gayle 60)

Crowd: 6,470 (approx 400)

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  • steve

    I don’t know how you can possibly give Mitrovic a 4, despite a lack of service or support he worked hard, chased opponents down, won every ball he challenged for and generally caused a bit of panic amongst their defence. If we were going to score in the first half it would have been as a direct result of Mitrovic.

    • Cuh736

      Dont bother, Mitro always gets graded below 5 on here. You need to watch games yourself to assess him

      • Wor Lass

        Ryder on the Chronic`s even worse!

        • 1957

          Ryder seems to have had an agenda for moving Mitrovic on from the start of last season

        • Cuh736


    • 1957

      Jonathan’s preferences for players never change, Mitrovic almost always gets the lowest rating and is basically written off, SloMo on the other hand always gets a slightly higher rating and today Jonathan hopes that his ‘…pace and strength…’ will be more effective in the PL.

  • ash1001

    Think you were been very generous on your ratings, Mainz were in no hurry, which is just as well because when they did move quickly they scored on both occasions. We were so off the pace, OK it was warm but! not one outstanding performance, or even decent PL standard performance, starting to worry already. 2 games away and not many training sessions and Spurs arrive – the moment of truth beckons.

    • hetonmag

      11 against 11 spuds have lost the last two bet their supporters are crapping themselves, we live in hope.

  • Albert Stubbins

    I didnt see game but disturbed by some player rating comments- Merino came on for final few minutes at center half? why? plus why cant murphy be reasonably expected to have two good games in a row? wow- he should be capeable of having five, six seven good games in a row surely?

  • Gareth Marshall

    Some very strange point awarded here, not least the ones highlighted by other posters below. But for me Atsu looked great and Aarons not too bad either. Atsu made an instant impact with his run down he right wing, he offered a lot of pace, wasn’t afraid to take on his man and provided a couple of decent crosses into the box; one of which been the one which led to our goal and the other leading to the chance which Perez should have done better with.

    For me, we look pretty good in most areas of the pitch. The signings we have made so far have strengthened the squad as a whole. We have cover in most areas and as for CB and wingers we look very comfortable. A choice of Aarons, Atsu, Ritchie and Murphy on the wings should be good enough in the PL.

    What we need, what we have needed for some time now is another competent LB to really challenge Dummett, a proper attacking midfielder to compete with Perez/De Jong/Diame and of course, most importantly another striker.

    We simply cannot go into this new season with only Gayle and Mitrovic and expect to stay up. Hell, for me, we need 2 new strikers (providing MItro gets sold), but I’ll be happy if all the remaining money we have goes on buying one more player; a quality striker.

    The rest of the squad can cover the over areas of the pitch when the inevitable suspensions and injuries come along.

    • Damon Horner

      agreed about the positions to strengthen, Rafa looks like he has a “no superstars but two players for every position” plan and a striker and LB are the two which don’t have that rival player pushing the current player in position. I didn’t catch most of the game but encouraging if we look quite good in most areas.

  • Cuh736

    Diame has pace?

    • Soldier

      wishful thinking

    • 1957

      And strength apparently

  • Soldier

    Mainz 05 are a bottom 4 team, if Newcastle don`t pull their socks up that`s where they`ll be next season. considering the opposition i can`t see many pluses in the performance

  • Andy Mac

    I mentioned it yesterday but if Rafa has a starting XI in mind surely its better to try them out for the first half and later let some of the fringe players on to show why they should be included ?

  • Rich Lawson

    Darlow can only be picking up so much match time in pre season for other teams to watch him ? Elliot and Woodman look to be 1st choices for 1 n 2 til Rafa actually signs a new (1st choice ?) keeper.