The transfer story this week/month that does appear to have some legs is Jacob Murphy.

Monday saw claims that Newcastle had seen an £8m offer turned down by Norwich City, then Tuesday had further reports with Rafa Benitez alleged to have pushed the club to make this deal happen.

Thursday has now seen reports in the Chronicle and others, saying that a bid from Crystal Palace has been turned down by the 22 year old midfielder and that Jacob Murphy has informed his agent that he wants to join Newcastle.

Obviously positive news if the player is keen and due to family links Murphy is indeed a Newcastle fan already BUT there are hurdles to overcome for any potential deal to happen.

Failing to be prepared to match transfer fee and wage demands has already seen possible transfers fail for Newcastle already and Norwich aren’t going to let arguably their star asset go on the ‘cheap’ – whatever that is in this transfer market.

Elsewhere, other media are claiming that Norwich are holding out for at least £16m, which would/could make the player Newcastle’s record signing.

Sky Sports say that Murphy’s representatives are now in talks with both Newcastle and Norwich City  to try to help get the deal done.

If the Newcastle interest is genuine and the club are looking for a deal to be done, then you would surely expect NUFC to have to at least meet the Canaries halfway in these £8m/£16m offers/valuations.

One to watch.

The Mag – 11 July 2017:

Tuesday morning sees reports of Rafa Benitez insisting that Newcastle increase their offer for Jacob Murphy.

Monday brought widespread media claims that an £8m bid had been turned down for the Norwich star who scored nine goals and got six assists, despite only starting 32 Championship games last season.

Today though The Telegraph say that after missing out on numerous other targets, the United manager is insistent that Newcastle push the Canaries to sell the 22 year old midfielder.

Little wonder that no club would consider taking the first offer they get for a player in this transfer market but Norwich City have severe financial pressures now, after getting nowhere near instant promotion last season.

A higher offer from Newcastle would surely see the Championship club have to seriously consider selling and the Telegraph say that the player has also indicated he is interested in a move to St James Park, meaning there would/could be growing pressure from Murphy if NUFC come in with another bid.

Maybe this is a potential transfer that is one which could happen, if Newcastle are prepared to push for it.

The Mag – 10 July 2017:

‘Newcastle United are reported on Monday morning to be favourites to sign Jacob Murphy.

The midfielder had his breakthrough season in 2015/16, playing his first full year of first team football when on loan at Coventry at the age of 20.

Playing alongside Adam Armstrong who scored 20 goals on loan from Newcastle, Jacob Murphy scored nine of his own as he started 29 League One matches and came off the bench 11 times.

Whilst Armstrong went out on another, this time largely disappointing, loan at Barnsley, Murphy instead returned to Norwich and starred last season.

Starting 32 Championship matches plus five as a sub, the midfielder registered an impressive nine league goals and six assists.

It was always possible that players would have caught Rafa Benitez’ eye during Newcastle’s second tier season and allegedly that is the case with Jacob Murphy.

He was arguably Norwich’s best player in the two games against Newcastle last season, scoring the first goal for the Canaries in the 2-2 draw at Carrow Road, whilst he got an assist when Cameron Jerome put Norwich 2-1 up at St James Park before then scoring himself to put the visitors 3-1 ahead with only 21 minutes left on the clock.

That game ended dramatically of course as Newcastle won 4-3, scoring only two minutes after Murphy’s goal and then two late goals in injury time.

After the match many Norwich supporters blamed Alex Neil and his substitutions/tactics, as soon as Murphy made it 3-1, he replaced him with defender Ryan Bennett in an attempt to see out the game. However, Norwich fans felt, probably rightly, that this simply invited Newcastle to attack.

The midfielder has a twin brother, Josh, who also plays for Norwich as a striker.

A two footed player, Jacob Murphy was part of the England Under 21s squad this summer, scoring the goal that put them through to the semi finals of the Under 21 Euros.

The player is being widely reported to be also chased by Southampton and Crystal Palace but with Newcastle most likely to land him and have a value of around £8m, although Norwich fans have reacted to the transfer story with claims that he is worth at least £12m in today’s market.

Since the Newcastle transfer link was published, a photo has circulated on social media which is claimed to show the two Murphy brothers as young kids in NUFC away shirts, with grandparents still living in the north east.’

  • Kneebotherm8

    We need to push the boat out to get players like him signed,quality,young player and he actually wants to play for us and is turning others down. At his age he’d likely increase in value over the years,so come on Ashley,get your finger out.

  • Peter Alan Marshall

    All these so called comments wants to join Newcastle, turned down Crystal Palace etc should be taken with a pinch of salt. who actually stated that, no doubt an agent trying to stimulate a deal so he can get his commission. Rest assured with 4 yrs on his contract, NCFC will rightly tell NUFC, it us you deal with not the player, already too much talking it up to pressure NCFC, it won’t happen unless Webber gets the right price and it’s way north of 10m. If it does happen it will be a positive for his twin Josh who was always considered the better player who will now get serious game time, and subject to a good season will be worth similar money.

    • Clarko

      The Chronicle are reporting Norwich want “closer to £12million”, that is not “way north of” £10million.

      Josh Murphy has a goal contribution (goals and assists) every 186 minutes in the Championship, Jacob Murphy has a goal contribution every 173 minutes in the Championship, the stats suggest that it is Jacob, and not Josh, who is the “better player”.

      Comments of him wanting “to join Newcastle” are corroborated by the claims that he was a Newcastle fan as a child.

      You have now commented on 10 different articles regarding this transfer over the last week, I think it’s time you accept that this deal is in the works and is growing ever more likely to happen.

      • TheFatController

        Don’t stop him, it reminds me of why I’m so glad we got promoted – we’d be the same – praying we don’t sell good young players to make up the tv money gap, convincing ourselves other players are better so it’s a good thing etc. It makes me pray we stay up this season.
        Norwich are a great club, and there are a fair few clubs fighting it out down there, some with money to spend or with well-connected managers. I think we’d have had it tougher this coming season for sure had we not gone up.
        If you don’t go up automatically, it takes a lot of effort to stay competitive – no wonder they don’t want to lose one of the Murphys

      • Seivarden89

        I don’t see how those stats contradict the assertion that Josh “was always considered the better player”, at least among the Norwich coaching and scouting staff.

        If you’d followed Norwich you’d know that that was true. It was Josh who got his debut first. Josh who scored for Norwich first. Josh who always seemed to get the better loan deals at clubs higher up the league system, including a year at MK in the Champ where he was voted POTS whist Jacob was still playing League One at the time.

        Jacob has moved ahead of Josh this season but I don’t think there’s all that much between them. Indeed, the 13 minutes difference in time per contribution that you brought up indicates there isn’t.

        If there’s an edge that Jacob has right now then arguably it is that he is/was hungrier. For years he’s been playing with a chip on his shoulder as his brother always got the edge over him at Norwich. Suddenly that exploded into a good season for him 16/17. But who knows where we will be in 12 months?

        I don’t like the idea of selling a prized asset, but needs must in these times. I think £12m plus a sell-on clause would do it. Particularly if those 12 months spent on the bench and an envious eye cast at his twin playing in the PL is enough motivation for a fired-up Josh to take the Championship by storm in 17/18…

        • Clarko

          “Jacob has moved ahead of Josh”, that was my point. If you wanted to just agree with me a simple “vote up” would have sufficed.

          • Seivarden89

            Your point is actually quite different to the point we are making but whatever. We are quite happy for you to spend 8 figures on a player who might eventually turn out to be the lesser of the two twins. In my own opinion neither Jacob nor Josh is consistent enough right now for PL football, but time will tell.

          • Clarko

            “Jacob has moved ahead of Josh”, it renders the rest of your argument void, Jacob is the better player right now, Newcastle are buying the better player right now.

            The comment, “We are quite happy for you to spend 8 figures on a player who might eventually turn out to be the lesser of the two twins”, is idiotic. Are you suggesting that Jacob, the “lesser” player, would be more expensive then his brother who you (and Norwich) believe to be better? That would be illogical right? It is also worth to note that it contradicts your earlier comment, “I don’t like the idea of selling a prized asset”, but who’s counting.

    • Clarko

      “it won’t happen”.

  • Wor Lass

    Someone must have told him Pards and Big Sam left.

  • mentalman

    Surely we could offer a player as part of the deal, which would benefit both teams.

    If Murphy is also so desperate to join us why hasn’t he handed in his transfer request.

    • Clarko

      What player would we offer?

      • Leicester Mag

        Offering is one thing, Norwich taking anyone is a little more difficult to assume, how about the Ginger Pirlo?

        • Clarko

          That was what I was try to get at, I’m not sure if our unwanted players are good enough for Norwich. Maybe Colback would work, especially with Howson departing. Then Colback’s price tag comes under consideration, how much is he worth? £6million? £8million in this market? That leaves Norwich short of what they really want and need. Money.

          • mentalman

            i work with a norwich fan and they appear to be in need of players in every position, particularly left back, central defence and goalkeeper. We could offer them around 9 million and hanley or haidara or even offer them woodman on loan.

            i know its not the 16million they are looking for but its still a good offer and realistically are they going to get that amount for him?

          • Clarko

            The price will be somewhere in the region of £10-£12million, again I can’t imagine a player exchange, Norwich want money, they do not want to lose up to £5million in cash by taking Hanley of our hands, I don’t think they would take Haidara either just on the quality argument alone.

            I am confident we will get him.

        • Geordiegiants

          How about anyone they want from us? We don’t have anyone in our squad that is irreplaceable. Mitro, Perez, Saviet, Hadaria, Colback, Rivière, DeJong the list is endless.

        • Seivarden89

          all those players would come with big-time wage demands that Norwich will not want to pay… it’s not happening fellas.

      • Paul Patterson

        They want Daryrl Murphy apparently. Murphy for Murphy..

        • Seivarden89

          I’m a Norwich fan. We don’t want Murphy. And I’m not just saying that as he’s ex-Ipswich. He doesn’t fit the new sporting director’s philosophy. I laughed when I saw the article suggesting we would pay £3m for a 34 year old. There’s not a cat in hell’s chance.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose


  • Leicester Mag

    In the bloated world of football the fee involved for an England U21 international seems reasonable especially when set alongside the blue bin dippers paying £30M+ for a Mackem keeper wih one seasons experience in the Prem. You’d like to think this would be manageable especially with the family ties – this is Newcastle though.

  • Dave2307

    From what I seen of him, he looks a cracking player who can only improve with the right coaching. I’ve said before that imo he looks to be the similar caliber of Nathan Redmond and Demarai Gray who have excelled in the Premiership.

    The Murphy story does have a little more substance than other rumours (more reputable media sources), but PLEASE don’t let it drag on like the Lejeune saga!!

    Stop messing about with stupidly low offers. I’m not saying to pay through the roof for a player, but gone are the days are will you find a player who will cut it in the Prem for under £10m.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    is a player worth £16m with no top level experience, that’s debatable but if Rafa wants him go the extra yard & buy him
    The hurdle is as usual, the Fool Penfold

  • Mr wobert

    More TV cash means player prices on the up,I think a mediocre player would cost an arm and a leg. Get the Murphy deal over the line .pleaseee.

  • Kazie

    I hope we get him as he can be a good player for us on the left wing….But I wouldn’t pay anything more than £10million.